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                                                                                               Chapter 1

As he sharpened his blade upon the foot pumped spinning grinding stone, he marveled at how sharp and beautifully edged the rotating
stone made his best bladed weapons. The shine gleaming off the golden blade sparkled in the room’s candle light just as someone
appeared at the entrance of his abode.

“Yes, what is it?” he said tucking one of his swords into their sheath while he started to sharpen his other golden blade.

“Sorry to disturb you my lord on this evening, but the Commander has ordered your presence in his chambers.” the figure in the doorway
muttered as he fearfully watched on as the specialized warrior grinded his golden weapon to razor sharp.

“Tell the Commander I will see him when I am ready.” the soldier stated never glancing away from his task.

“I will inform the Commander.” the figure in the chamber entranceway replied before leaving the warrior alone to finish his work.

Soon the powerfully built warrior reached for his armor and placed the golden breast plate over his abs and pecks and strapped the
protective body shielding tightly before turning to gaze upon himself in the looking glass mounted on the wall with an admiring eye. He
then slipped over both his wrists his steel golden gauntlets as he continued stare upon his image looking back at him within the looking

He felt strong like nothing in all the heavens could harm him as he stepped away from his own reflection and stepped into his sleeping
chambers. “I must take my leave of you.” he called to the young lovely laying within his sleeping cradle. “Please show yourself out in my
departure when you wake.”

“Where…..where are you going?” the young divine blonde creature asked as she opened her eyes.

“I have been summoned by the Commander.  That is all you need to know. Again show yourself out of my sleeping chambers when you
fully awaken.”


After departing from his chambers, the stone hearted warrior made his way to the other end of the palace until he reached the gates to
the throne room.

“Where do you go?” asked one of the two armed guards standing before the throne room’s entrance way.

“I am Azure. I am here to see the Commander.”

“Have you been requested by the Master Commander?”

“I was.” the gate’s man asked just as the heavy golden door behind him opened and an aging figure came into view.

“This is Azure, the Master Commander has ordered his visit.” the white robed figure said as the warrior past the two sentry and entered
the Master’s throne room chamber.

After a short walk through a dimly lit passageway, the tunnel opened to a grand, highly lit, high arched room with golden fixtures all
around. Stone marble figures adorned the walkway that led to the throne about fifty yards from where Azure first entered the grand ball
room of their highest leader.

It was there he could see the Master Commander seated upon his golden throne as two sentries stood at each side of him. Following the
older figure down the path, Azure looked upon the stone figures of warriors and gods of the past as he made his way to the throne that
was seated high atop a staircase of no less than ten steps in all.

Once he reached the steps, he stopped as the figure that ushered him in slowly turned a stepped away. His eyes took in the image that of
being very much like himself draped in a highly reflective golden cloak as the seated figure learned down upon him.

“Yes my Lord, you have called for me?” said the well armed warrior draped in pure gold armor with his  golden swords upon both his left
and right hips as he knelt down on one knee before his ruler.

“Yes Azure, I have a mission for you on Earth.”

“Yes my Lord, state the operation.” the feathered winged creature asked of his supreme emperor.

“A Kia child has just been born upon the Earth and within a human city.”

“Surely not My Lord!”

“Indeed, it is true.”

“What shall you wish of me my Commander?”

“Kill the little creature’s parents and bring me the child at once.”

“Yes my Lord……by your command.”

Chapter 2

With growing deep breaths, the man jogging down the park path soon reached the lake where he would on any given night, use as his
marker to turn around and head back the other way and for home two blocks from Central Park West where his two bedroom townhouse

He had just reached the lake and made his turn when something from out of the dark with swift blinding reaction snatched him by the
head launching him high into the air. With utter shock to the action, he tried to fight the grasp of the thing holding him by his head when a
hard sharp pain crackled throughout the neck as his brainstem snapped and his eyes went immediately lifeless.

With powerful thrusts, the man’s killer dragged him high into the night where he was transported high over the New York skyline and into
the lair from where he and his mate made their home within the cross beans of the upper levels of the Chrysler Building.

“I have brought you dinner my Lady.” Dargo said dragging in the spoils of his nightly hunt.

“Fresh I hope……not like the rotting one you found the other night.” Dax replied as she laid her offspring down into his make-shift bedding.

“Yeah well, it has become most challenging to find prey since most people are no longer using the wooded paths as their source of
enjoyment as of late.”

“Well you have over hunted the human wooded area My Love.”

“Maybe so Dax, but you and the child need fresh food daily until your strength returns to you and he is able to protect himself.”

“Dargo, the baby will be under our care for many months ahead. As much as you would like him to become a Kia warrior fighting with
weapon in hand….it’s going to take some years before he’s the soldier that you are.”

“Maybe so Dax, but I can at least hope.” he said with a smile as he lay their meal before his mate’s feet.

“You know, Doctor Jackson is not going to like this Dargo.” she said taking the body into his grasp. “He did tell us to stop hunting for our
food.” she added just as she dug her sharp claws into the man’s throat before with one hard rip tore off his head with one pull.

“Maybe so, but you my dear are getting stronger with each meal, I need you strong and back to fighting pose if we are to live in his new
world of the humans.”

“Yes Dargo, but we can’t risk ourselves being hunted by the humans for our feeding needs.” she said taking the severed head into his
hands and biting down into the open wound to slurp into her month the man’s red rich blood. “Hey, it’s still warm just the way I like it.”

“Good I tried to get him here as fast as I could. I know you like your food still warm.” Dargo said as he scooped a hand full of blood from
the open neck stump.

“Oh you do love me Dargo, don’t you….you always know what makes me happy.”

“Yes…..yes I do my lady, and I would do anything for you and our little child.”

“You are a good father… you want to share the brain with me?” she said cracking open the skull like a coconut shell.

“No, I am good with the torso.  You and the baby have the brain.”

“Oh thank you, My Love.” she said turning over the head and reaching into the open hole she dug her hand into the bone casing until she
reached the goodness of the brain before scooping out a handful and bringing it to her lips.

After she took a mouthful, she returned her hand to the base of the skull and tore out another handful that she gave to the child. The little
fanged creature took the meat from his mother’s fingers as little bits of blood and brain smeared his lips and checks.

“Not much of a graceful feeder is he?” she said with a smile just as the sound of a large thunderclap rocked the building from where they


“Yes, that was powerful indeed.” he said as he stood and looked about. Just then another pounding clap of thunder roared followed by a
blight blazing bolt of lightning that came crashing down from high in the heavens.

The mighty discharge of power seemed to surge all throughout the city as something other than an electric bolt came forth from out of the
sky. The lightning ripping an opening in time and space allowing something to cross over into the human world.

Chapter 3

As the entire sky lit up almost turning night into day, something crossed over within the mighty light with open wings as he tried to gain his
sense of balance as he was projected into the sky in mid air. Weakened by the transport burst, Azure used all his power to maintain flight
as he descended from the cloudiness, rainless sky.

Striking the top of one of the man made mountain tops, his skin burning with the smoldering electrical discharge from his mode of travel.  
He laid screaming in pain until the burning slowly gave way and his sore skin returned to its golden crisp color and his hair no longer
tingled with the power of the rainless lightning storm.

Small beads of water lay over his golden skin as he tried to shake off the effects of his transport. Once fully bound to his new world and
surroundings, Azure walked to the end of the rooftop and gazed over the immense city before him. He knew somewhere within this
human made mountain range, there were two Kia and their offspring that he was to hunt and destroy by orders of his lord.

As one of Heaven’s most skilled assassins, he was rarely deployed to the Earth for a mission and it had been many of years since his
last visit to the little blue planet. With his skin less tingling and his strength once again being restored to full power, he could smell the fowl
stench of the family Kia that now laid a blight upon the human world from once he was order to destroy.

The age old war between his kind and the Kia had raged on for more than a millennium and only once before his commander’s orders
were to visit the Earth, track down and kill a Kia on sight. It had been more than five hundred Earth years since his last deploy there and
the world he then knew changed so in those long years.

The Human populace had grew in not only numbers since his last mission but in scope, intelligence and technology. No longer did they
use horse and buggy to transport themselves nor were they slaves to the supernatural elements around them for science now ruled over
superstition and mankind’s view of his domain was far less malevolent than times past. A view of witches, vampires and other creatures
of myth were now nothing more than figures on the late, late show.

Little did the human world realized that their lost belief in angels and demons was still very much all too real. …And in fact both creatures
now resided within their new world of wide screen TVs, I-pads, jet planes and the like. A new world that was even more foreign to the
assassin angel than the two demons that he was ordered to hunt and kill on sight. Yet like the Kia, he was last ordered to track and
murder for his master the creatures he now hunted knew their new world far better than he.

Chapter 4

“So how is our little angel doing?” Doctor Jackson asked as he looked over the young child of the Kia.

“He is no angel……our son is Kia.” Dargo huffed his disapproval of the very word referring to an angelic child.

“Sorry Dargo, it’s just a human expression.” said their only friend in this new world of theirs.

“He knows Doctor Jackson, Dargo is just being Dargo.” Dax said with a grin as she looked over at her mate.

“Little Alex seems to be putting on good weight.” the good doctor said as he took the two week old Kia child in his arms. “I believe he has
your eyes Dax.” Jackson said looking over at the child’s mother.

“Well thank you Doctor Jackson.  That is kind of you.” Dax replied her ash facial cheeks blushing red.

“Well look at that, he already has a little tooth.” Jackson said as his eyes spotted the child’s one and only little point tooth jetting from his
upper front gum.

“Yes, Kia children grow teeth at a very young age.” Dax told him as Dargo stepped forward.

“My son will be a strong warrior one day like his father.” Dargo said proudly before remembering where they now resided. “He may be the
last Kia warrior born as far as we know, our kind may be gone.”

“Dargo, don’t think like that.  Home is a far off and we do not know if we are the last of our kind or not.” Dax told him trying to ease her
mate’s fears.

For Kia, their sense of community was very strong.  They relied on each other as a whole and the thought of he, Dax and their child being
the last of the Kia hurt the warrior to his very core.

“Oh, I almost forgot to give this to you as I was so excited to see the little one.” Jackson said reaching into his backpack. “I brought you
both some bloody meat I got from a friend of mine who works in a butcher shop. It’s not a lot but it will keep you to from feeling the need
to…….you know from wanting to hunt.” the doctor told them unknowing that Dargo had been going out every night to track and hunt prey
for them. “You have stopped hunting Dargo right?”

“Ah……yes of course Doctor Jackson……would never think about doing that again.” Dargo said as his eyes drifted over to his mate.

“Okay, I have to go. Dargo, please give me a lift out of here.” Jackson asked as the mighty beast took the man into his arms and together
they flew out of the buildings opening and out into the night. Jackson not too happy with the mode of travel was always happy to be back
on the ground as Dargo would then fly off out of human sight. What the doctor didn’t know as he watched the demon fly away was that
Dargo was about to hunt once again for although Jackson brought them food, they still preferred to feed on the blood and flesh of human
kind. But as Dargo took flight to hunt, he himself had no idea that something far worse than he was tracking him.

 Chapter 5

As Dargo scanned the streets of the city for a late night meal for he and his family, he did not see the creature swooping in from above
him. With a powerful thud, Dargo felt something blast into his back forcing him downward as something drove painfully between his
winged arms. With a mighty bellow, Dargo screamed out as again something forced its way into his hide forcing blood from the open
wound. Trying to shake off the invading creature, Dargo caught sight of the being’s white feathered wing tip in its downward flap and
knew that the thing atop him was the thing all Kia feared… angel.

Reaching back, he took the creature by the throat trying to dig his claws into the thing’s tender flesh as he took one more skin piercing
blow from the angel’s golden blade dagger. After slashing the creature’s throat, the angel released his grip on Dargo allowing the demon
to fly free as the assassin flapped his powerful bird like wings and moved off giving Dargo time to turn and engage the angel straight on.

Slashing at the golden breast plate, Dargo tried to rip off the creature’s protective casing, but the assassin angel used his dagger to fend
off the Kia for the moment. But again with a powerful burst from his wings, Dargo lunged at his enemy with all of hells fury behind his force
and slammed into the creature again working on removing the angel’s body armor. A deep gash clawed across the shining metal leaving
four distinct rips in the golden plating.

Trying to withdraw his swords from his hip sheaths, Azure wanted to cut the demons head off with one X swinging move, but Dargo being
wise to the angel’s fighting tricks backed off in time as the fight over the city raged on. With no other weapon other than his hand claws
and horns, Dargo roared a mighty bellow before charging the angel creature once again. Just upon contact, he drew in his wing spread
so not to have them wounded upon the engagement. Slashing the angel again until the creature lost one of his swords in the mid flight
battle over New York City, Dargo took command of the fight and again seized the angelic creature by the throat in an attempt to tear out
his throat for a fast kill.

But again the angel pulled away leaving Dargo bleeding from his back as the angel backed off before raising his sword and made one
last charge upon the demon. Wielding his blade like the skilled swordsman that he was, he managed to slash Dargo across the gut
spilling blood as the mighty demons bellowed with pain.

With a powerful burst from his 15 food wingspan, Dargo with a defiling roar jetted away in an attempt to flee. For a warrior of Dargo
status, running was an insult to his being, but with a newborn child at him, he knew that he had to survive this battle to warn his mate that
the heavens had sent an assassin to murder he and her and maybe even their only child.

With the angel in pursuit, Dargo flew as fast as he could but the lighter winged angel was always just an arm reach away. Darting down
between the buildings, the demon tried to shake off the closing angel. Flying as close to the windows Dargo hoped not knowing the city
as he that the killer cherub would with luck hit a wall and fall to his death. As Dargo’s bat like wings started to tire, the heavenly hired
assassin closed in the gap between them until Dargo made a desperate dive toward the street.

As he dove, he spotted a string of power lines crossing the streets intersection. With a bold move he flew for the lines thinking that
maybe…..just maybe the assassin would tangle himself within the wires. To Dargo’s delight, he turned back and saw that the creature
indeed entangled within the power lines as a burst of energy blasted throughout the angel’s muscles as the creature fell to the street
below given Dargo time to flee and return to his lair.

Chapter 6

As the shocking jolt burned through his body, the angelic hit man lost control of his command of his power of flight and fell to the street
below. Quivering from his ordeal, the creature shuddered in place as his golden skin light up with flickering sparkles. Screaming in pain,
the scene was observed by people driving through the intersection who saw the humanoid feathery winged creature flopping upon the
ground in anguish.

As one man approached, the flailing beast lashed out with his sword impaling the poor soul as it tried to regain his footing. Too weak
from his shock, the angel fell to the ground leaving his blade still within the belly of the man as he too fell upon the street’s pavement
bleeding out.

As a small group surrounded the creature keeping back for they saw what it did to the one man, each one trying to figure out what the
thing was before them. Again the creature tried to lash out to defend itself but soon his wounds over took him and the angel lost his way
and fell again unable to move.


Unsure of the fate of the assassin, Dargo returned to his roost where he found Dax still feeding their little one.

“Dax, we must leave this city straight away!” cried Dargo out of breath and gasping for air.

“What is the matter?” Dax questioned seeing the fear in her mate’s eyes, something she rarely saw.

“Heaven has sent to Earth one of its assassin angels to hunt and kill us. We must leave now before he tracks us down and murders us
and our child.”

End of Episode 1

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