By Dark Soul
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

5 Gravestones

 We have been taught about him and his history in school when we were just little
kids.  We know he was the 16th President of The United States, that he was part of
the American Civil War and the ending of slavery.  We all know that he was shot
and later died from a single gun shot wound when visiting The Ford Theater in April
1865.  But did you know that good old Abe was a vampire hunter?  Well that's the
untold story in this new action pack movie based on the novel by author Seth
Grahame Smith and tells the story of our former 19th century President as he rids
the world of the creatures of the night.

 The movie opens with Abe as just a boy seeing his mother die at the hands of one
of the nocturnal monsters.  Later as a young man he meets someone who hates the
creatures almost as much as he and has the man train him in the ways of the
vampire.  With axe in hand, young Abe sets out to find the monster who killed his
mother and any other vampire along the way.  This is a good movie with high action
and lots of vampire killings.  We have never thought of Mr. Lincoln in such a way
and the use of a historical figure we all know so well and turn him into a Blade like
vampire killer is nothing less then brilliant.

 At first glance by the films title you think that this is going to be nothing by a mess
but you would be wrong.  The story plays out well.... mixing the truth and fantasy
together in such a way that it all makes sense.  Oh sure you can go and see that
other movie made in 2012 about good old Abe but this film not only shows him as
the 16th man to take to the office but his life as something more...someone more
they we ever knew.  And unlike Buffy, Blade or even Van Helsing, Abraham Lincoln
really did live.

The Dark Knight Rises

5 Gravestones

 Third and last Batman movie in the Christopher Nolan series pits the Dark Knight
up against Bane, a masked man himself who is nearly indestructible.  But the
monstrous Bane in not the only bad guy in this movie for it also features Catwoman
with a guest shot of Scarecrow and Ra's al Ghul both from Batman Begins.  Also
making her debut is in a live action film is Ra's al Ghul's daughter Talia.  It’s a who's
who of Batman villains and even we find out Robin is also in the movie by the films
end.....though he's not the Robin we know.

 This new action filled superhero adventure picks up where The Dark Knight ended
with the hero on the run after being thought to have killed Two Face.  Now picking
up some eight years later, Bruce Wayne has hung up the cape and has given up
his nocturnal adventures but is brought back into action when Bane hits the scene.  
Just as fun as the last two movies of this series only we don't see as much as
Batman as I would have liked.  Still it’s really good and Catwoman looks just as hot
as ever.   As I saw her and Batman on screen, it dawned on me that this was the
first time in 20 years the two were in a movie together.  The last being Batman
Returns in 1992.  Is this the last Batman movie ever?  I would say not maybe the
last Live Action film for now but as you can see by my next review.....there is more to
The Batman then just live action movies.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

5 Gravestones

 At first thought, your thinking that this new movie is the live action film by
Christopher Nolan with Christian Bale as the winged night defender but you would
be wrong....very wrong.  In fact this movie is animated and its storylines are far older
than the movie The Dark Knight in 2008 or its newer follow up The Dark Knight
Rises 2012.  No this new movie is based on the Frank Miller graphic novel The Dark
Knight Returns originally published by DC Comics in 1986.  Here we have an aging
hero and at age 55 has long given up the cape ten years now and is at long last
resting and enjoying his money.  But though he tries, the night still calls to him and
after seeing how bad his beloved Gotham City has become in is absences, the
older less in shape Batman returns to the hunt.  Along the way he is joined by a new
Robin and this time it’s a young girl who will fight the good fight of the night with the
living legend.

 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is set in two parts, I saw the first and waiting to
see the next installment later in the year.  The action is a little slow for a Batman
movie live action or animated but it’s a good fit to the Batman mythology.  For
though its not intended to be. it’s fits well in between Batman: The Animated Series
and Batman Beyond and if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then
you're not a true Batman fan.  I often thought that this would have made for a good
movie and although its not going to be in the Christopher Nolan series of films, I'm
glad to see that someone took the time to think as I did that this should be made
into a movie.  The Frank Miller book was grand and this movie is a good story to
carry the Batman on with new stories and idea.

Attack The Block

5 Gravestones

 This movie really should have been called Defend The Block as it’s the story of a
group of young black British thugs who find themselves trying to save their street
and each other from human eating alien monsters.  The young thugs turned heroes
must face off with wolf/ gorilla like creatures with glowing fangs who are getting up
the neighborhood.  Along the way the boys find a young woman of whom they once
tried to rob, now try and save her along with others who have the beasts after
them.  The movie is a good mix of action and horror as the kids fight the monsters
of space.  The movie is also a good look into other parts of London as its not all
about the Queen, Big Ben and like you know.  Being from the streets of London
myself, it was good to show more than just good white kids living on the so called
right side of the tracks.  Yeah people even in London has a ghetto and sometimes
they have to fight outer space monsters.

Dead Season

4 Gravestones

 Although I saw this on The SyFy network, I thought I'd write about it and let you
know about it in case you may want to seek it out on DVD and TV.  As for a zombie
apocalypse movie goes, this one is not the best but by far not the worst.  The action
is set on an island where a man named Elvis and his female companion Tweeter
have went to get away from it all...mainly the living dead.  Once on the island where
they thought they would be safe turns out...well its not and not only do they have to
deal with walking dead people trying to eat them but other living people who are not
all that they seem.  Turns out they like to eat human flesh too and they have Elvis
carve a man...a living man up to make food for the little group.  Not a bad little
movie and the zombie attacks are well shot with lots of blood and gore.
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