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                                                                                                     Chapter 1

    Upon their decision to help the desperate angel save her sister, Dargo and his mate Dax brought their offspring to their only trusted
friend, Alex Jackson, the only man in all New York who didn't see them as monsters. After Dax explained their story, the man stepped
back and raised an eyebrow.

    "Are you both crazy!" he spit out, almost not believing their plan to help one of the very creatures that tried to murder them both and
steal their child. "What makes you think that this is not a trap to lure you both right to the enemy?"

    "Doctor Jackson, among our people and even theirs, there is a strict code of honor to never....ever harm one of your own kind."

    "But Dax, then why are they going to execute the angel who help save your baby?"

    "Because only in event of treason will an angel kill another angel and then that can only be ordered by the Supreme Emperor." Dax
said as she glanced over at Tempest the angelic being for whom they were about to help.

    "Supreme mean.....God?”

    "Yes if you will Doctor Jackson." spoke Tempest. "That is the designation your people have given our leader."

    "Oh man....they never taught this to me in Sunday school." Jackson said stepping back and taking a seat at his kitchen table. "Angels,
demons....a vengeful was so much easier when all this was nothing more than a metaphor and now it's all too real."

    "Not at all what your kind expected, is it Doctor Jackson?"

    "No Dargo, it’s not" the man said as he looked up from his seat at the powerfully built creature before him. "And you're okay with this
plan to attack essentially Heaven Dargo?"

    "We Kia follow a code of honor that if we are aided by a trusted friend, we, by our laws, must give aid back in fold."

    "But do you really trust this angel.....after all, her kind tried to kill you and Dax and take your child?" he said looking toward the golden
woman with the bright white wings upon her back. "No offense, but the last angel I met tried to kill me, them and a whole lot of other
people while hunting Dargo and Dax."

    "I understand you're mistrust in my people....right now my sister Aria is being held while awaiting execution" Tempest told him. "I have
little choice but to seek help from our enemy to save my sister before she is killed."

    "And why should Dargo and Dax trust you.....for as far as they know you are leading them into a trap."

    "Because Doctor Jackson, to help my sister, I killed my own people when seeking the Kia's aid when their lair was attacked by follow
up assassins to the assassin that was originally sent to destroy them."

    "Is this true Dargo?"

    "Yes Doctor Jackson, when she came to us for help shortly after our home was invaded by new assassin angels. She killed them right
before us....proving her sincerity to her sister."

    "You see Doctor Jackson, like what was stated before, it is forbidden for an angel to kill another angel unless convicted of treason and
sentenced to death by the Emperor" Tempest told him as she stood between the two Kia warriors.

    "Why then Dargo and Dax?"

    "For I have nowhere else to turn for help but to seek that help from the only beings who will understand, as Dargo said, they follow a
code such as sister saved their off spring......they are in her debt and now Aria needs help."

    "How the hell do you expect to sneak two Kia into Heaven, they don't exactly look like angles?"

    "Doctor Jackson, it has been over a millennium since my people been at war with the Kia....most do not even know what a Kia look

    "Yeah well, I still think they are going to stand out among gold skinned feathered winged angels." Jackson said looking at the Kia's
pale skin, bat wings, horns and rat tails.

    "We plan Doctor Jackson to take the Sky Kingdom by surprise" Dax said "We think Tempest can get us in undetected under the cover
of night."

    "Yes, once within the walls of the city, from there will be only a few guards over watching our brigs that the Kia will have to face."
Tempest spoke up to say.

    "You seem to be pretty handy, I would think with this sword upon your hip....why not just break your sister out yourself?"

    "Because Doctor Jackson, I am only one.....and I will have only one chance to free Aria and if I fail then we both die. I need help and the
Kia is that help."

    " then, where do I come in here?"

    "Doctor Jackson, while we are on this mission, we will need your help to watch over our offspring Alex," Dax said holding her child on
her arms.

    "Ah......thank you for trusting me Dax....but I wouldn't know where to begin in the care of a Kia child."

    "He is like any other human child....only he is Kia.... feed him when hungry....change when dirty."

    "Dax, the baby feeds on blood.......I....I..."

    "Do not worry Doctor Jackson, I will supply you with enough food while he is in your care."

    "Why me Dax.....I am human and ill equipped to care for a Kia child."

    "Doctor Jackson, Dargo and I have no one other who we would entrust our only child to other than you." Dax said handing the child
over to the caring yet reluctant man as he stood to receive the baby.

    "I will do my best to care for him Dax." Jackson told her as he looked down over the child who bared his first name.

    "I know you will Doctor Jackson," she said as she stepped away from her baby with a saddened look across her face.

    "Dax....what if in the and Dargo don't........don't........"

    "Return Doctor Jackson."

    "Well......yes.....I'm sorry but I have to ask."

    "Then care for our child the best you can....I know you will know best what to do."

    As their only ally stood there in the center of his living room, the two Kia and the angel left out the window leaving the man holding their
newborn son.

    "Okay little Alex......I hope I can do this," he said looking into the child's little white eyes as he looked over at the backpack Dax left with
bottles of blood she took from rats. "Baby sitting a demon child.....can't say my life is boring now can't I little Alex?"

                                                                                                    Chapter 2

    Standing atop a nearby buildings near to Jackson's apartment, Dax stood with tears in her eyes. "Dax!" Dargo called.

    "I am fine.....I just need a moment, please Dargo," she said looking in the direction they just came from knowing that she had just left
her only child with their only trusted friend, not knowing if she would in fact ever see him again.

    "I understand my love," Dargo replied before turning his full attention upon the angel standing beside him. "If this is a trap
will be the first to die!" he cried as he grasped the winged creature by the throat and looked deadly into her eyes.

    "Its not a trap Dargo I swear!"

    "Dargo let her go!"

    "As you wish my Lady....but if I find myself not trusting this creature, I will tear out her throat and feed it to her in chunks."

    "You can trust me Dargo....the life of my only sister means the world to me," Tempest cried as the powerful Kia warrior released her
from his grip.

    "It better be angel or I will kill you both."

    "You can trust me!" she said before turning to Dax, "You can trust me!"

    "We better trust you.....I just left my baby in the care of a human to help you.....if this is a trap, I will let my mate tear you head off without
thought," Dax said as she looked at Dargo who only agreed to this mission for the sake of the Kia code of honor. "Now that's out of the do we get to the Sky Kingdom?"

                                                                                                    Chapter 3

    Reaching into a small pouch strapped around the angel’s slender waist by a decorative chain, she drew out a clear ball shaped object.
Holding it in her right hand, she held up and explained, "This orb is how we travel between the Sky Kingdom and Earth, It is a means of
transportation we use that will allow us to breach the hidden veil between worlds." she said as the two Kia fixed in on her words. "Unlike
your land Kronos that is locked away deep within the core of the Earth, Sky Kingdom floats over the planet forever cloaked in a phased
dimension. This orb allows us to pass into that phased dimension"

    "No wonder no Kia could ever find the city no matter how high we flew or how deep into the sky," Dargo said turning to look at his
mate. "Kia have searched for centuries but to no avail."

    "The way our cloak is set up....Dargo, your people could have flown past the city and still never known it was there. In these modern
times, it also serves as a means to keep hidden from the human world who have grown so technological advanced."

    "So now how do we use this ball to get to the city?" Dax asked as she stood close to her mate.

    "We must fly high into the sky where I will activate the Genesis Orb.  Once activated, it will open the veil and grant us access into our
dimension.  From there, we fly to the city."

    "Will this city be protected by guards?"

    "There are some guards over watching the Kingdom but not many since they know full well your kind will never be able to discover the
location of the city nor understand how to breach its protective defenses."  Tempest said before lowering her head. "My people see the
Kia as inferior beasts who function on nothing more than poor instinct.....I'm sorry."

    "We understand," Dax said "We do not see your people in a positive way as well."

    "Maybe by working together now to save my sister, we both can find a way to learn more about one another," the angel said as she
looked both Kia in the face.

    "That will remain to be seen show us how to breach the Sky Kingdom," Dargo said in a low stern tone.

    "What I am about to angel has ever done before....bring a Kia into the great city.  Just by doing this one act alone will place my
head on the chopping block beside my sister.  Trust me, by doing this plus killing my own kind I will be just as hunted as you."

    "Then let's save your sister and we all return to Earth." Dax said with a smile as she looked at her mate who stood a little less than
confident with their decision to help the angel. "Dargo my love....are you ready for this?" she added hoping to put her lover at ease.

    "No.....I am not but I said I would save the angel who saved our son and so I shall."

    "And that is all I ask of you my love."

    "So now let us do this," Dargo said turning his full attention upon the golden skinned woman before he and his mate.

    "Okay then....follow me and we shall head to where the kingdom is located," Tempest said before turning to Dargo, "You must
understand that I only divulge the location of the Sky Kingdom to save my sister, you must promise to me that you and Dax will not use this
information as a means to bring more Kia to the city and attack it in an all-out assault. I still have family and friends there I do not want

    "We we not Dargo?" Dax said looking into her mates eyes.

    "Yes, I understand my Lady.....I shall abide by your wishes," the warrior replied with a half grin.

    "Good then, follow me to the kingdom," Tempest said as she unfolded her white feathered wings and with a downward thrust she lifted
off into the air.

    "Ready my love?" Dax said as she gave her lover a wink.

    "You are becoming more human everyday my Lady.....and yes I am ready," he replied with a smile as the two unfolded their bat like
wings and followed the angel into the sky.

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