Graveyard Cinema

                                                                    By Dark Soul
Underworld: Blood Wars

4 Gravestones

Fifth film in the Underworld saga, this new movie once again stars the lovely Kate Beckinsale as the
vampire warrior Selene. The movie opens with both vampire and Lycans (werewolves), if you’re not
familiar with the series, are out for Selene’s head. When the main coven of vampires discover that to
survive the war with the Lycans that they need the fighting skills of Selene to beat the hairy monsters. As
with previous films in the series, Selene is sold out by her own kind once again and with the aid of a
vampire named David who Selene met in the preceding movie, the two must face the war head on and
battle both armies.

If you are a fan of the Underworld series, you will enjoy this new movie. It fits well in the series and it draws
a lot from the past movies in way of flash backs and story. Kate as Selene is once again beautiful in the
black leather and long trench coat as she fights both races of creatures. Although she still looks great and
although Kate plays an immortal vampire being after 14 years since the first Underworld in 2003, Kate’s
starting to show a little age. But she still looks damn good in the leather as one of the best female action
hero’s standing alongside Buffy, Xena and Alice from Resident Evil.   

Krampus: Unleashed

4 Gravestones  

This new movie featuring the Christmas demon takes the creature in a much more serial killer approach
as he cuts down people one by one like a Jason Voohees or Michael Myers. Although the story takes
place on Christmas Eve, the Krampus of this movie has little to do with the child punisher of myth. However
now, the Krampus in this movie is very much the classic Krampus in looks, cruelness and horns.

Written and directed by Robert Conway, the man who brought us 2015’s Krampus: The Reckoning. This
time out, like his last Krampus feature where the creature was played by a CGI beast, this movie Conway
went with it old school with a man in a monster suit. This is very much an indie movie with all the charms
and pitfalls that come with a low budget movie. However the blood gore is pretty good and although it didn’
t follow the Krampus myth to the tee, it was an entertaining film to enjoy if you are a Krampus fan.   


5 gravestones

This movie is Rob Zombie’s latest horror movie and I have to say, I think his best one yet. Like House of
1.000 Corpses and Halloween, this movie takes place in the 70’s and on All Hallows Eve. As a group of
what seems like left over hippies in 1976, are on a road trip when they come across a patch of
scarecrows all lined across the road. As a few get off the RV to remove the scarecrows from the road they
are attacked and murdered where they stand as the others on board the vehicle are taken captive and
brought to what seems like an old factory setting. It’s there in this place where the last remaining living
members of the group are told that they are to partake in a game of life and death called 31.

Soon they find themselves having to fight for their lives from killer clowns, lunatics and a crazy dwarf, all
hunting them down in an attempt to kill each and every one of the hippies as the people running the murder
game wage money on who of the group lives or dies. Like I said before, this is Rob Zombie’s best movie
to date and although the storylines are nothing new, in fact, it mirrors House of 1,000 Corpses in some
ways.  But this film is from a much more experienced Rob Zombie as director then in House.

As always, Zombie’s wife Sheri Moon Zombie stars as one of the hippies trying to survive. Mrs. Zombie is
a much better actress then one would think and she really shows her acting chops here in this movie. As
she and the others start out as scared victims, as the game goes on, they find killing the enemy gets
easier as they go along and soon the prey before the hunters turn the tables on their captives until a crazy
assassin clown is ordered into the game and wipe out our heroes.

This horror movie takes the best of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and Survivor and pulls it off
well. Zombie is at his best here and this movie is worth very much a view by horror fans.


5 Gravestones

At last, a new horror movie that is not a remake or just the same old some old thing. Siren is bit of a hybrid
genre film. Echoes of Hostel and Splice are mixed within this bachelor party gone very bad when the
groom to be is taken out of town by his brother and two best friends for the time of his life before the
wedding day. However when the strip club they go to turns out to be a bust, they discover that the hot club
to be at is out in the swamps and very exclusive. Now throw a little Eyes Wide Shut into the plotline and
when the groom to be finds a girl he thinks is being held captive, he tries to free her. What he and his
friends don’t know is that the girl is really a monster.

This is a fun little movie produced by the Chiller Channel as they enter the world in their own feature films
under their brand. What starts out with four guys on a quest for fun turns into a nightmare when this Hostel
knockoff turns into a creature feature when the Siren goes on a killing rampage to protect the groom for
her own sick plans for him. Here we have a pretty cool female monster a little like Dren from the movie
Splice and Sil from Species as Lilith tracks the groom down and out in the marsh catches him and rapes

This was a good movie unlike most even though it does mirror other films in our great genre. The creature
herself is a sexy beast with wings and tail who is attractive as she is deadly. Siren was a delight to watch
and I hope you find it and view this horror movie for yourself.
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