Graveyard Cinema

                                       By Dark Soul

3 Gravestones

      Okay, so with the title of Monsters, one would think that …..well the movie will have at some point…..
you know monsters!  Well I had my hopes set a little too high I guess.

      Monsters has monsters but little (far too little) and far between.  Hell the movie is only 90 minute and it’
s a good 50 before you even see a hint of a creature……and that’s hardly touched on.  Monsters tells the
story of a NASA probe that some years ago crashed in Mexico that somehow brought back a lifeform that
grow to giant size land walking octopus-like things that are now roaming the land.  The creatures are
confined to an area called The Infected Zone within the Mexican  border where the U.S. and Mexican army
battle the beasts (but we don’t see that) but rather the movie follows American Photojournalist Andrew
Kaulder who is asked by his magazines boss to help get his 20 something daughter Samantha out Mexico.

      Together they make their way to the edge of where this Infected Zone is where they plan to take a ferry
boat around the zone that will take them to the states.  However in a dumb ass move the night before their
trip, he gets drunk, picks up a girl, and gets robbed losing all their money, ferry tickets and passports.  
With no other choice, they must take a little shit boat straight through the Infected Zone with all the
monsters when Samantha sells her engagement ring.

      Along the way they meet up with some armed Mexicans who say they will help them make it through
the zone until the Monsters attack (we see little of this) and they are on their own again.  And this attack
doesn’t happen until more than halfway through the movie.  They make it to the giant wall that separates
the U.S. from Mexico to keep the Monsters out……(Maybe Trump was right all along) but before they can
be picked up by the army and lead to safety, two giant octopus creatures show up as they wait in an
abandoned gas station.  Nothing really happens and the Monsters just leave then the army shows up the

      Okay so despite the lack of monster action that one would come to expect from a …….well you know
a  monster movie…somehow the film is entertaining as the two lead characters do play off each other very
well and keep the viewer hooked on the journey back home through a danger zone.  They are both likable
and you almost feel that you’re on this trip with them and worry about them as they enter the monster zone.  
But once inside the zone, if you expect the shit to hit the fan….well, it’s not as this is much more of a story
of two people trying to get home through a perilous area than fighting off deadly monsters.

Pet Sematary

4 Gravestones   

      In this 2019 remake of the 1989 film based on the Stephen King novel, it tells the story of a young
family moving to a new house in Maine (and you know nothing good happens to anyone in Maine in a King
story) where soon after settling in things go bad.

      Like in the book and previous film, the family cat is killed on the highly traveled and dangerous road
right outside the house soon after moving in.  The old man who lives nearby tells the father about an old
unknown place deep in the woods where when things are laid to rest they can come back.  Fearing that his
little girl would be crushed by the loss of the feline, he follows the old man to the place and places the cat in
the ground only to discover that the little creature did indeed come back from the dead.  However, the
beast is not the same friendly family cat that everyone knew but an evil nasty creature of the undead and
soon the father knows he must get rid of the creature before someone in the family gets hurt.

      Telling the girl that her cat simply ran away to avoid telling her that he drove the beast far and away
and just dumped the cat off thinking it to be seen nevermore.  However, on the girl’s birthday and during
her own birthday party she sees the cat walking on the road and goes to get it.  At the same time, her little
brother is running into the road (yeah great family supervision here) and as a high-speed truck comes
flying down the road, dear old dad sees that his son is standing in the middle of the road.

      The driver sees the boy and locks up the brakes jackknifing the rig just as the boy’s father pulls him
from danger only to discover moments later that it was his little girl who now is in the path of the now
flipped over tanker sliding right at her.  In the father's grief, he takes the girl’s body to the secret burial site
and places her in the ground.  Not long after she rises and like her cat comes back evil and soon starts to

      This movie although still following the same plot as the 1989 film and novel cleverly differs from the by
having the daughter die and come back as the zombie child instead of the younger boy.  The child actress
playing the daughter is …..when alive sweet, loving, and makes the viewer sympathetic for her at the loss
of her pet.  But when in zombie mode she is scary as all hell and truly brings a sense of terror as she starts
hurting people.

      This is a very disturbing movie for you truly feel for the parents when their daughter is killed and on her
own birthday.  On a day of happiness turn sorrow and to what lengths a grieving father would go to, to have
his child back again.
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