Graveyard Cinema
                                                                                                                                  By Dark Soul
The Purge
By Guest reviewer D.W. Jones

3 Gravestones

 By now you have seen the commercials for this movie.  In the year 2022, crime is
almost eliminated, unemployment is next to nothing and everyone is happy.  This
is all thanks to The Purge, an event once a year where you have free reign to
commit acts of crime (murder, maim rape, torture etc.) with no repercussions any
emergency services are suspended.  It is even encouraged as a civic duty.  
Sounds good right and that is the concept of the new movie The Purge.
 Starring is this movie is Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey as the parents of two
kids getting ready to lockdown for the Purge.  Shortly after the lockdown, their son
hears a man yelling for help and lets him in the house.  Soon a group of hooligans
led the “Polite Stranger” arrive at the house requesting them turn over the man
since it is their offering to the Purge.  If they turn the man over, nothing will
happen but if they dont’t, everyone will die.  The man isn’t handed over and the
chaos begins.
 The movie has an interesting concept but it doesn’t quite live up to it.  There is
plenty of action and thrills and having it be confined to one location makes one
claustrophobic.  Some of the action is predictable and there is only one or two
surprises.  The group of killers do remind you of the movie The Strangers with the
weird mask but the ‘Polite Stranger’ is charismatic and wished there was more of
him in the movie.  The kids are really there only for side stories and not really
 Considering this movie was made for only three million dollars in a day of mega
budgets, it is a good movie that concentrates on story which you rarely see and
will keep you entertained.  Go check it out before it leaves the theaters.

Axe Giant

4 Gravestones

 You would think that a title like this may be a little silly, but this one was not too
bad I have to say.  Ever wonder what ever happen to the legend of none other
than Paul Bunyan the great North American folk-hero.  Well BMR has found him
and he's no longer a story or road side tourist attraction.  He's staring in the new
horror movie Axe Giant.  As with most of these kind of films, a group of young
people go into the woods and always hunts them down one by
one.  In this case its good old Paul Bunyan, who in this movie is a huge hulking
mentally challenge person who lives high in the hills away from everyone.  When
the young folk come across the bones of his long dead pet Babe, the blue ox, one
of the boys takes the horn of the beast and wants to bring it home.  Well you know
that's never a good thing.

 Paul goes on a killing rampage taking out one kid after the other with his monster
size axe.  Shocking...this is not a bad movie and although the story lines are a little
worn, the action is fast and the creature himself looks pretty damn good.  
Watching him I still can't figure if he's a really good CGI creature or a man in make-
up.  The effects are that good.  The killings too are fun as he splits one girl in two
and whacks one guy into two half's as he crawls around with just half a torso.  Fun
stuff.  The use of this all American hero in such manner was a pretty good idea
and has not been done before.  Sure we seen the roadside giant Paul Bunyan's
standing beside his Blue friend and we gaze at its size.  These sort of statues are
all over the U.S. and are used for anything from a road side attractions to fast
food dives along many of this lands country highways.  Making Paul a giant axe
killer who roams the land was just to good of an idea.  Rent this will
thank me.


4 Gravestones

 As we all know, some of the best movie killers such as Jason, Myers and
Leatherface all have one thing in common.  A really cool....really scary mask to
cover their looks and make them even more frighting.  Then there are the not so
scary killer masks and outfits like....ok I"ll say it....Ghostface for one, oh come on
he's dressed in a dress for Gods sake.  He's like Morticia Addams in a Halloween
mask.  Why do you you think Scary Movie made fun of him.  Another bad killer
costume is the hooded winter fur parker in Urban Legend, that too was sorry NOT
SCARY!!!  But now comes Bunnyman and well guess where he fits in?

 As always young people out on a road trip come across a mad killer wearing a
mask and costume to hid his face.  Is he in a hockey Is he dressed in
someone else's skin?  No.  This killer ops for a.......ready.......a bunny suit.  Yeah a
bunny suit!  I shit you not.  And not a dark scary, bloody rabbit from Hell like in
Donny Darko but a cute fuzzy Easter like bunny costume you rent and dress up
for the kids.  (Rumor has it our publisher dressed in one back in 1994 for an
Easter party for kids.....don't say that I told you's just between us)  But
yeah a bunny suit.  That was the filmmakers choice of killer costume.  Oddly
enough works.  You don't expect to see someone in a cute fuzzy bunny
costume hacking people up and taking a chainsaw to.  He may look cute but make
no mistake, Bunnyman don't play.  He cuts people down just like Jason and the
others only not as scary and that in of itself makes him very disturbing indeed.  
Hell you're not all that shocked if a guy with and axe and a scary ass mask is
hunting you....but someone dressed like Peter Cotton Tail, well that's just fucked
up.  And when the big old bunny head comes off, well there's a real messed up
face under all that cuteness.  Now you can understand why this wako likes to play
bunny dress up.  Despite the odd title and the bunny eared killer, this is truly a
horror film not to miss.  He may look real cute but he hacks em up as good as the
other guys.

Nine Dead

4 Gravestones

 Keeping in the same vain as Saw or Cube where the movie starts off with people
being kidnapped and wake up finding themselves trapped in some sort of crazy
place where they have to do something or they will be killed one by one.  Nine
Dead starts off with this very scenario with 9 people finding themselves all in a
room and cuffed to a pipe.  They all look at each other and wonder why the Hell
they are there.  Enter the masked man behind their entrapment who tells them
that one of them will be shot every ten minutes until they discover why they are
there in the first place.  This is one very psychology horror film that is very grown
up and don't play around.

 As the condemned watch the clock count down each ten minutes, they know
someone will die until they figure out why they are there.  And one by one they are
shot in the head knowing that the next time the man enters they may be the next
to fall.  Oddly cast in the role of the bitch is former teen witch Melissa Joan Hart
who though seems out of place in this dark horror film shows just what an actress
she is.  If you like your horror down, dirty and real.... this is the film for you.  It
plays no games, no one liner jokes and no big F/X to talk about.  Just the cold
truth and a man with a gun.


4 Gravestones

 Keeping with the theme of Saw and Cube with people being taken and thrown
into a place where they need to do something to survive the wrath of a mad man
comes Vile.  Here the group in question don't need to find their way out or figure
out anything as in our last film but here they just have to beat and torture each
other before they can be set free.  This is a wild and sick ass little movie with
people turning on each other and doing what ever it takes to not die.  Like in Saw
only without the killer devices, each member must hurt the other or they will all die
all as their captor watches them in a deadly game without having to do the dirty
work for himself.  If you like film like this where people are trapped and made to do
what ever it takes, then this is your cup of blood.
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