Graveyard Cinema

                                       By Dark Soul
Doctor Sleep

3 Gravestones

     This is a long awaited sequel to the hit movie The Shining.  Many people had their doubts about this
sequel since The Shining is a favorite amongst horror fans and didn’t want to be touched.  Stephen King
wrote the book in 2013, which was 36 years after the novel The Shining.  Doctor Sleep the movie came 39
years after the Shining movie.  So after that much time would fans come to see this sequel?  Yes and it
was a good movie that held its own and was a great homage to the Shining.
     The movie stars Ewan McGregor (Christopher Robinson, The Star War prequels, Moulin Rouge) who
departs his usual roles to take part in this horror film along with Rebecca Ferguson (Men in Black
International, The Snowman, Life), Cliff Curtis (The Meg, Fear The Walking Dead, Colombiana) and
newcomer Kyleigh Curran who does great holding her own with the veterans she is acting with.
     It picks up after the events of The Shining with Danny Torrnace and fills in a few spots before coming to
the present where Danny is grown up wanting to forget with alcohol and drugs.  Realizing he can’t do this
no more, he moves to a small town and starts a new life and gets clean thanks to Billy Freeman, a man he
meets when first arriving in town.  But his gift soon comes back and thanks to being sober, he uses his gift
to help people at a hospice.   
     A young girl named Abra, having similar powers to Dan, warns Dan about a group led by Rose are
taking people who are like them but he doesn’t want to get involved.  Abra comes to visit him and he still
denies her.  Then Dan is visited psychically by an old friend Dick Hallorann who tells him she is in danger
and Dan must help her.  Dan agrees and along with his friend Billy, goes on a journey to save Abra and
stop Rose from doing this to any other people.
     This movie starts out a little slow but picks up at the halfway point to a pretty cool ending.  There are
plenty of nods to the events of the Shining and even though they couldn’t get the original actors, they did a
good job filling in new actors.  One of the best scenes in the movie where Dan comes to terms with his
past.  As far as scariness, it can’t compete with The Shining, it has a few tense scenes.  This is a must
movie to see if you enjoy the Shining and always wondered what happen afterward.

Zombieland: Double Tap

4 Gravestones

     When I first heard of this sequel, I couldn’t wait to see it.  I enjoyed the first one a lot and looked forward
to seeing how they would continue the story. I was not disappointed!  While the story, like the first one, is
light on storyline, it is a fun watch without thinking with a couple of great bits throughout the movie.
     The story continues ten years after the first movie where the four main character; Tallahassee,
Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock continue to survive the zombie apocalypse in no other but the White
House.  The main arc of the story is that Little Rock feels that Tallahassee is treating her like a child and
being tired of it, leaves with Wichita.  While on the road Little Rock eventually meets with a pacifist and
goes off on their own to Graceland, leaving Wichita alone.  Wichita goes back to the White House where
Tallahassee and Columbus are and then they are all in search for Little Rock.  Along the way, they meet up
with new characters provide interesting adventures.
     The main case returns to play their parts; Woody Harrelson (Tallahasse), Jesse Eisenberg
(Columbus), Emma Stone (Wichita) and Abigail Breslin (Little Rock).  They are joined by Rosario
Dawson, Zoey Deutch and Luke Wilson as varies supporting characters who have some hilarious scenes.  
The movie adds little touches to upgrade the storyline, just enough to put some great action and comedy.  
And whether you see in the theatre or on demand, make sure to see the end credit scene that has some
surprise steps.
     If you saw Zombieland, you should definitely see this sequel.  While it tends to get a little sappy, they
have plenty of comedy, action and some unexpected scenes.


4 Gravestones

     While at first glance, you are probably thinking, why is this here?  The Joker is part of the superhero
genre.  But you would be wrong.  This is a look at what can easily happen when things work totally against
you and you are not in your right mind.  This movie puts a realistic view on how people turn bad and rebel
against a system intent on making the little pay with their soul.
     You first meet Arthur Fleck, struggling comic who is an outside who has some mental issues.  He
works as an ad man dressed as a clown and doesn’t have any luck.  He lives in Gotham City with his
mother and doesn’t have many friends.  After getting assaulted on the job, a fellow clown gives him a gun
for protection.  Unfortunately the gun falls out while on a job at a children’s hospital ward.  He then gets
fired and on the way home shoots three men bothering a woman passenger.
     Arthur gets away with it and sees it becomes newsworthy with people protesting and approving of it.  
After bombing at the comedy set, he is mocked on a late night talk show.  And worst of all, his mental
health appointments are cancelled and he has no medication.  Slowly Arthur begins to unravel as life
continues to kick him until he fights back and takes control.  Then before your eyes the persona of Joker
arises and brings on terrifying results.
     It is not what you expect but it is a horrifying look at how easily a troubled person can be pushed into
becoming a menaced to society.  Joaquin Phoenix starring at Arthur Fleck/Joker with supporting actor in
Robert DeNiro, Zazie Beetz and Frances Conroy.  Phoenix does a great job showing the slow decay of a
person headed toward the dark side.  Getting fully into the part, Phoenix lost 52 pounds to give the
character a gaunt and maddening look.  It also affected the way he moved to give a more disturbing aura
about his character.
     This is definitely a must watch and while it is slow at times, it keeps you on edge waiting to see where
the story goes next.  Like I said before, it is not a comic book movie, it makes references to that world.  
Make time to see this movie.
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