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                                                                                                   Chapter 1

“What the hell do we have here Doctor?” cried the EMT attendant as the strange man was wheeled into the ER under a cloak of silent but
watchful eyes.

“I don’t know but keep them reporters back.” cried out the attending doctor, Christina More, who walked with a rapid pace to keep up with
the stretcher as it was ran down the hall and into the ER unit. Following close behind were a cluster of reporters who heard about the
winged man over their police bands. As the doctor and crew busted through the ER doors, the assembly of news hounds were left behind.

“Close the damn curtain over!” the overly excited young attending doctor belted out as one of the nurses pulled over the drape to give
them and their subject some privacy.

“What the hell are we looking at here?” one of the other ER doctors said looking at the thing upon the table.

“I have no God damn idea.” More said as she leered upon the creature before them.

“You know what we have here don’t you doctor More?”

“Yeah…..well I know what it looks like to me but that’s impossible.” More said as the other doctor moved in closer to the creature.

“It is….it has to be…..we found an……”

“What an angel……come on.” she said looking up at him.

“Then what the hell else can it be?” he said as he watched her run her fingers over the creature’s featherly wings. “Looks like an angel to
me.” he added as she rapidly pulled her hand away.

“It’s got like some kind of electric discharge coming off of it.” she cried trying to retouch it again and feeling a slight tingle in the tip of her
fingers. “Look at his clothing, it’s like some sort of armor and they said he was swinging a sword.” she added as her fingertips roamed
over the creature’s bare skin feeling even more energy surging off his golden colored flesh.

“I’m telling you that it’s an angel. the doctor cried just as More called for one of the attending nurses.

“Get me a portable x-ray machine now!” she cried out. “I want to see what’s inside this thing.”

                                                                                           Chapter 2

“Wait a minute here!” Doctor Jackson belted out as he stood before Dargo and Dax within their sky high lair. “You’re telling me that
Heaven as in the Bible heaven sent an angel to murder you both?”

“That is precisely what we are saying Doctor Jackson.” Dax told him as she held her baby close to her breast. “Somehow Heaven
learned of our being here in modern day New York and now their master wants us dead.”

“Their master……you mean God don’t you?” Jackson replied with his eyebrows raised.

“A God for some…..a monster to others….. but he has given the word to have us executed.” Dax said lowering her head.

“So God, angels and all that about an afterlife is real?” Jackson cried out.

“There is no afterlife Doctor Jackson, only an endless void of nothing following human death.” Dargo chimed in. “The concept of humans
living out eternity with their maker is nothing more than a human invented fable, a yarn told down throughout the ages to give them a
feeling of comfort.” Dargo told Jackson in an angry tone that was so comparable to his darker and more misgiving feelings for the
heavenly host.

“Wait a minute here, Heaven is real but there is no afterlife within it?”

“That is precisely what I am saying!” Dargo replied still with malice in his voice.

“But that makes no sense Dargo?” Jackson said looking over at the creature before him before turning his saddened attention to Dax still
holding her child. “There is a Heaven but we just die and that’s it?”

“Yes Doctor Jackson, I am sorry to offend your belief in this matter be what they are, but yes, the creators of all that is only did so to feed
their own egos.” Dax said looking up from her seated position with the child still within her arms. “What your kind call God is in truth a race
of people from another plane of reality who built worlds only to lay conquest to them later. They use such worlds as a training ground for
their own entertainment.  What organisms will prevail and what will go extinct and vanish into a dark oblivion. The human race is but one
such test subject that this powerful god like race created to see if you were worthy of existence. We the Kia were one such race long ago
before the human time but we were in their eyes a failed experiment” Dax told him as he drew closer to her.

“I…..I don’t understand.”

“Once they saw that we were not as they wanted….much in the same way other human species such as the Neanderthals and among
other human subspecies were removed from existence. In the end they left only your kind spliced from the genes of other sub-humans to
create your race….your people. Much as with humans, there was once other Kia races upon this world before Masters of the Heaves
tried to exterminate our kind too leaving only mankind as the only fully intelligent race to walk the Earth. This was until one of their own
kind, the one you call the Devil, rose up in defiance and was cast out of their realm.  As we told you before Doctor Jackson, it was he who
took what was left of the Kia and the other fallen angels as you call them and united us into their fold and rebuilt our people and made us
whole again. Your people call us demons… a malevolent word to describe our kind to force a wickedness and evil intent.  It was
something that the Masters of the Sky Kingdom drove into your heads long ago, however in the truth it was only them pulling the strings of
your human misery upon what is the Earth…..the true Hell.

                                                                                           Chapter 3

“Do you see this Doctor?” the attending physician said to More who stood beside him as they looked over the newly exposed x-ray.

“His bones….his bones seem to be hollow like that of a bird.” More said bringing her face in to have a better look. “That just can’t be…..
can it?” she asked the colleague.

“Well it would explain a lot.” he replied as she turned to look his way. “Think about it, for a man to be able to fly and with those wings on
his back, I have no doubt that he can fly, it would make sense to have hollow bones to cut down on the weight just like in birds.” her
collaborator said as the two looked over the creature’s x-ray with the jovial delight of two children on Christmas morning. “You can see
that the wing structure is built right into his back shoulder blades with a great deal of muscle to give the wings the power they would need
to lift him into the air and maintain powered flight.”

“My God Doctor, we do have an angel here……I want him put into a MRI right away, I want to know how else this thing differs from us.”

“Right away Doctor More.”

As the strange creature was loaded into the MRI machine, the two doctors scanned the read outs. “Doctor More do you see this?”

“Yes…..yes I do, the muscle mass in his back is unbelievable.” she said as the creatures internal organs, and muscles became clear on
the readout screen before them. “His bones are indeed hollow but the muscle mass in his limbs, chest and back must give him additional
strength unlike anyone we have ever seen before.”

“So you want to call it then?”

“What that we have here is an angel?” More asked looking into his eyes.

“Well what the hell else can it be?” he said looking back at the screen.

“So okay, it’s an angel… now what the hell do we do with it?” she said as the creatures scans came to an end as the body rolled out
of the tube of the machine upon the belt.

“We have to study it…..we have the greatest opportunity like ever here Doctor More, we discovered an actual angel. That means all the
stories are true…..everything we have ever been told is indeed true.” the resident doctor said with the glee of a boy with a new toy.

“Still and I agree this thing…..must be for a lack of a better word an angel…..but it’s nothing like what I was told in Sunday school.” More
said looking over the creature as it was brought out of the machine.

“How so?”

“Well for starters Doctor, I never thought of these heavenly beings as being draped in armor and baring weapons.” she said shaking her

“Maybe he’s from some warrior class of angel.” her partner said with a smile.

“Maybe so…..but who or what was he here for and who or what was he here to fight?”

                                                                                           Chapter 4

“Dax, you make it sound like the human race is nothing more than some kind of science project.” Jackson said with a grin.

“Indeed you are more or less a science project Doctor Jackson. The being you call God…the creators used the DNA of their failed
experiments of their lesser human species to compose what they thought would be the supreme primate…..Homo Sapiens.”

“Then God is………what?”

“They are a race of intra-dimensional beings who seek new worlds and seed them with life.” Dax told him just as Dargo join in.

“What, you thought that Heaven was truly floating over the Earth in the clouds somewhere human?” Dargo said with a bellowing laugh.

“Well……no I guess.” Jackson started to say. “I guess by now a 747 would have flown into it by now.” he said smiling.

“That’s because it exists within a different plane of the Earth’s existence, only the creators and their kind can cross over into our world.”
Dax said just as Dargo added.

“Yes and now one of these creatures has crossed over and is hunting us at this moment.” Dargo said in a low bellowing tone that brought
a shiver to the man standing before him. “This creature will not stop until his orders are complete and Dax, I and our child are murdered in
the name of your Heavenly hosts.”

                                                                                            Chapter 5

“I want no one in that room, you understand me?” called Doctor More as she closed the door to the room where she and her associate
placed the body of the strange figure. “We need more time to study this subject and I don’t want the body to be disturbed in any way.
“More told the attending nurses as she slipped off to the hospital chapel for a moment alone.

Upon her entry and alone with her thoughts, the thirty five year old woman took a seat in the back of the church. Closing her eyes, her
once strict Catholic up bringing soon flooded her mind with mental beatings of Church and prayer that her overly obsessive mother
drummed into her as a little girl. Looking up, she closed her eyes in wonder of the being that lay just two floors away. Was he indeed the
very thing she and her co-worker thought or was this creature something else altogether. The creature seemed to be what it looked like
but it was just a matter of her old Sunday school and home up-bringing faith that would make it real.

With her eyes still shut, Doctor Christina More called upon her god to give her a sign if this bring was truly an real angel sent by Heaven….
and if so, why now and why was this heavenly creature so well armed as though it was about to engage in a great battle. While she sat
alone, two floors away a young and inquisitive nurse was about to sneak a peek at Doctor’s More and Cage’s new discovery.  She heard
about the strange man brought in and in her compulsiveness, entered the room where he was still laying upon a stretcher. With just a light
white sheet covering him she walked over and gazed over the humanoid body before her.

With her right hand, she yanked the sheet away from his head revealing his golden skin adorning his male facial features. “What the hell
are you dude?” she asked out loud as she reached out to touch the creature skin. Upon her touch, she quickly pulled her hand away as
the golden membrane of his skin tingled over her fingers. She was about to touch him again when suddenly she felt a great deal of pain
within her forearm as the unknown creature grasped  her wrist crushing the bones within his right hand.

Her screams muffled by her pain, she soon was lifted into the air by her arm as the two bones within her forearm snapped in would as the
girl screamed in ghastly pain. Just then Doctor Cage walked in and saw the struggle and called for help. Tossing the girl like a doll, the
angel stood from the rolling bed from where he lay and attempted to combat the aging Doctor.

With a grasp upon the sixty year old man’s throat, he lifted the man high into the air and with one little tug of his wrist, snapped the doctor’
s neck before dropping him to the floor. Stepping out into the hallway, the creature tried to figure where he was, but as people came up to
him seeing what was going on before he turned on them too. Killing two more before Doctor More was just stepping out of the elevator as
she caught sight of the fray that was taking place.

“Please…..let us help you!” she called out as the golden being looked her way before launching himself her way into the air and snatching
her as he carried the woman until he saw what he thought was an open out way. With a crash, the two blasted out a large glass window
as little shards of crystal splinter fragments engrave into both their skins.

The shock of the sudden impact upon what he thought was an open air window forced the creature to lose his forward momentum and as
he still held onto her, they fell to the street below two stories down.

Nearly unconscious from the fall, Doctor More felt the golden man again take her into his arms and with a powerful burst of wind behind
them, the two took flight into the night sky.

                                                                                           End of Episode 2

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