Graveyard Cinema

                                                                                    By Dark Soul

4 Gravestones

When you think of the holidays, we don’t think of monsters…..well, I do but that’s just me. The new movie
Krampus tells the story of the Christmas demon who comes to town and unleashes his wraith down upon
it. Now I wanted to give this movie a higher rating but it fell short of one main thing. Not enough of the main
star of the movie…..the Krampus.  We see him but his main role comes in near the end of the film and
even then somehow he’s not all that impressive. Hell, we see better looking Krampus in William Pratt’s
article photos than in the movie. Sorry, I would have like more of the main creature and have him be way
better than it was. This was a Universal Studios release too, so the creature should have been out of this

Ok so with that said…’s not a bad little film. Has a lot of creepy moments even though the suspense
level was a little low. The movie plays on everyone’s hatred of having family over for the holidays that you
just don’t like. As family members start pouring in on a couple and their two kids, things start to go bad
once the demon has set his sights on the town wiping it out and putting all its attention on scaring the hell
out of everyone in the home. But before the beast makes himself be known, he sends in his legion of
creatures to wreak havoc on the family. They consist of killer toys, elves and demonic ginger bread men
whose attack are almost as funny as they are scary.

To make all matters far worse, there is a raging snow storm laying siege to the town keeping residences
locked within their own homes. One by one in horror fashion, the members of the family are picked off.  
The movie itself made me think of a few other films such as Gremlins, Demonic Toys and even a hint of
Christmas Vacation. It’s not bad, I just wished for more Krampus but the movie is worth viewing. So kids
you better watch out…..Santa is not the only one watching you at Christmas time.


4 Gravestones

Nocturna is about vampires as you may have guessed by the title. It tells the story about a young newly promoted
detective who is partnered with an older vet who knows whose toes in town not to step on. The young cop ends up,
when trying to help a little girl, discovers that not only are vampires indeed very much real…..but they are now
hunting him and his partner.

This was a fun movie and one that is well justified to be a good vampire movie. The action is good and the story is
pretty fresh as the two men fight the undead and try to save the day…..and the child. The cops find themselves
being protected by one clan of blood suckers as the hunt an evil clan who not only want the girl as a food source
but want the cops dead as well. There is even a hot vampire chick sword fight in this film that’s well done and lots of

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

4 Gravestones

Taking place in a village in the mid to late 1800’s, the good people have had a rash of brutal killings by what some
say was a werewolf. No one knows for sure who the beast is until a young man awakens with nightmares of murder
and carnage.  What the young man does not know is that another werewolf is using the boy as an assassin to kill off
members of the town when he is in wolf form. To make matters worse, there is a werewolf hunting team tracking him
along with a vampire who also wants him dead too.

What was good about this film was that the werewolf was in fact just a victim himself. The boy was being used and
controlled by an older werewolf who in his human form knew how to puppet another of his kind to do his bidding…..
and his killing.  The real evil in the movie was the vampire himself who has a battle with the furry beast at the end of
the film.

This was a pretty good movie and has a really good looking werewolf. It’s created by CGI and not an actor in a
monster suit but the creature looks good and if you judge a werewolf movie by its werewolf…..then this would be a
hit, even though, we here at BMR prefer a man in a really cool looking werewolf costume. Sorry, we are just old
school. If you’re into werewolves, this is a movie to see.

Fire City: End of Days

3 Gravestones

At last, an original movie that’s not a remake, knock off or prequel. Fire City: End of Days tells the story of an
apartment building where humans and demons both live together. The demons who live there are all from different
races and vastly look different from each other. When they are together they look as the demonic creatures that
they are but appear human when interacting with people. One demon ends up befriending a young preteen girl and
finds himself protecting her from his fellow demons and her abusive stepfather.

Most of the film’s action all takes place within the building itself and having the main stars of the movie being the
monsters reminded me greatly of the movie Nightbreed. In Nightbreed, it was the creatures who carried the film and
this was very much in the same vein. Fire City was directed by make-up effects artist Tom Woodruff maybe best
known for himself playing the Alien creature from Aliens, 1986 to Aliens vs. Predator 2017. Now behind the camera,
Woodruff demonstrates that he has the chops to direct the monsters as well as build and play the creatures.

It was nice for once to see the monsters carry the movie and be more than just creatures’ hell bent on eating
people. These demons not only interacted but also would fight among themselves adding to the films over all
drama. If you long for something new, than this would be the movie for you.
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