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                                                                                                    Chapter 1

“So what is it you want from me if you’re not going to hurt me?” Jackson asked as he felt a little more comfortable that the two beings
before him were not intending to kill and feed upon him.

“You explain it to him.” Dargo said to his mate as he turned and again stepped away in anger in his voice.

“Please forgive my beloved, he has lost much in this war…..first with the angels and then fighting the human race.” Dax said softly trying
to gain the man’s trust.

“Why me…..why come to me?” Jackson asked as he stood before this fantastic creature of lore now turned to modern reality.

“Because you were the first to see us, the first to know that we exist.” she told him.

“Hell, know that you exist, I thought I was going mad when you awoken from that cocoon. I had to explain to my superior where the damn
thing went and how the window was broken out. Shit, I just said that someone must have stolen the thing.” Jackson said. “What the hell
else could I say…..I, please no offense to my use of the word…..hell.”

“Since we know you know the truth about us, we need your help.” Dax said.

“But what can I do for you?”

“Explain to us where we are and how this new world works, things move like by magic. Carts ride on their own without the use of any
horse to draw them. Magic light shine everywhere like millions of touches burning in the night.”

“Well for starters, you are in New York City. It’s a place in the Western hemisphere on a new continent called North America.” Jackson
told them before telling them about electric lighting, automobiles, aircrafts, and cell phones.

Dax absorbed the man’s words eager to learn about their new world.  Dargo, although wishing to learn as well, still remained more
standoffish to his teacher as the human instructed them in the ways of the 21st century. Each night when it was less of a chance to be
detected in mid flight, Dargo and Dax would meet their human tutor on the roof of his apartment building and a new lesson in how to
reside in the modern world and the metropolis that they were now dwelled within.

Being a man of science, Jackson could not help his own impulses in learning about the two remarkable creatures that he was getting to
know. He too learned a great deal about them and how people viewed Heaven and Hell was nothing of what they thought. He almost felt
like a prophet, knowing things about the Bible from creatures that were not only there to know the truth, but that things were not as the
words of the great book said were all that accurate. And still knowing all this enlightenment meant nothing for he could tell no one without
exposing the Kia upon the world.  However, everything they did tell him about themselves, their race and the winged feathered creature
that they feared was written into a book, a journal that the doctor could refer to once and if the chanced presented itself to tell the story to
the rest of the world.

Chapter 2

Then one night shortly after a hunt when Dargo and Dax entered the meeting place from where they and Jackson would converse, they
saw a look of horror upon his face much like in the night they first burst forth from their cocoon imprisonment.

“What is the matter Sir Jackson?” Dax asked as she landed before him on the rooftop and saw his expression.

“Tell me…..tell me the truth……both of you!” he cried as his voice cracked a little forcing out the words. “Two people were found tonight
ripped open, their blood drained and left in the park dead. Was that you two?”

“We fed tonight yes.” Dargo said wiping his mouth thinking that he left some blood still in the corners of his jaws.

“Look, here’s the thing, other bodies have been found in and around Central Park for the past two weeks. Oh my God that was you too.”

“Yes, we feed on blood.  Did we not speak of that?” Dax said as she stepped a little closer to him.

“Ah…..oh! No you never told me what you things eat!”

“Things…..things, my mate, he called us things!” Dargo said with anger in his tone.

“Dargo, back down.” she said as she stepped forward to place her hand upon his shoulder in an attempt to calm him down. “Yes, we
feed upon blood Doctor Jackson, we must in order to live.”

“Working with you, I had not watched the news on TV but tonight I did a little and they said that bodies have been turning up drained of

“Doctor Jackson, we told you that we feed on blood.” Dax told him.

I didn’t know you were talking about human blood! I thought you meant rats……maybe birds or something.”

“Rats and birds, what do we look like to you…..savages?” Dargo belted out harshly.

“Dargo, your anger.” Dax called to him.

“Yes my Lady.” he said stepping away with annoyance.

“We did not wish to speak of the things we feed upon for the fear of reaction such as you are having now.” Dax said. “But you not fear us
for we would not feed upon you…..for you are our educator in this strange new world. We would never harm you.”

“Yes, but the others, oh God, what the hell did I get myself into!” Jackson screamed running his fingers through his dark brown hair. “The
cops are looking for the killer of these people and if someone sees you then your existence will be exposed…..these such murders may
even be tracked back to me somehow.” the good doctor cried.

“Fear not Doctor Jackson, we shall not bring upon you the actions of our doings.” Dax told him. “We shall make sure that no one
connects our actions to you and bring harm upon you for being kind to us.”

“Is there nothing else you can eat besides people?” Jackson asked not believing in the words he was uttering as though it were some
sort of nightmare he could not wake from.

“Humans have always been our source of food, their blood makes us strong.” Dargo told the man who felt other than the night they
awakened truly fearful of them, especially Dargo who seemed to gaze upon him as though he was their next meal.

“You… two must not be found out by my people. This is why you were hunted in the year 691. If you think those people had it out for
your kind… me these people will not only kill you and cut you open to find out what the hell you two are. In this time, you’re not just
creatures of myth and lore, but something of science and if you think I’m a little curious about what you are. Trust me, my kind will not only
see what makes you tick but attack you with weapons like nothing you could ever dream of.”

As the doctor said this, Dax looked to her mate. “Dargo, he is correct.  If we proceed feeding in such manner, we will be discovered as
before and these humans out number us millions to the two of us. We must be more careful in our feeding.” she said to him as her mate’s
hot white eyes gazed over the human in the room. “Dargo…..Dargo do you hear me?” she said shaking him by his folded left wing.

“Yes my Lady, I do hear you, but I cannot change who and what I am.” Dargo said as Dax turned into his embrace and looked her lover
deep into his eyes.

“My Love we must, must be more careful in our ways. This is a new world and we must find a way to fit into it no matter what. If the
humans discover that we exist, they like all others will hunt us and maybe our kind into extinction.” she told him gazing into his eyes and
holding him in her arms tightly. “Dargo… love, we must survive if for only our next generation.”

“Dax my lady, we are here alone…..alone for ever more. As far as we know, our kind has been destroyed by the angels long ago.”

“No my Lord, we must protect our next generation, something of ourselves must live on.”

“Dax, what are you saying?”

Dargo… love… mate for evermore…..I am with child.

                                                                                              End of Episode 4
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Episode 4


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