By Dark Soul
By Guest reviewer Danny Jones

4 Gravestones

  Not all dogs go to heaven, or stay.  Sometimes they circle straight back to their
bodies.  At least that's the case in Tim Burton's newest animated movie,

  This movie is about a boy named Victor Frankenstein and his dog Sparky.  When
Sparky dies, Victor isn't willing to accept it.  With his knowledge of science, the
corpse of his dog, and the power of lightning, Sparky is brought back to life.  
Although when the word gets out about it, others find they can do the same.  This
becomes a problem as each animal brought back to life has a different, sometimes
dangerous, set of side effects.

  I found this movie to be great.  It's a clever take on the classic Frankenstein
story.  And even though it has its slightly gruesome moments, it keeps a warm and
inviting tone.  The characters are creative, while still keeping to the original
stereotypes like Victor and Igor.  The voice acting is terrific and matches perfectly to
each character like Charlie Tahan as "Victor Frankenstein" and Atticus Shaffer as
"Edgar E. Gore".  The animation is also very smooth and nice to watch.  
"Frankenweenie" is a good movie for both children and adults.  It isn't too scary for
kids, and at the same time it isn't to cute or boring for adults.

  I recommend that everyone sees this, and I hope to see a sequel in the future.  I
give this movie a score of 4 out of 5 gravestones.

Dark Shadows
By Guest reviewer Danny Jones

2 Gravestones

  Sometimes when something bad happens, you just want to die. Well, that isn't an
option for vampires, as told in Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows".

  This movie starts in the year 1760. A witch named Angelique Bouchard (Eva
Green) is jealous because a man named Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) is in love
with a lady named Josette du Pres (Bella Heathcote) instead of her.  Angelique kills
Barnabas's parents and casts a spell on Josette so she will jump off of a cliff.  
Josette dies and Barnabas jumps so he won't have to live without her.  
Unfortunately, a spell is also cast to transform him into a vampire, so he will
eternally suffer.  The rest of the town discovers he is a monster and traps him in a
coffin and buries him alive. 196 years pass when he is found and let loose. He finds
and lives with his later descendants of the Collins family.  He also discovers that
Angelique is still alive and wants him to love her.  When he refuses, problems ensue.

  I was really excited to see this movie.  The trailers made me believe that this was
going to be a great movie.  Even while watching, I thought the story and effects
were cool, although I have found some problems with this movie.  There were
scenes that I found confusing, like when someone wasn't completely terrified of a
real ghost, even though they did explain it later on.  There were also a lot of random
pointless scenes, like talking to people and then eating them, or a doctor examining
Barnabas while also trying to seduce him.  There's even a completely pointless
cameo where Alice Cooper sings at a party.  I don't think there was any point to him
being there.  These scenes had absolutely no impact on the story.  They were all
just filler.

  "Dark Shadows" isn't the worst movie I've ever seen, I've watched much worse.  It
isn't even Tim Burton's worst movie.  I just don't find it very good.  I wouldn't
recommend it as a movie that's fun to watch, but just a movie that might be worth
checking out.  I give this movie a score of 2 out of 5 gravestones.

Scream 4

3 Gravesones

 Well its been 15 long years since the frist time we met Ghostface.  In his big return
of the killer in the white ghost mask and black dress, he's up to his old tricks again.  
Or at least a new killer using the Ghostface legacy to once again hunt down Sidney
(Neve Campbell) like we hadn't seen that all before.  All the same players are back
again for another go around with the masked killer like Courteney Cox and David
Arquette.  But by the time you get to the end, you’re wishing after four movies, God
damn it, kill the bitch already.  And can anyone in that town kill anyone without that
damn costume on.

 Scream 4 is just what it should be.  Sidney running from the Ghostface killer and
although that's what fans really do want and hey lets face it....who wants it any other
way really.  But its just been done....and done and done three films before.  The ID
of the killer you will not see coming and was fun to see but if there is to be a Scream
5, I hope maybe Ghostface will maybe fight Michael Myers or throw down with
Pinhead.....something new please!
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