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                                                                                                    Chapter 1

As the morning sun rose over the great metropolis, Dargo and his beloved mate stood watching the sun’s rays enlighten what was
hidden in the dark that previous night. They could not believe the span of the city as it seemed to go on forever. In the year 691 when they
were first lost on Earth after their great battle with the angels, they spent some time in London where they picked up the language they
now spoke aside from their native speech. But London of 691 was nothing in comparison to the city before them now. Had they only saw
London of 2017, they too would have been shocked at how far humanity had come since before they took their long sleep.

“Dargo, we must find a safe place to dwell.  Within the bright light of the sun, humans could see us better. And if they do, they will react as
all the others.” Dax said gripping his hand tightly.

“Yes we must find shelter somewhere safe. We cannot take flight in this open light or the humans will see us.” he said looking down upon
his mate’s face. “We shall remain here for now until the sun sleeps and then we will look for a home. But for now we must rest and save
our strength.”

“My Lord, we have slumbered long enough, the world has changed since we last took rest.”

“Yes, but we must save our strength, we only fed once, you only on a mere head. We must rest until the night returns and we can fly
without being detected.”

“But Dargo, this city is so bright even at night can the humans see us in the air?”

“They may but we have less of a chance of being spotted in the darker hours.” he said still holding her hand as  he led her over to the
same little corner from where Dax hid before in his absence.

As the two creatures lay upon the hard rooftop, Dargo wrapped one of his wings around his mate to conceal her from the hot summer
sun rays until the night would once again return.

                                                                                             Chapter 2

Once the night had returned, Dargo and Dax took to the air and explored their new city home. Although vast, the pair learned their way
around from one side of the island city to the other and used the central forest as their hunting grounds. They would swoop in on couples
engaging in a peaceful stroll along the parks winding paths and snatch them into the air, snap their necks swiftly and carry them off to a
location where they could drain them of their life giving crimson fluid. With each feeding, the two grew stronger and soon they found a
home atop one of the largest mountains in the city.

It was tall with a cone like top. Outside its peaks stood stone gargoyles and within the cone little openings could be found from where
they could fly into high above the human city where they could rest and slumber in the day light hours when they could be seen more
easily. They knew the secret to their survival would have to be their concealment from the human race. Once they were discovered in the
mountains of Romania, they were hunted fatally by mankind. They knew that their need for food must go undetected and not come under
the watch of the human race or once again they would hunted.

“Dargo.” Dax said as she held her lovers hand as the two watched the sun rise over the city after a night of hunting.

“Yes my Lady?” Dargo replied as the two stood in one of the open ducts of the great building at the top portion of the constructions cone
shape near the summit of the structure. There was only one other man made mountain nearby that was larger their theirs and so they
must remain within its hollowed cone figure until night fall so humans in the larger structure did not see their winged silhouettes emerging
from the tower.

“The human that saw us, the one who released us from our cocoon, he will know of us.” she said as the two lay side by side in a little nest
they made for themselves within the steel beams of the inner structure.

“You feel he may become a danger to us?” Dargo questioned.

“Maybe my love, but also we could learn a great deal about this new land from him.”

“You wish to converse with this human?” Dargo asked a bit puzzled by her request.

“Not so much hold converse with but more to consult in, learn from. He was born into this world, we were not.”

“But why this human and not just any other?”

“Because my love he saw us, he knows that we exist. Our presence will not be as a shock to him as with others of his kind.” she said
stroking his face with her long finger nails.

“But if he will not speak with us and wishes to harm us like all other humans?” Dargo asked feeling her soft touch.

“Then my love we just feed upon him like any other food source.” she said with a smile as she lowered her hand from his chin on down
along his powerful chest muscles.

“What are you doing?” he questioned as her fingers moved lower.

“We have not been close in sometime my Lord.” she said reaching under his garment.

“I don’t feel this is the time for this Dax.”

“If we are indeed here to stay Dargo, then we have to mate. We must live as we once did and grow accustom to our new homeland if we
are to survive.”

“But what about home…..what about our people?” Dargo said sadly.

“My dear Dargo, we don’t even know after all this time passage if home is even there.”

“What are you saying Dax, that home is gone?”

“It’s is probable my love, we were losing the war to the feathered flyers. It was just a matter of time before our homeland was overrun by
their kind and overthrow our Master.”

“If so, what do you think became of our people?” Dargo said softly.

“They may have been taken as slaves, maybe all killed in the name of their King.” she told him in tender voice.

“And in all the period since our leaving home to battle the feathered ones anything could have happened in all this time countless
generations of our kind could have been wiped out.” he said lowering his head.

“Yes my love Dargo, this is why we… and I must live on and produce a new generation of our kind. Now mate with me my beloved
and let me feel your body with mine.” she said slipping out of her tunic dress and baring her nude self before her mate.

Dargo rolled atop his lover as she held her wings in folded under her torso. As he took his position atop her, he flared his wings opened
widely and brought them down over the pair covering their actions in a blanket protective shield over them. He drew little droplets of blood
from the nape of her neck with his fangs and gently sucked the fluid into his lips. She swooned as he indulged himself on her crimson life
force and she dug her sharp clawed nails into his back between his wing mounts.

She cried out as he thrust forth into her pelvic region giving himself to her fully until she squirmed beneath the weight of his mass.
Latching into the horns upon his head, she pulled him harder into her driving him deeper into her depths until she squealed and he
bellowed a mighty roar. After his fluids entered, he then turned her over onto her claws and knees and with a yank of her tail he pulled her
into him as the two made connection once again.  As he forced into her with a hand full of her tail to draw her in deeper his wings now fully
extended, flapped up and down almost taking the two off the floor with each powerful thrust. After she shrieked again, he let out a bellow
that echoed off the walls like thunder as he release more of his seed to her.

                                                                                                Chapter 3

It had been now a little over a week since they awoken from their long aged slumber but the window glass from where they made their
escape was repaired like new as they landed upon the window ledge outside the lab from where they awoke from.

“We cannot gain access to the place we awakened from my Lord.”

“Then we must force our way in.” Dargo said pushing upon the glass.

“No my dear Dargo, if we force our way in, it will be a sign of aggression and we must not make this human fear us anymore than he may

“I understand but how do we enter without smashing the glass?” Dargo questioned just as she placed her hand upon his shoulder.

“I don’t believe we have to.” she said pointing down over the street. “It’s him! I’m sure of it.” she said gazing down upon the figure of a
man just stepping out of the museum’s doors. “Come we must follow the human.” she added as she dropped from the window ledge
opened her wings and launched into the air.

Dargo followed and the two tracked the human as he walked along the sidewalk. “We should take him now!” he said as they flew

“Maybe so before we are seen flying this low to the ground by another of his kind.” Dax said and she nodded for Dargo to make his

Like a bird of prey he folded in his wings and descended swiftly upon the man and with his powerful grasping talon like hands took hold
of the man by his shoulders and lifted him right off his feet as gentle as he could. The man cried out in pain as Dargo’s long finger claws
dug deep into the man’s flesh and the fear of God drew over his face as he was carried to the top of a nearby building by something
stronger than he.

“Dargo be careful with him.” Dax shouted as the two landed upon the rooftop.

“I am trying my Lady, but I am accustomed to snaring my prey and killing it once I have it in my grasp.”

Once Jackson was released and fell to the ground and looked up at the creatures before him with a look of utter horror across his face.

“Oh my God….. It’s you!” he cried out kneeling before the two unholy beasts.

“Please do not fear us, in fact we should be thanking you.” Dax told the man.

“Ah…..thanking me?” Jackson questioned in bewilderment.

“Thanking the human?” Dargo belted out looking just as bewildered.

“Yes My Lord, thanking him for releasing us from our slumber. We could have remained there eternally had he not broke the seal on the

“Our people would have done the same Dax.”

“Our people never came to release us Dargo, we may be the last of our kind as far as we know.”

“Yes maybe so my Lady.”

“Ah…..excuse me…..but what the hell are you monsters?” the confused and frightened doctor asked.

“We are not monsters!” Dargo replied with a huff.

“Dargo please!” she said over stopping her mates comment. “We are called Kia, your kind would refer to us offensively as demons.” she
added stepping closer to him as he tried to shy way. “We are not going to harm you, again we owe you for waking us from our long

“If you’re not going to kill and eat me, then why did you attack me?”

“We did not intend to hurt you…..right Dargo?” she said looking his way. “We only intended to take you from where others of your kind
could see us.” she told him looking deeply into the man’s eyes. “We only want your help.”

“My help, what can I do for you?”

“We are in this land, in this strange city lost. We know nothing of this new world, nothing of its people, its technology. We had been within
the cocoon for hundreds of years but as we remained the same, the world around us changed. We must survive in this world until we can
find a way home.”

“That is, if home still exists.” Dargo said in a deep sad tone.

“Must hope so and hold that faith.” Dax replied.

“Where then is home… it in fact Hell?” the human asked adolescently.

“Our kind call it Kronos, your world gave it the designation of Hell.” Dax told him trying to hide her ill feelings toward the derogatory word
her homeland was labeled.

“So if Hell is real, then so is The Devil?” the doctor questioned unfamiliar to how his very words hurt his host’s feelings.

“Our Master, your so called Devil is named Lucifer…..he was our leader long ago.” she said in a lowered distressful tone.

“You mean The Devil is dead?”

“We are unsure.” Dargo said. “We have been gone for so long that we do not know if our people survived the Great War that the People
Above was waging upon our kind.”

“The People Above?” Jackson asked.

“Your kind has called it Heaven.” Dargo replied.

“So God is real?”

“In a sense you may say.” Dax told him.

“What do you mean in a sense?” Jackson asked.

“After your world was seeded with your kind and other pre-human cultures exterminate to make room for your civilization, one of the
creators seized command and declared himself Emperor, ruler of the Sky Kingdom.” Dax told him as she stood before the man who now
learned the true nature of his humanity. “After obtaining control of the Sky Kingdom, the emperor…..the new King appointed a party of
followers to rid the Kingdom of anyone who opposed him. Our master was the first to be banished to the lower realm where he and others
of his kind were taken in by our people…..The Kia. We had no such organization and this angel Lucifer brought us together as we and his
fallen angels tried to make a new world of this one. Your God declared war upon his kind and ours, and in an attempt tried to kill us all off
so that his people’s creations could master the planet’s surface.”

“So you were driven underground?” Jackson said seeing the little droplets of water running down her cheek.

“Yes, our people and his former followers were sent to the center of the planet where we have remained ever since.” Dax told him as he
turned away to hide her weeping.

“But our banishment was still not enough for the King. He wanted to kill us all off and make us exist no more.” Dargo said as his mate
tried to compose herself. “So he sent wave after wave of his army down into caves of Kronos and hunted us like rats. After time, the once
angles that were in banishment with our master were all killed leaving only Lucifer, the last of his people. He united The Kia and we would
fight back.

“So the story of the fallen angels that all really happened?” Jackson asked with an amazed look upon his face.

“The story is true and your kind through stories handed down for thousands of years turned us into monsters.” Dax said once composed.
“My mate and I were part of a resistance made up of a hundred Kia sent to recover our fallen brothers after a battle with the angels. In the
conflict that followed, we were cut off from our unit and 40 of us were forced to retreat into the human populace to hide.” she said just as
Dargo cut her off.

“Then the human natives attacked us for how we looked and called us Monsters, Demons from Hell and servants of The Devil.” Dargo
said harshly. “More of our kind was killed by the humans fearing us and the entrance to our underworld kingdom was destroyed
preventing us from returning home. We have been lost here in your world since the year 684 and now we are truly lost within this modern
city of mountains built by your kind who still after all this time call us nothing more than demons.” Dargo said before turning his back and
stepping away.

“Please understand us.” Dax began to say. “We are the last of our unit, they were all killed…..murdered by an army who attacked us in
our cave high in the mountains where we hide as we tried to find a new way into our world.” she said lowering her tone. “We just want to

                                                                                        End of Episode 3
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Episode 3


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