Graveyard Cinema

                                             By Dark Soul
Gods of Prediction

4 Gravestones

Written and directed by Alberto Martinez, this indie feature film tells the story of a little girl who is caught in
a battle between her mother and father who are divorced, leaving the child lost their wake. When a
monster starts calling to her, things start to get crazy and people start to die as the creature rips people
apart for her. Based on a short story by Bucky Long, the film plays out near the end as two creatures, one
good and the other evil, battle for the soul of the child in a Godzilla-style battle. The creatures themselves
look great as the good beast, a bird-like creature, kind of reminded me of the underworld bird monsters in
the 70s movie "At the Earth’s Core." The other, sort of were wolfish like with big nasty teeth and claws.

The acting in the film is sharp as is the direction and for a low budget indie movie, it was shot like a pro-
Hollywood from shot with millions more than it really was. This horror movie played the Blood Moon
Rising's Creepy, Freaky Film Fest on October 20th and we were so happy to have screened this movie as
part of our event.

Cult of Chucky

4 Gravestones

Picking up a few years after the events of Curse of Chucky, we see the killer doll still murdering people
and having a good time doing it.  Once again (like anyone else could play him), Brad Dourif is the voice of
Chucky as he now hunts in the mental hospital where his last victim, Nica Pierce, has been ever since
being framed by the doll for murder. This is like all Chucky movies, a wild ride and as always fun to see the
little guy take out so many people. But this movie, Chucky is not alone.......there are other Chucky toys
joining him as though one is not bad enough.

Along with all-time Childs Play star Brad Dourif is Tiffany herself, Jennifer Tilly in her human form and get
this.....little Andy Barclay all grown up and still facing his demons of the killer toy he once had. This is a
must film for any fan of the Chucky films and as one myself, although my pick for best Chucky movie  is
Bride of Chucky, this one is fun, full of bloody killings and overall good Chucky humor.

Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell

4 Gravestones

A Cold Day in Hell is the 6th installment in the Tremors franchise and like all the others, it’s a fun little ride
of monster terror that we all have come to know and love about this series. Even after twenty eight years,
we are still taken with the Graboid, the main creature in the series, as well as its long time star actor
Michael Gross as Burt Gummer, who is as much part of this film series and the short lived TV show as the
monsters themselves. Hell, let's face it....without Michael Gross hunting Graboids, you have no movie.

This time out, Burt is called into action once again when Graboids turn up in the most northern part of
Canada and do what they people. While on the hunt, Burt discovers that he is working with
Valerie McKee, the daughter of Valentine McKee and Rhonda LeBeck from the 1990 original film, who is
now thanks to her parents, something of a Graboid expert. This is a fun little movie and it’s good to see
Gross and the monsters once again fighting it out. I thought the adding the grown child of Valentine and
Rhonda was a nice touch and tips the hat to the film that started it all.  This new film uses a great deal of
CGI to bring the creatures to life but they look great and look and act like the creatures we so know and
love. There is already talk about a 7th film in the series and I hope to see it when it comes out on DVD.
Hey, you gotta love this stuff!  

You Might Be The Killer

4 Gravestones

This horror comedy although funny, it holds true on the blood and gore of any good horror movie. When a
camp counselor Sam finds and puts on a wooden mask carved from a possessed tree, he goes on a
killing spree. However at first, he doesn't know that he is the killer and calls his friend Chuck, played by
Buffy star Alyson Hannigan while she's at work in a comic book store. He tells her that a masked killer took
out the others and that he is the last one left. Soon after talking with Chuck, he discovers that he indeed is
the killer.

Much of the story is told through flashbacks of the kids before their killings and how and when Sam
discovers the mask that will turn him into a Jason like killer. Yes, this movie has its funny moments, but at
its core, it’s very much a horror movie with the twist that you know who the masked killer is at the start of
the film as the story works its way backwards. The fact that this is part comedy means nothing when it
comes to the death of the cast members as they are slashed up in countless ways as the blood flows as
well as any Friday the 13th movie. Don't be fooled by the movie’s title, this is a horror fest with a few
giggles along the way.
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