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                                                                                                 Chapter 1

 “Where am I, what is this place called?” the unknown creature asked of his young captive as she remained seated before the angel.

 “What, you mean the name of this city?” she replied holding her left arm as she fingered with her right and to dig out a little shard of
glass that embedded itself into her flesh upon crashing out the hospital window.

 “Yes….yes this place, what do you call it.”

 “New York……it’s called New York.” she told him as her finger tips gently tugged at the little piece of glass stuck in her skin.

 “And the Kia are here, I clashed with one of their kind.  Where would these beasts be hiding?” the angel asked as he approached the
young doctor.

 “What the hell is a Kia…..I don’t know what you’re talking about?” she said pulling away from his advance toward her.

 “Do not be alarmed, I am merely attempting to withdraw the glass splinter from your arm, I have a superior view of it from here.” he said
laying eyes upon the painful object that dig its way into the back of the woman’s elbow. She could feel its anguish but could hardly see it
to get a good contact handle to pull it out herself.

 As he took hold the shard with little pain, he withdrew the sharp entity from her skin as she looked into his golden eyes. “Thank you.” she
said as she pulled away from her.

 “Now please tell me of the Kia?”

 “I don’t know what you’re talking about…..what is a Kia?” she asked before adding the question that weighted heavy upon her own mind.
“I don’t what this Kia is…..and what the hell are you?” she asked looking the creature dead in the eye. “I know you’re not human that’s for
damn sure… what are you?”

 “I am from the other of the TARDIS number 1 9 6 3 and of the designation of the baptism of elimination.” the golden man replied as a
puzzled look drew over the woman’s face.

 “No due…..I mean what the hell are you?”

 “I do not understand the question?”

 “Oh for god’s sake…..are you an angel?”

 “By your limited understanding of the universe …..Your kind would I suppose call us angels.”

 “So then there is…….is a God?”

 “Not so much a God as in a single apparition but more like a race of a superior nation.” the creature told the wide eyed doctor whose
endless hours in catholic school seemed now to be nothing more than propaganda and fiction.

 “So you’re an angel… what are you doing here now in New York City?” she questioned. “Is there a second coming of Christ or is this
more like the Rapture and the end of the world kind of thing? she asked not sure if she wanted to truth.

 “Ah…..hardly child.” the creature said with a grin. “I have been sent here by our leader to track down and destroy two Kia living here in
this metropolis.”

 “Okay then…..what is a Kia?”

 “Your people would call them demons.”

 “Demons… demons……come on demons aren’t real……are they?!”

 “You do have what your people would call an angel standing before you.”

 “Well you do have a point there.” she said shaking her head in disbelief. “So what you’re here to hunt these demons like some kind of
angelic hit man?

 “I have a duty to perform, called upon me by our most highest leader of our kingdom. I must carry out his orders.”

 “And that is to track down at kill demons?”

 “Only two creatures are in my contract.” the angel said before retracting his words. “That is, two creatures and their unholy offspring.”

 “Do you have a name?’ More asked but she could see his attention was elsewhere.

 “My weapons…..where are my weapons?”

 “They would be still back at the hospital when you were brought in.” she told him as his brow lowered into a fright full scowl.

 “I must have my weapons to fight the Kia, you will fetch them for me.”

 “Look man, I don’t know what became of your weapons when you were brought in and in all my years of Sunday school, no one ever
said nothing about angel assassins, weapons and demon fighting. I’m just an ER doctor who sought to you when they brought you in and
that’s all I know.

 “You will help me recover my weapons so I can track the creatures I seek and destroy them.” he told her in a harsh tone as his deep
menacing voice gave the young doctor a chilly feeling although the strong street wise girl tried to hide it as best she could.

 “I must have my weapons or I cannot fight the demon monsters that hide within your city. Soon if not pass tense they have already taken
human lives for blood to nourish not only themselves but their young beast as well. They must be destroyed at all cost for the sake of your
people….do you understand human?”

 “Okay I understand, let me return to the hospital and see where your weapons were placed.” she told him as she started to walk away.
“Hey, where can I find you?” she asked turning back.

 “I will remain here and try and get a sense for the Kia until your return.”

 “You’re just going to wait here in this alley way until I come back?” she asked thinking that she would just run the moment she had and
down a more than a few hard drinks to try and forget this night.

 “Yes, I will remain here but if you do not return to me, the creatures I seek will murder in your city one human soul at a time. I must kill
these foul creatures before they can make more of their kind or call upon their race to attack your world and destroy your city.”

 “Okay…..okay, I’ll be back with your weapons or something.” she said walking away and leaving the angelic being there in the alley way
behind a Polish Deli.

 As she walked, her peace quickened as she left the heavenly creature behind her as she tried to make sense of it all. Still hardly
believing in what she just saw and the story she heard, she then without thinking turned back and again asked if the angel had a name.

 “You may call me Azure…..the name given to me by our ranking commanders.”

 “Okay…..Azure, I am More…..Christina More.” she called back to him before turning forward and resuming her pace. “Holly shit, I am
talking with an angel… angel!” she said to herself as she continued on back to her place of employment hoping to find the things that
the creature behind her requested. Not sure herself if bringing this winged golden man his weapons was the right thing to do, she feared
him and was unsure if she didn’t reply to his request what he himself would do to her or the city itself.

 Although he claimed to be hunting demons, she wondered just who or what was the true danger here. But in her mind, this was an angel
and if she was to take sides in this heavenly battle, she would side herself with that of the angelic people. Still seeing them as the good
doing population talked about in the Bible…..yet still in the back of her mind, she wondered was the myth and the truth one in the same or
was this assassin angel the real danger.

Chapter 2

 “Dargo stop pacing, you’re driving me crazy!”   Dax told her mate as she laid their child down into his makeshift bed. My Love, we are
for the moment safe from the angel, please come have something to eat.”

 “I can not eat at this time Dax, I have too much on my mind.” he said truing away from his view of the city skyline to look upon his mate
with loving eyes.”

 “Dargo, if you don’t eat, you will grow weak and then you can’t defend me or little Alex.” she said placing her hand upon his shoulder
from in front of his wing arm.

 “Dax do you here ones self, the matter of speech you are uttering is so human.”

 “As the humans say….when in Rome.”

 “Dax, you know better than that.” he told her as he turned in his stance to face her and took his love into his powerful arms.  “I feel we are
losing the Kia in us my love.” he told her looking deep into her white pale eyes. “We gave our son…..maybe our only child a human name.
Now you speak in the human tongue of poor communication……something called slang I believe Doctor Jackson referred to it as.”

 “Oh Dargo, we have to embrace this new world we now live in, the world and people we once knew are long dead. It’s a fresh
world………I mean………It is no longer the world we knew” she said with a smile “And we must embrace all that this new world has to
offer. Noisy streets, bad tasting food and poor grammar aside, Darg, we are together and we now have a son. He must be raised within
this new world…..within this city of manmade mountains.”

 “I suppose so….my lady, but I do not wish to lose who we are as a people.”

 “I know my love, but as far as we know…..our people are no more, even if we did find the path back home, our people would not know
us. We would be strangers in our own land, we do not even know if Lucifer lives.”

 “Dax, he is an angel.  They are immortal, he must be still ruling over home.”

 “A lot could have happened in our absence Dargo. The Master could have been over thrown, or worst yet, attacked by The Sky Kingdom
and destroyed. Yes, our master is an angel but he too could be killed by one of his own kind.” she said looking deeply into his colorless
pasty eyes.  “We truly do not know if home is even there, so we must embrace this new world.”

 “But none of this matter Dax if this angel sent from the Sky Kingdom murders us and our child.” Dargo said pulling his mate in close and
holding her tight within his embrace. “I just do not want to lose you both to our most sworn enemy.” he told his love allowing his mate to
see his softer side as he whispered into her ear. “You know Dax that I fear nothing……that I shy away from nothing and yet knowing that
this assassin angel is in our new city home frightens me to my core.” he said as she watched a small droplet of water trickle from one of
his eyes. “I fear not for myself……but for you both.”

 “My Lord, you need not fear for our child or I, for I know you will protect us with your very life.” she replied trying to calm his fears.

 “Dax, this is an angel… angel, one of the most powerful creatures in all of creation. I may not be able to stop him and if he kills me,
then there is nothing to stop him from murdering you and our baby.”

 “Then I will just have to kill the angel myself.” she said with a smile.

 “Oh, there is little doubt in my mind that that, you my bride, are not a great warrior in your own right. However this again is an angel and
they are creatures without honor nor a liking to our kind. If you nor I can not stop this monster, he will kill our child, and if we are the last of
our race, Alex may be our only chance to rebirth our people. He above all must live, grow and mate with another Kia.”

 “Well then Dargo my Lord, we better get started on making his companion then.” she said drawing in close to him once again as Dargo
smiled but pulled away.

 “This is no time for a mating my love, the angel is somewhere out there hunting us.”

 “Then let us share one last time together my mighty Dargo.” she said drawing in close again only this time he obeyed her wishes and
closed his wings around the two.

Chapter 3

 “But Doctor More, that sword is in police lock up by now.” her fellow hospital told her as she looked in vain for the weapon the golden
skinned man was brought in with.

 “Shit, I need that damn thing!” she belted out as she reached for her phone. “I have to know where they brought it too.”

 “But why doctor?” the young intern asked just as a burst of glass flooded the room as the window blew inward.

 Forced to the floor, the young woman only a intern resident for only a year, glanced up to see the form of a man with spread golden
wings blast through the window like a nightmare vision from hell. Seeing the utter fear in the girl’s eyes, the golden man seized her by the
throat and lifted her into the air.

 “Azure, what the hell are you doing!” More screamed as she saw the winged creature holding her friend high off the floor as she kicked
her legs.

 “Where are my weapons human…..where is my sword?”

 “I told you, I will find them…..please put her down.”

 “You are taking much too long, fetch my sword now for me.”

 “I…..I don’t have it!”

 “Who then has my sword.” he commanded as his fingers grew tighter around the girl’s throat completely cutting off the twenty four year
olds air path as she choked for breath.

 “Please……please don’t hurt her!”

 “Tell me……tell me where I can find my sword, armor and other weapons and I will release her.” he said with flaring eyes that burned a
bright flicker of yellow.

 As the girl he held up with one hand slowly drifted off into an unconscious state, the doctor told the golden creature what he wanted.
Dropping the girl, the winged beast retreated out the same window he entered, armed with the information where to retrieve his weapons
and armor.

 Taking her friend into her arms, Doctor More cried as she knew she sent this monster into a battle field with the NYPD. Although she
knew lives of men she never knew were now in danger and would most likely die at the hands of this vile creature, still she clutched her
arms around her friend praying that the men who were about to face that thing could somehow kill it before more lives were lost. Crying
over her friend as she slowly opened her eyes and regained awareness.


 “Beth don’t talk.” More told her as she knew the cost of saving her friend would cause of the death of many others and she was right for
just as she started to cry over her friend, Precinct 13 was about to take heavy attack.

                                                                                                 Chapter 4

 “You want some coffee?” Detective Ryan asked his partner of five years as he walked over to the coffee maker just across the room.
With his back turned away from his friend, he heard him reply yes as he reached the machine on a little table just outside their captain’s
office.  Suddenly he heard his friend and partner cry out a god awful scream that rang throughout the squad room chilling everyone’s soul
within hear shot of the bloody shriek.

 Turning in place, he looked back to the source of the scream and saw his partner being held by a tall man, golden in color. His utter
shock of what his eyes witnessed paled when right before him he saw the man tear his friends head clean off from his spinal cord. The
fountain of flowing blood was so intense from the open stump that Detective Ryan bellowed up his lunch while watching the invader drop
his partner’s torso to the floor.

 “My sword, fetch it for me now!” the assailant ordered as he took a shocked Detective Baker by her throat before she could react after
seeing her colleague murdered before her eyes with such brutal force. With one hand holding her by her throat, his free hand he placed
over her mouth to keep her from screaming. Although the young woman made little struggle, her aggressor took little notice of the seven
month old baby swell just above her belt line.

 “My sword and weapons, fetch them for me now!” again the attacker demanded but before Ryan could respond, he heard the sound of
bones crack as Mary Baker’s neck was snapped with such force that her head was turned completely around. The sudden crank of her
neck was so fierce and with such velocity that it took a moment for her brain to even comprehend what had just happened. As her eyes
now gazed into the face of her executioner, within that blink of an eye all her hopes and dreams of having her first born slowly drifted away
as death glazed over  her eyes and they stare out into nothingness.

                                                                                                 Chapter 5

 Dax had just taken her child into her arms to feed him when she heard something entering the opening in the building from where Dargo
left only a short time before. She was surprised that he was returning from gathering food so soon but glad to have her mate home. Under
Doctor Jackson’s request, Dargo was not hunting for their prime food source but was bringing home an array of rats and birds that he
could catch. Their blood was not as rich with the nutrition that their kind normally feed upon, but in a pinch it was better than nothing. It also
would keep them in good graces with Doctor Jackson, their only friend and ally in this strange new world.

 “So you are back early my love….what did you bring us tonight” Dax called out just as she round the corner to the opening of their lair
when standing less than twenty feet from her was God’s assassin.

 “Give me the child demon.” the figure demanded as Dax, for the first time in her life, truly felt fear.

 “Please take me…..kill me if you must, but please don’t hurt my baby.”

 “Give me your hell spawn now or I shall kill you both. The emperor wants this sinful little beast brought back to him…..but I do not care if it’
s breathing or not. Now hand it over to me or I will slaughter this little creature’s throat before your eyes.”

End of Episode 3
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