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                                                                                                      Chapter 1

Looking over the baby that the assassin had just handed to her, Aria still could not shake the strange affection she had for the child. In her
people’s eyes, the thing she held in her arms was nothing more than the dirty offspring of their most vile of enemy. An evil rival that her
kind had clashed with for more than ten thousand years to the brink of near extinction of their race, and yet she still found herself strangely
drawn to the helpless Kia Child.

“Can you say my name little one…..say Aria…come on, say Aria.” she asked of the child. “No….you are too young still to speak, I should
have known that.” the angel said to herself as the boy looked up into her eyes. “I had a little one like you once…..a very, very long time
ago when I was much younger, but I had to give him up to follow my dream of enlisting in the Imperial Guard.” she said sadly. “At the time,
it was the majestic thing to do for my people, a great honor to devote to our Emperor.” she continued as a long ago pain swelled up in her
heart. “I never knew what happened to my son……maybe he joined the Guard like his birth mother…..I guess I will never know.” she told
the child as he looked up into her bright green eyes with little flecks of gold within the retinas as well in the sclera or what would be the
white of a human eye.

Looking into the child’s face, the angel saw in the young creature’s eyes a milky sallow almost colorless pupil and although he looked so
alien to her, she still found the child somewhat delightful. She traced her finger tips over the boy’s little hard knobs that would one day
grow into his horns. She marveled at the little underdeveloped arms on his back where she already could see the fleshy membrane that
spanned between the fingers of the tiny hands that would one day make up the framework of his wings.  

“How is it that your kind can be this innocent and become such evil monsters?” she said gazing into the child’s eyes. “I have battled with
so many of your kind.” she said laying the boy down just long enough to unfasten her heavy metal breast plate. “Oh, that’s so much better”
she said laying aside the battle gear before scooping up the boy once again. Holding him closely to her body, she could feel his warm
little body as it pressed against her tunic dress. “I was only told that your kind were nothing more than just cold blooded monsters, there is
more to your species is there not little one?”

                                                                                                     Chapter 2

Within the birth of the new morning light, Alex Jackson witnessed two creatures from biblical lore as they wage war over the city of New
York. The battle, though high overhead, was still very visible to anyone looking up as the pair darted in and out from around the tall
skyscraper structures in the immortal dance of death that their kind clashed since the creation of time.

Almost amazed by the spectacle raging outside his window, Jackson all but forgot that this astonishing display of brute force and yet
aerial ballet was a battle to the death by two beings that mankind was never meant to see in the flesh. His eyes fixated on the power of
Dargo who just an hour before surrendered blood to his mate and now without rest, without nourishment to fuel his strength in midair, he
battled the golden angel sent to destroy him and his family.

“Give up Demon, I can see that you are starting to weaken.” Azure called out as he again and again avoided the slashing claws of the Kia’
s strikes.

“Never Angel…..not until your death!” Dargo bellowed with rage in his heart trying to use his fury to power his body as he was starting to
feel the effects of the blood loss. The amount of energy to maintain flight was starting to take its toll on him and it was becoming visible to
the angel.

“You are starting to weaken Demon… I can see it on your face.”

“You will never beat me in combat Angel, nor shall I bow down to a creature such as you.” Dargo screamed as he charged the heavenly

“You are getting slower Demon…..slowly and weaker by the moment.” the angel called out as the effects of his giving blood was now
openly showing his weakness.

Dargo was strong but his love for his mate was now slowing his midair moves and as the angel flew about him, the weakened Kia only
flapped his wings now to keep himself from falling to the streets below. He knew he had to rest and regroup or the angel would for sure
slaughter him. Dargo despite his wish to go on knew that if he were to fall to the blade of the angel, that his mate would for sure die next
along with their only friend, Doctor Jackson.

Drawing the angel away from Jackson’s apartment and into the heart of downtown Manhattan, Dargo, the Kia warrior, thought that
perhaps he could lose the assassin among the landscape of the man made mountains. Being more familiar with how the buildings were
laid out and had he flown over the city in the months of his and his mate’s arrival, Dargo knew his territory better than his angel opponent.
With every last bit of energy Dargo had left, he flew hard commanding every muscle in his wing arms to propel him forward with enough
authority force that he out distanced this rival until he could take up a hidden position on a lower building’s fifth story ledge.

It ate at his very soul that such a warrior as he had to hide from an angel like this, but given his chances of beating the angel in his
weakened state was low….too low with the life of his bride and their friend being held in the balance. Dargo needed food to boost his
strength and saw it just down below as he caught sight of a man smacking a young woman in the face and making off with the girl’s
handbag. He and Dax made an oath to Doctor Jackson not to take any human lives as their food source but this in Dargo’s mind was all
the justice he could think of. Without further thought, the Kia left the safety of his hiding place and with his wings spread their full fifteen
foot span, he swooped down heading directly for the man running with the bag.

Coming up behind the moving target, Dargo in one clean smooth attempt, reached out his talon claws and snatched the man by the back
of the head and lifting up high into the air. Before the robber could scream, Dargo snapped his neck as he carried his quarry back to his
hidden perch where he felt he would be safe for a few moments more before the assassin would see him on the corner ledge.

Upon this shelf high over the street, Dargo refueled his power as he tore the man’s broken neck wide open with his claws and drank the
much needed red juice straight from the vain. Staining his mouth and fangs, the powerful warrior could feel his strength return as he
drained the bad man dry. Then with a mighty roar that carried over the one and a half miles away to Jackson’s window, Dargo was ready
to once again engage the Assassin Angel one more time. Only now he would do so at full strength.  

                                                                                                    Chapter 3

Flying high over the city, the assassin sort out his prey thinking that one more conflict would bring on the end of his demon antagonist and
he could return to the female and execute her along with their human companion. As a trusted member of the Imperial Guard, Azure had
been a warrior for almost five hundred Earth years of his adult life and within that time, he was his emperor’s number one assassin. It was
within his two hundred year calling as his ruler’s lead hired killer that he slaughtered hundreds of Kia and proudly mounted each of their
wings upon the walls of his dwelling. It was there within the each square footage of his habitat bore the reminder that he was The Sky
Kingdom most decorated assassin.

It was upon his record that he was chosen to be the executioner of the two lost Kia and to bring their offspring back to the kingdom to be
studied to find new weaknesses in their kind.  For nearly all of human existence, the scientists of the kingdom that created humanity in
their labs tried to discover a disease that once unleashed would destroy the demon hordes that dwelled within the center of the Earth. A
bacteria that would wipe out all the creatures in Hell before the forces of Heaven could move in and attack their leader without
interference and put an end to Lucifer’s reign.  

But each time the Sky Kingdom released deadly microbes into the air, it was fatal to the human race and ineffective on the Kia. Time and
time again over centuries, the Kingdom attempted this with new germs and pathogens only to kill millions of people in worldwide
pandemics leading up into the 21st century.  The Black Plague, Cholera, Zika Virus, Aids and Bird Flu among many others infected the
human race in one form or another. Each time the heavens unleashed a new strain, people died, but their target the Kia deep within their
underworld city far beneath the planets crust were either protected or immune to the deadly effects of the plagues.

However now that a Kia child was discovered in the open  and within the human world, the Emperor ordered Azure to kill its parents and
by capturing the child, they could use the baby as a Trojan Horse to infect the demons deep within their subterranean tunnels leading to
their habitat. In the Emperor’s mind, he would release the Kia child to its own kind and have them bring the plague right into their city
unknowing that what they had brought into their lair was a biological bomb. Now it was up to Azure, The Angel Assassin, to complete his
contract and kill the last remaining demons on Earth. In his mind, the child now processed by Aria, high commander for the Imperial
Guard, was no longer his task, for he was now to slaughter the child’s mother and father and return to heaven a hero among his people.    

Since losing sight of his enemy, Azure scanned the city as he flew overhead. His thirteen foot wingspan spread at full extension as he
glided over the streets and between buildings looking for the demon warrior he wished to destroy. He was about to change his plan and
return back to Jackson’s to kill the female and wait for the horned beast to return there to him, but just as he tilted his wings up into the
wind to change direction, he heard the bellow of Dargo as it echoed off the surrounding buildings. With such reverberation he could not
detect what direction the bellowing roar came from until something came at him from out of the rising sun with such weighted force that it
blew him off course and thrown him into the side of a nearby building. Stunned by the attack as he started to fall, he opened his wings
trying to maintain flight.

Shaking off the blow, the angel tried to see what it was that struck him in midair. But before he could, something again hit him from
behind and again he fell again before he was able to once again stretch his featherly wings out to maintain control. It was only when he
regained in height that Azure saw his opponent glaring at him from just above.

                                                                                                    Chapter 4

“I see you have gained in strength Demon!”

“I had a little dinner.” Dargo replied as he charged the angel with all his might.

Putting all of his weight behind the blow, he forced the angelic assassin back crashing him into the same wall from where he hit before. In
a desperate attempt to gain back the advantage, the angel swung his sword madly hoping to slash the creature before him just enough to
draw blood and weaken him once again. But Dargo, before returning in combat, landed and tore out of the ground a stop sign and used
the metal shaft to defect each incoming blow cast by the angel.

The sound of crashing steel and the midair battle over the city did not go unobserved by the native New Yorkers. Soon people started
littering the sidewalks looking up at what was going on high over the city. Some said it was nothing more than two birds scrapping in the
sky, but others knew it was something else….something maybe other worldly as some could make out the forms of two humanoids in
flight with faired wings. Some speculated that it was a sign of the end of days as they saw it as a winged angel and demon engaged in
mortal combat. For those who thought this, they were hardly wrong as high over the city of New York, two ancient mythical creature’s
waged war above their heads.

“Give up you dirty Demon and I shall kill her fast and without pain.”

“Never…. you will have to take my head before I surrender to you or any of your kind.” Dargo roared as he with one overhead strike
swung his weapon downward slashing with the sharp end of the stop sign down upon the angel’s wing at the base just as he swung
around to take another swing at his opponent. With all his force, Dargo slashed the wing right off with one cut as he watched the eyes of
the golden man bulged in shock.

As the giant bird like appendage fell from the sky to the people below, they all took it as a sign that it was the end of their race as the
angel still in midair tried to use his only remaining wing to make a controlled crash landing atop a nearby building. Dargo was fast to
pursue as no sooner was Azure atop the roof, the Kia was upon him. Shocked by his affliction, in pain and now out gunned for he lost his
along with his severed wing, the arrogant angel made his last stand atop the flat roof of the Met Life Building fifty nine stories above the

“Even without a wing Demon, you are no match for me!”

“Think again.” Dargo called as he advanced toward the angel.

“An evil thing such as you could never beat an angel.”

“Speak for yourself angel” Dargo replied as he slashed out with his claws tearing away the angel’s body armor.

Without his chest plate for protection, Dargo lashed out again until the creature’s blood flowed upon the buildings top. Dropping to his
knees, the assassin looked up at Dargo with a slightly demented grin.   

“Go ahead you dirty beast….kill me but you will never find your son again.”

“I shall kill you.” Dargo said stepping behind the angel as he stood upon his knees. “And I shall find my son.” he said taking the angel by
both sides of his head. “If I have to kill every last angel in Heaven to do so….then so be it.” Dargo said before with all his rage he pulled
upward ripping Azure’s head off with one clean move before watching his body fall to the floor.

Stepping over to the edge of the building and overlooking the city with the head of his enemy in his hand, Dargo raised it high and gave a
great roar that bellowed off every brick, every glass window until the entire city heard his cry of victory. And once his conquest was
complete, he took the head and body of his defeated enemy and dropped them both into the East River to never to be seen again.

Upon his return back at Doctor Jackson’s, Dargo was unsure in what state he was about to find his mate. To battle the angel all of his
thoughts had to go into beating him and so any thoughts of Dax had to be put on hold. But now that he was in triumph over his enemy, all
of Dargo’s fears of his mate dying came flooding into him as he flew into the window of Doctor Jackson. But never in his long life did he
ever believe that upon his arrival that his eyes would take in the sight of another angel.

                                                                                                    Chapter 5

Within an instant, Dargo bared his fangs and claws ready to fight the new menace when he heard the voice of Dax. There standing only
feet from where the battle angel stood was Dax, still not fully healed but alive and standing.

“Stand back Dax, I will kill this creature like the other of its kind.”

“No…..Dargo wait….she’s no threat to us.” Dax cried out. “Look what she brought to us.” she said revealing within the angel’s arms their
child unharmed and well. “She brought our son back to us Dargo…she brought him back.”

“I….do not understand.”

“My name is Aria. I am the commanding leader of the angel you fought today Azure.” the golden woman said as she held their baby within
her arms with a loving touch. “I once had a son and although he was angel, your boy very much reminded me of him that I gave up so long
ago.” Aria said turning back to Dax and slowly walking toward her, she smiled and said. “From one mother to another, please take your
child and allow him to grow up and maybe put an end to this war that our kind and yours have raged for so long.”

“Thank you…thank you.” Dax replied as she took her son back into her arms and smiled into his little face. “I never thought we would ever
see him again.” Dax then said in a sad voice.

“For what my people were going to use him for, I just could not see any harm come to one so innocent as he. Please let him grow to be a
good and proud member of your people.” Aria said as she gave Dax a smile before walking over to the window before turning her gaze
upon that of Jackson. “You are a wise man Doctor Jackson, you saw something in them in this short time that they have been in this city
that my people have never found in five thousand years. Maybe it’s time to end this war and all live in peace.”

And with her closing statement, Aria turned to the city and with a powerful burst from her wings flew out over the city intent on going home.

“Dax, you are well?” Dargo cried trying to uphold his emotions in front of their friend but could not as he saw his son safe and within his
mother’s arms.

“I am still healing but yes, Doctor Jackson brought me back from the edge of death.”

“Oh, I just helped a little Dax….your Kia healing powers are unbelievable, I only wish I could put that into a pill.

“So the assassin angel… he Dargo?”

“He is dead, I did what I could to stop him. I only wish I was here to be with you My Lady when you awoke.”

“I understand, the peril is over and thanks to a good hearted angel, we have our son back again. Now let’s go home Dargo…..let’s go

                                                                                                    Chapter 6

She had just lit a candle after removing her body armor and just slipped into a clean white dress. Running her fingers through her golden
hair as she gazed into the wall mirror, she looked upon her image. Once out of her battle gear, she could once again feel like a woman
as her finger tips slid through golden strands. The sparkles in her hair seemed to shine in the light of the little flame before her as she
planned on spending the early part of the evening reading one of her scrolls and going to bed for some much needed rest. With the little
Kia child still on her mind, she was disturbed when a knock fell upon her quarter’s door.

“Yes what is it…I’m just settling in for the night.

“Aria, you are requested to come to the Emperor’s chambers immediately.” asked one of the Emperors personal guards.

“This cannot wait until morning?”

“No Aria, you are to come at once by the command of The Emperor himself.”

“I will get my gear.”

“No you are to come without any armor or weapons.”

“What is this about?”

“I am sorry Aria but you are to come at once.” the young girl said as she slowly withdrew her sword.

“What is the meaning of this?” Aria demanded as she saw two more guards enter into view to escort her to the Emperors chambers.

“By what meaning do you draw a weapon upon me?”

“You are to come to the Emperor’s Chambers at once.” one of the other guardsman demanded as he too withdrew his sword.

“Well than……by your command.” Aria replied as she followed one guard as two followed right behind her.

Stepping into the Emperor’s chamber, she looked up to him upon the high platform from where his golden throne sat. Dropping to one
knee, she lowered her head and called to her master “Yes my Lord…..what have you ask of me.”

“The demon child…what say you about it?” the Emperor commanded atop his throne.

“The child was never found My Lord; the Kia killed Azure and still remain within the city.”

“Aria… were not the only member of the Guard sent to follow up on Azure, and what was discovered sickens me to the core.” the
Emperor said in a scolding tone. “Guards bind her.” he shouted as two members of the guard and once Aria’s friends, fastened both her
hands and wings with chrome plated chains so that she could not move nor fly.

“But My Lord…….I”

“Silence… have be found guilty of treason and for your disloyalty, you have been sentence to death.”   

                                                  Dargo and Dax will return again this Halloween season with
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