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                                                                              Chapter 1

“I am weak my Lord, I need food.” Dax said looking up at her mate.

“I too am weak my love, our long slumber has taken our strength.”

“Dargo where are we, are we truly years ahead of when we first took to slumber?”

“I fear so that it is, look all around us. I have never seen such a great and grand city such as this. We must be in a future world and in a
land unknown to our kind.”

“Dargo my Lord, can we survive here in this new world?”

“Yes Dax…..we must. We must inhabit within this new world until we can find our way home.”

“Home…..if home is even still there. The winged creatures from the sky city may have destroyed our home land and slaughtered our
people long ago.” Dax said sadly.

“No, our home land is strong.  It must be there still, and we will find it.”

“But Dargo, after such time our own people would not even know us. Would they indeed even take us in after all this time passage?”

“We must think so my mate, we must believe that our people will embrace us upon our return.”

“I pray you speak the truth my love.”

“You look very weak Dax.  Stay here, I will look for food and bring it back for you.”

“Are you my love strong enough to hunt?”

“I must, we have to exist and if we two are the last of our kind, then we must survive”

“Yes my Lord… love.”

“Now remain there out of sight, I will hunt and bring you fresh food.” Dargo told her as he opened his wings fully. “I will return shortly, wait
for me.”

“Dargo please go carefully, we don’t know what the humans of this time will be like. They surely will not embrace our kind.” she said as
she watch him take a few steps forward to and with one immense powerfully thrust of his wings Dargo took flight.

As Dargo flew into the night, the bright lights of the city below nearly blinded his vision. He had never seen such fire light, bright and of
colors he had never known fire to burn at. These fire touches appeared to be everywhere in the city below unlike anything the ancient
creature had ever seen before. As he flew between what seemed like bright lit mountains of stone each ascending high into the sky, he
came to know that they were indeed some sort of dwelling where the human race habitat from within.

“How indeed this world has changed in the time of our slumber.” he said to himself as he tried to stay in flight despite his weaken state.
He knew he could not stay in the air much longer and landed atop one of the stone imitation mountains to catch his breath.

The city, so loud in its sounds, coaches lines the hard black roads running like by magic without the use of the horse to pull their mass.
As Dargo looked over the edge of one such mountain, he watched in amazement these horseless carriages work their way through the
never ending network of roads below. The world had indeed changed and now even though he tried to sound strong for his mate’s sake,
even the powerful warrior who fought in the great war of the sky now felt as though their time had come to pass. That he and his mate
were no longer suited for this world and yet he must try and keep him and his female alive even if they were the last of their kind.

Chapter 2

Like his beloved mate, Dargo was still feeling the effects of heir long extended sleep. He too needed to feed before he could bring food
back to Dax and so once he felt strong enough, he took flight again and soared high over the metropolis until he saw something that he
could recognize. There in the center of this massive city of stone internally lit mountains, Dargo saw forest woodlands ahead of his flight
path. Pitching toward this wooded area, he spotted two potential food sources walking below him. They were walking close together and
hand in hand. One male a little larger than his female companion as they strolled gradually enjoying both the warm summer night and
each other.

While her thoughts were on his appending attempt to ring her left hand, his mind wandered toward laying her upon his mattress later that
night. As the two strolled, they were lost within their own heads to the danger that was about to swoop in on them. In an attempt not to
waste energy, Dargo flattened out his wings and glided into his attack posture as he descended  upon his food source.

The need for food substance outweighed his fear of this new unknown world and as he flew toward this first meal in centuries, he could
feel his hunger grow. Swooping down upon his prey, Dargo lashed out at the female slashing open her throat with his claws. Before the
female’s open wound drained her of life, the warrior broke her male companion’s neck dropping him in place before her eyes.

Trying to scream and clutching her throat, the young woman stood in horror as her boyfriend’s lifeless body lay at her feet and this
creature stood before her. Before the female could bleed out entirely, Dargo took hold of her and inserted his fangs deep into the open
wound. Too weak to fight back from the loss of blood, the girl was held upright in his arms as he fed upon her.

With each ooze of the crimson fluid down Dargo’s throat, he felt his strength return to him. As the girl’s blood mixed with his, he could feel
power once again surge throughout his body. Once the rich blood source from the open wound ended Dargo then drew his attention upon
other locations where her blood would be pooling within her lifeless body. Grasping one of her arms he sank his sharp teeth into her flash
just below a little rose tattoo that she had gotten on her twenty first birthday two months ago.

With new found strength, Dargo sucked her dead blood into his mouth and savored each and every little drop until the woman’s arm
drew empty of the red thirst-quenching cuisine that his kind fed upon. He then drew his attention to her other limbs until they too were
drained before drawing his thoughts to that of the boy. After releasing her unresponsive body to the ground, Dargo then began digging
his fangs deep into the boys arms each in turn until he too was drained of his blood.

Now with his strength fully restored, Dargo withdrew his dagger from the sash that covered his lower body and brought the sharp blade
into contact with the boy’s throat. As the razor edge began to slice into the tender flesh, it didn’t take long until it hit the hard bone of his
neck. With a powerful thrust of his forearm, Dargo forced the blade into the bone until it scored through its thickness and back into the soft
tissue at the back of his neck until his entire head was removed from the torso.

Grasping the head by the short spouts of the boy’s hair, Dargo with a powerful thrust from his wings launched into the air and over the
trees. Although he had nourished his need to feed, his lust for more compelled him to want to drain the rest of the blood from the skull but
restrained himself knowing that this package was for his mate to make her strong again. He knew that they were in this strange land, but
there was still plenty of food sources to keep him and Dax alive until they could find a way to return to their homeland.

                                                                                       Chapter 3

In her mate’s absence, Dax crawled into a little corner of the rooftop to hide and save her strength. She knew that if there had been
anything to hunt then her mate would surely find and bring her back something to eat. As she lay with her eyes closed, her ears picked up
something coming her way. As she opened her eyes, she saw a small winged creature hopping along the rooftop. It was too small to give
her the potential vigor to return her to her former dominance, but the little winged beast could supply her with some energy.

She tried to crawl closer to it, but before she could snatch it up, the little beast flew away. With what little strength she had, Dax returned
to the spot from where she crawled out of and hid in the shadows fearing to be discovered by the human creatures. The longer she lay,
the weaker she became and wondered had Dargo been killed by the human creature that so hated and feared their kind. As she tried to
save her energy, she heard something again coming her way. It was the flap of Dargo’s large wings and as she crawled out of her hiding
place, she saw that her mate had brought her something to eat.

“For you my companion.” he said as she rolled the food source over to her.

Without even a word, she obtained the head within her clawed fingers, and sitting up, she feed upon the open stump of the neck and she
sucked in every last bit of the life giving juice until the skull was drained. “Please my love.” she said looking up at Dargo and handing him
the head.

Taking it from her grasp, he held it with both hands and with only his brute force cracked open the skull and removed the top half of the
cranium. Handing it back to her, Dax swiftly ripped her fangs into the brain to suck into her mouth the liquid sap that the brain floated in
before tearing open the brains fleshy tissue and sucking out all of its fluids until she felt strong again.

Tossing the drained husk aside, Dax stood and flared open her wings. “I am reborn again my Lord, we now shall take the night and feed
together.” she said glaring over the city below.

“This new world is very strange.” Dargo started to say as he too looked out into the night and over the vast seemingly endless metropolis
that lay before them. “This is a place of unknown wonders and fears, a city made from these mountains like the one we stand atop that
these humans dwell within. Horseless carts move along hard black top roads and the only forest I can detect is centered within this
mountain city built by these humans.”

“Those strange torch lights they seem to be everywhere.” Dax said pointing out into the night.

“Yes, it seems to be some sort of simulated lighting source that does not burn.” Dargo replied.

“It appears that the human race has flourished over the time of our slumber.” she said taking Dargo by the hand. “Can we survive in this
new world of human wonder alone my love?”

“We must Dax…..we must survive, and if we are the last of our kind, we must exist even if we never find home.”

“How far does this simulated mountain range reach?” she asked as she saw lights as far as her eyes could perceive.

“After I fed and regained my strength, I flew to the top of the highest mountain point in this city. A tall thin mountain with strange wire point
atop it and looked out as far as I could see.”

“What did you see my Lord?”

“Torch lights as far as the eye could see and then maybe even beyond.” he said as they stood clasping hands and looking over their new

                                                                       End of Episode 2
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Episode 2

The Hunt

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