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                                                                                                         Chapter 1

    Dargo’s powerful wings carried him over the city in search of rations for he and his family, unknown to him of the events unfolding
within his sky top lair. For within his home, his secure place, his mate Dax was fighting for not only her life but the life of their only baby
son. Had the warrior demon only known his mighty wings would have cut through the sky at a much greater rate, for as he now returned to
the lair he saw nearly immediately that something was wrong.

    His keen sense of smell picked up on the recognizable scent of their most immortal enemy as he shuddered at the thought of what
occurred in his leave. As he flew into the entranceway, the scent became stronger as he landed and folded his wings behind his back.
The stench of angel loomed everywhere as he sort out his mate and child. He knew that Dax would put up ferocious battle upon the evil
angel, but as he walked the floor, he saw traces of blood puddles over the surface. It was the blood of his people as his nose detected
and knew now that his lover and child may be lost to him.

    As Dargo walked deeper into the dwelling, the scent of Kia blood grew as he soon came upon the source of the horrid scent. There
lying alone and in a pool of her own blood was Dax laying motionless. Half covered by her own wing seemingly to cover herself for
protection as a last resort as she lay eyes closed in one corner of the lair near a wall.

    Half in a state of sorrow and semi consumed by rage, the warrior walked toward his mate. His keen ears could pick up her very faint
breath and heart beat. Knelling beside her, Dargo took her hand in his and spoke to her softly. Slowly her eyes fluttered open as she
gazed up at him.

    “I’m sorry….sorry my love.”

    “Try not to speak Dax, save your strength.”

    “I tried to fight him off Dargo, but the angel was just too strong, I….I could not beat him and he....over powered me.”

    “I understand My Lady, I know you fought with honor.” he said looking into her eyes. “What of our child…did he…he kill my son?”

    “No….Dargo he took him…..he took our only child.”

    “Bastard angel!” Dargo cried as he bellowed his anger toward the heavens.

    “Dargo my love, you must retrieve our son.”

    “I will Dax, but first I must get you to Doctor Jackson, he will know how to heal you.”

    “It’s too late for me save our son…..please Dargo save our child…..our only child.”

    Briefly Dargo left his mate’s side to retrieve the small rectangle device that was given to them by their ally Doctor Jackson. Dargo
knew little about the device or how the little magical thing worked, but he did however know how to use it to contact Jackson. After
opening the little flip door, he touched the little keypad that sent a direct dial to Jackson. A moment later, his voice came over the little box
as Dargo told of their attack.

    Scooping up his lover, Dargo with a powerful burst of air beneath his wings took flight into the night sky. Flapping his fifteen foot wing
span as fast as he could, he drove hard toward Doctor Jackson’s apartment feeling with each thrust of his wings, his mate grew ever
closer to death. Flying faster than he ever flew before, Dargo intent on getting her to their friend before her life slipped away, used every
bit of strength until the muscles in his wing arms burned with pain. Through the painful anguish, he flew until he saw the little window of
Jackson’s west side Manhattan apartment. Crashing through the glass horns and head first, Dargo took the blunt of the glass impact
blow as he brought Dax right into the living room of their only human friend.

    “My God what the hell happened to her?” Jackson said looking first at Dargo’s bride and then over to the window that the two just
crashed through.

    “The angel attacked our home while I was gathering food. Dax fought with a warrior’s heart but the beast overtook her.” Dargo said
trying to catch his breath.

    “Oh my god…..Dargo, what about your child?”

    “The angel took our offspring.” Dargo told Jackson as the man tried to tend to Dax.

    “Dargo I’m not a medical doctor.  I don’t know what I can do for her.”

    “You are a wise man Doctor Jackson, please do everything in your power to save my mate.”

    “I will try Dargo.  I will try but she lost so much blood.”

    “She is of Kia blood, I may host if you need mine.”

    “Thanks, I may just have to do a transfusion, but my god, this wound……what the hell did this.”

    “The angel’s blade slashed me across the belly thinking that if I lived…..I would never again bare a child.” Dax told Jackson with drops
of water running from her eyes.

    As powerful her mate was….her very words hurt the great beast and as she struggled to breathe, she could see in Dargo’s eyes, the
pain and fear that was swelling up within him. And as he held her hand in his, she could see him start to weep before her, a sight that Dax
thought she would never in a thousand life times ever see.

    “Dargo, please let me see what I can do.” Jackson said as he slipped in to take a look at her bleeding wound. “Well, it doesn’t seem
to be too deep, so that’s good.” Jackson said as he tried to stop the bleeding. “The thing is she did lose a lot of blood.  I would think so,
yes, Dargo if you could, I will set you up for a transfusion.” the man said thinking he could use some of the hollow clear tube wiring that he
had in the house.

    “Very well Doctor Jackson.” Dargo replied trying to keep his composure and be strong for not only Dax but himself as well.

                                                                                                    Chapter 2

    Standing atop the highest point in the city, Azure gazed up calling to his master from the spire antenna of the Empire State Building.
He knew if his master was listening, that his call would be replied to. In one hand he held the arc shaped horn that he blew into the
heavens as he awaited a reply. In his other hand, he held the Kia child who seemed to know if only by instinct that the creature holding
him was the enemy. Struggling within the angels grasp, the baby called to his mother with little shrieks that only angered the heavenly

    “Be still little beast…..or I will not wait to hand you over to my master, but I will toss you from this perch to your death.

    Again Azure blew the horn until he saw something stirring in the blue sky above. Within a bright flash of light beamed down from the
heavens, a glowing ball appeared and hovered before him as he stood at the base of the building’s transmitter antenna. Soon the hot
white glowing orb began to fade and the sight of a creature much like he remained there. Then before the graceful golden woman started
to lose orbit she opened her pearly white wings and flapped them only enough to keep her afloat in the midair.

    “Azure, I see you have captured the demon child.  What say you of the little creature’s elders?” the floating woman asked as the warrior
angel held the child high as though proudly displaying a trophy.

    “The female is dead….only the male survives at this time.”

    “Why have you not dispatched the male creature?” she asked harshly. “Your orders were to capture the offspring and kill its elders.”

    “I have engaged the male but he eluded my attack, the female was discovered within their lair along with the offspring. I killed the
female and now I bear upon you the demon child.” he said offering the month old to his superior.

    Taking the crying hungry child into her arms, she looked into his eyes as he looked up at her. She could hardly believe how helpless
this little creature was, for she, in her two thousand year lifespan never saw a Kia child before…. let alone a helpless baby.

    “You look so much like any given child, soft, helpless and hungry for food.” the golden woman said looking down into the child’s eyes.
“And yet you are so foreign, so alien to me and my kind that I don’t know what to make of you little one.” she added as the assassin
looked upon her with bewildered feelings.

    “My Lady… feel for this demon beast?”

    “I have just never saw one such as this, the creatures we fight are so evil….so demonic that seeing one that is not….one that is a
helpless child is astonishing to me.” she replied never once removing her eyes from that of the child’s.

    “Your orders My Lady?” he asked in a huff over how she fawned over the demon offspring.

    “Yes…..yes.” she said at least pulling her gaze from the Kia child. “Bring me the head of the male and your contract will be complete.”

    “By your command.” he replied lifting off into the sky in search of Dargo and leaving his superior still hovering over the city with the Kia
baby in her arms.

    “Now what shall I do with you?” the angel said to the baby in her arms as the wind whipped through her golden locks as she watch the
assassin fly off on his mission.

                                                                                            Chapter 3

    “Dargo, try to rest some.  You’re going to be weak for awhile after giving blood to Dax.” Jackson told the hulking creature as he paced
the room like an animal caged.

    “I cannot just sit Doctor Jackson, I am a warrior…..and a warrior must be at the ready all times.”

    “Yes I understand Dargo, but you’re no good to any of us if that angel attacks and you are not at full strength. Please just rest some and
when and if we need you to fight… will be ready.

    “Very well Doctor Jackson……..very well.” the powerful Dargo said giving in knowing full well that even if they were to fall under attack
by the assassin angel, that he was in fact too weak to be a match for the heavenly hit man. “Will she Doctor Jackson…..will Dax live?

    “She’s resting now but I don’t know. I was able to close the gash with a simple stapler as crude as it was.  So aside from any infection,
she may pull through. Your blood was really much needed for her Dargo; if you didn’t bring her here when you did, she would have died
for sure. I don’t know Kia anatomy, but figuring the amount of blood she lost in human terms, she really needed a transfusion. Jackson
said taking a seat in the big soft chair beside his bed where Dax lay sleeping. “I don’t think despite your wings, horns and tail that Kia are
very much different from me or any other human. Your organs are much the same as is your skeletal structure aside from the horns
protruding from his skull. That and the modified shoulder blades that have an extra pair of arms extending from the bone that creates your
wing framework.”

    “Maybe perhaps Doctor Jackson we are more alike than we know.” Dargo said sadly trying to cover his pain.

    “You alright my friend?” Jackson inquired.

    “It’s nothing….nothing at all.”

    “You don’t seem fine to me.  What’s the matter Dargo?

    “She may die……my mate Dax may die and I was not there to protect her or my son.

    “Dargo you did the best you could, you had to look for food for them.”

    “But I left her……I left my mate and son knowing full well that we were being hunted by the angel.” Dargo said painfully. If Dax dies, her
death will be on my soul…..I am her mate and I left her alone to face the assassin.”

    “Dargo, you did all you could do.” Jackson told him before a thought popped into his head. “Dargo how the hell did the angel find your
lair anyway?”

    “Their kind can sense us sometimes, that or the beast saw me make my exit from the building lair and figured to strike when I was not
there, strike while there was only one Kia overseeing the child. Angels are cowards…….he would have never attacked knowing two Kia
awaited him within the lair.”

    “Dargo, can this angel be killed……can angels die?” Jackson asked almost choking on his very words remembering his upbringing
by a very strict Catholic mother. Had she only lived to see her only son conversing with an actual creature from what the church call Hell
would have killed the bitter woman for sure.

    “An angel can be killed but they are very strong…..stronger than even a Kia. To battle with one is truly a task however it can be done if
the Kia is a strong warrior and trained in the art of war.” Dargo told him feeling a slight trace of pride in his skills and his people.

    “I don’t understand something Dargo, if your home….what we here on Earth call Hell is in the center of the planet, then where
is……Heaven and is there a Heaven and why has not a 747 flown into it by now?”

    “What your people call Heaven is another plane of reality. It’s sort of its own world co-existing beside ours. When our Lord and Master
was cast out of this Kingdom and took up residence in our home Kronos, he united my people and together built a city far below the
planet’s crust where within its center it’s hollow. It was not until my people ventured upward into your world hundreds of years ago, that we
were given the name of Demon. A foul word among my people indeed.”

    “I’m sorry Dargo…..humans fear what they don’t understand and give it nasty names. You should hear what we call our own kind
because of their skin color, race and home of origin.”

    “Believe in my words Doctor Jackson, this angel is no friend to the human race, in fact none of his kind are. To them you are nothing
more than a science project….the domesticated ape that they cultivated much in the same way man turned a wolf into a dog.”

    As the words were spoken to him from a creature who truly knew of man’s origins, it was still a hard pill to swallow due to again his
upbringing. But here it was the very source of it all and it was not how he was trained and brought up to believe in. And yet the person
before him, a being from the very place we called Hell spelled it all out for him in the painful truth.

                                                                                            Chapter 4

    Catching the scent of the Kia, the assassin angel zeroed in on its base. Unknown to Dargo as he flew through the sky over the great
metropolis with his mate in his arms, he left a slight trace of scent partials in the air. Most of the scent was now spread over the city but
there was just enough to trace his path from their lair to the apartment window of Alex Jacksons home. As Azure followed the odor, it
slowly grew stronger as he neared the apartment building on the upper west side of Manhattan where the Kia hid out.

    As the creature neared, Dargo caught his aroma but it was too late for as the Kia turned and glanced out the other window the glass
blew in with a thundering force. Cut by the flying shards but phased little, Dargo found himself facing his kind’s utmost enemy standing
before him.

    “Jesus Christ” Jackson screamed as he made eye contact with another biblical and mythical creature standing inside his living room
window. The sun was just staring to crest over the city in the morning light bathing the angel in a glow of luminosity. His golden skin
shimmering in the light creating an almost halo effect giving the angel its classical artist depiction. The Catholic was torn between what
he was told growing up and the truth behind this magical creature. Written scrolls of ancient past never told of angelic hit men or creatures
that would murder humanity.

    “I do not think your Jesus can help you now human.” the invading being replied to Jackson’s comment as he raised his blade and
called Dargo to face him. “You and I Demon… you not dare to fight me?”

    “Tend to Dax Doctor Jackson…..I will deal with this foul creature.” Dargo said feeling all of his rage building within his soul, burning to
be set free.

    “So the Demon female lives?” Azure commented with a smile. “Good… I let the horned bitch off too easy before. After I dispatch you
and drive this blade into your black heart, I will come back, slaughter the human and play with your female until she begs me to kill her.”

    “You have to go through me first angel.” Dargo said in a deep authoritative tone.

    “So be it Demon!” Azure replied as he turned and leaped out the same broken window from where he come without another word.
Once free into open air, a beautiful plume of white feathery wings unwrapped from his back to full extension granting the angel to soar
over the streets below.

    “Tend to Dax Doctor Jackson, I will kill this beast!” Dargo belted as Jackson seized him by the arm.

    “Dargo, you are still too weak to fight him… can’t win… can’t beat that thing!”

    “But I must Doctor Jackson.  I must, there is no other way.” Dargo said before turning away from his friend and with one leap toward
the opening window, made his exit into the morning light. Once free of the window frame, Dargo opened his dragon like wings ready to
engage the enemy.

    All Jackson could do now was stand in the window and watch the two combat in midair in full view of the crowning daylight. The
angel…..beautiful in sight with golden hair and matching skin with wings made of pasty white as they gleamed in the morning sunrise. His
combatant, a horned, bat winged creature of hellish origins and yet the man of science, the man of lost faith who above all humanity knew
the truth about said creatures, watched the two clash. And he must pray for his own sake and the life of the female in his bed that the said
Demon would turn out to be the victor.  

                                                  End of Episode 4
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Episode 4

Dargo's Rage

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