Graveyard Cinema

                                     By Dark Soul

4 Gravestones

    Just looking at the trailers gave me the creeps but had me wanting to see more.  This was a movie that
had all the marks of a good horror movie where you were on the edge of your seat the whole time
wondering what was going to happen next.  It had enough scares and blood to satisfy any fan of the horror
movie genre.
    The move starts by showing a precursor of an event that happened in young Addy’s life at a carnival at
Santa Cruz when she wandered off that forever scarred her.  Flash forward to the present, Addy is now
married with two kids and always has an edge to her and extremely over protective.  The family goes on a
vacation to meet with some friends and that is when the fun starts.  The first night, Addy and her family are
stalked by a group of dopplegangers dressed in red that are intent on terrorizing them.  Now the family is
running for their lives while finding out the sinister events that are unfolding all around them.
    This is Jordan Peele’s second movie which he directed, which came after Get Out!, another horror
movie.  Considering before these movies, he was mainly in comedy, he has done a great job in the horror
genre.  The movie stars Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave, Black Panther, Little Monsters), Winston Duke
(Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame) and Elizabeth Moss (The Kitchen, The Invisible
Man).  They all do a great job adding to the tension and are in the movie a great deal.  The movie has a
creep factor that reminds me of The Strangers and The Purge.  
    Us is definitely a movie to see for the slow burn leading to an exciting middle and eventually comes to
an ending that ties is up perfectly.


2 Gravestones

    I never had any interest in seeing this movie in the theaters because it looked like a bad Syfy movie.  
But with a little extra time on my hands, I decided to give it a shot.  While it wasn’t as bad as I thought, it
wasn’t that great either.  On the plus side, they gave a new monster that you don’t see that often.  On the
minus side, the story was weak and given the subject matter, it was unbelievable.
    The story goes Haley (Kaya Scodelario, The Maze Runner series) is asked by her sister to check on
their father, Dave (Barry Pepper, 61*, Battlefield Earth) since neither of them could get a hold of him.  
What makes this urgent is a hurricane is hitting and they want to make sure he is safe.  As she arrives at
his house, he is not there but Haley figures he is at the family house.  As she gets there, the hurricane is
hitting full force and time is short.  After searching around, she finds him in the crawlspace under the house
injured and unconscious.  
    As Haley tries to pull him out, she is attacked by an alligator and now the fun begins. As she tries to get
her father out, she has to outwit multiple alligators all while trying to survive the effects of the hurricane.  
Even as she gets above ground, the danger increases to the point of hopelessness.  Will she and her
father survive or will the alligators get their free meal.
    Crawl had a good background story filled with the usual family strife to get the movie started.  But it didn’
t do a good enough job with the alligators being the monster.  You knew what it was going to be but they
kept the alligators normal and didn’t put enough suspense with them, though the attacks were pretty good.  
One of the things I really didn’t like is the main characters suffered major injuries but somehow was still
able to operate and move around.  Besides that, it is good to see a different creature used for the monster
which is rumored to happen in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.  If you have run out of items to
watch, then check this movie out.

Train to Busan        

4 Gravestones

    I heard about this movie through Netflix and was very intrigued.  The only problem is that this South
Korean film had subtitles and I’m not a big fan for reading and watching a movie.  But I was pleasantly
surprised and think this is one of the best zombie flicks I have seen.  The action, music score and the
zombies themselves all make this a great movie that is over before you know it.  
    The movie starts with Seok-woo, a father who is a workaholic who is having marriage issues.  He has
his daughter Su-an visiting but hasn’t spent much time with her, even missing her recital, so she wants to
go back to her mother.  So he agrees to take her back by train to Busan.  Just before the train leaves, a
young woman jumps on and collapses after what looks like an infection.  
    Soon after the train takes off, the young woman changes into a zombie and attacked an attendant. After
the attack, the attendant is changed and the attacks begin on the train.  Soon car by car, riders are
attacked and changes anyone in their path.  Seok-woo and Su-an run and joins the survivors to figure out
what happened and try to stay alive and get off the train for help.
    This movie is non-stop from the moment the characters get on the train until the last minutes of the
movie.  The zombies are fast and reminds me of the type they have in World Ware Z, just looking to feed
and spread the infection.  They are also have very jerk and unnatural movements which make them all the
more scary.  The storyline is simple and yet complex with the relationships between the character.  As I
mentioned before, movies with subtitles aren’t my thing but I hardly noticed them as the action moved
quickly.  If you are into zombie and survival movies, this is definitely worth checking out.

Escape Room        

3 Gravestones

      I didn’t have a lot of good hope for this movie.  It was a PG-13 horror movie so I thought, ‘How scary
could this be’ or ‘How much gore will they have in it.’  While it didn’t have a lot of horror gore or typical
scares, it was definitely thrilling and entertaining.
      The story is about six strangers getting a special invitation to an escape room where the winner would
win $10,000.  They all arrive at this building in the waiting room before it starts.  Before they can get
started, they realize the game has already begun and little do they realize, it is not all fun and games.  It
becomes a struggle between life or death as they look for clues to solve the room only to go onto another
room.  Who will survive to collect their winnings or live to tell the tale?
      The plot is pretty simple but some of the plot points are inventive and satisfying.  It is a mix of Saw and
Cube with a PG rating.  The movie has a cast of Logan Miller (Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse),
Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood, Daredevil) and Taylor Russell (Falling Skies, Lost In Space).  The
character are interesting as they confront the dangers and keep you invested in the plot.  The diversity of
the rooms the character travel to and from are inventive and keep the horror alive.  If you looking for an
easy movie to watch without much thinking, check this out.
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