Graveyard Cinema

                                                 By Dark Soul
Godzilla X: The Kaiju Killer

3 Gravestones

Here we have a fan-made indie film featuring the big G in a wild and crazy ride. The story starts with alien
starfighter pilots engaged in battle when they both crash land on Earth. With their ships wrecked, they
continue their fight with laser guns and somewhere along the way of bad acting and rubber and tin foil
costuming, Godzilla shows up to battle another giant creature.  It almost feels like two different films
between the two and nothing really matches up all the well. The alien warrior thing may have worked better
without having it be forced to be a Godzilla film.

As for the big guy himself. he looks shockingly good played by both an actor in a Godzilla suit and what
looked like a rubber toy at times for real wide shots. Maybe I'm wrong but it’s just the way it came across.
The Godzilla action is good as are the alien battles and the overall film tries to be better than it is. Being a
fan film, there is a very low budget but the filmmakers do their best to make an entertaining movie that runs
about 50 minutes, just making it longer than a short film and less than a feature film. Still it's an interesting
little movie if you're looking for something a little out of the box. You can find this film on You Tube.    

Legion of the Dead

3 Gravestones

Stupidity and wacky buddy high jinks follow this movie with a Bill and Ted like heroes (if you can call them
that) who end up doing battle with The Devil.  Along the way, they and others find themselves trapped in a
restaurant where they are under siege by the evil one and his demons.

With lots of action over rock music and blood and guts, this is a fun, crazy little movie you will soon not
forget......even if you want too. This here is a good example of a film that could have been way better had it
taken itself a little more serious. But it seems to go the other way and force itself to be a crazy movie with
little story, way bad overacting and not sure what direction it wanted to go. Had it stayed with a straight up
horror film it could have worked but by adding the silly Bill and Ted stuff that was done really badly it made
what could have been an okay horror movie into something you just watch and say "What the fuck."
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