By Dark Soul
Batman: Under The Red Hood

5 Gravestones

 Hands down the best of any and I mean of any Batman Movie ever made!  This
film rocks like nothing you had ever seen before and this is not and I mean NOT a
movie for the kids to watch.  This film is for us older fans who love all things
Batman!  Sure The Dark Knight was a great film and is the best of the live action
Batman movies to date but the new Batman: Under The Red Hood is a step above
that.  What you had not heard of this film?  That’s because you may only be
thinking in live action Batman movies mode.  This is the newest of the animated
films and it’s a cut above anything and I mean anything Batman ever made live
action or animated.  Just the amount of action and violence alone sets this a part of
any film or series that came before staring the Cape Crusader.

 The movie opens with the death of Batman’s side kick, friend and partner Robin.  
But not the Robin you may think of.  This story shows the death of Jason Todd the
boy who dons the mask and cape after Dick Grayson, the first Robin who goes out
on his own to fight crime and becomes a hero called Night Wing.  This film opens
with a scene that came right out of the comics when Batman lost his new side kick to
the evil Joker.  Haunted by the loss of his partner, our dark hero becomes much
more jaded then ever before and a much darker Dark Knight then ever before.

 Emerging from the underworld of crime enters a stranger under a blood red mask
who demands the bad guys of Gothem City declare him as the new crime lord.  With
this new villain a-foot, Batman and long time friend and former Robin as Night Wing
hunt the new evil through the streets of the city.  But there’s more to this red
hooded terror then meets the eye and as the film unfolds things in Batman’s past
come back to haunt him.  Like things are not bad enough for the dark hero, his
oldest and most evil of all foes returns to wreaked havoc on the Batman and Night
Wing.  This newest incarnation of the Joker is no joking matter as well.  We have
seen him in The Dark Knight as evil as they come and in the TV series The Batman,
he is much more fighting than in most other series live action or otherwise but here
we have the darkest Joker ever and is not above killing anyone in his way. ……and
this film don’t hold back anything!  The blood spills at the hands of the crazy clown
and in one scene that even had me shocked a little, the Joker pulls a gun and point
blank blows away people like he was just changing the TV channel.  Yeah this
movie don’t play around.

 Batman movies and TV shows have always taken the hero into a more darker
realm than most other comic book heroes and since the 1989 film, the now black
suited cape avenger moved to a even darker side then the 60's Adam West series.  
Batman The Animated Series was the first so-called cartoon series on TV to show
him a as dark hero and usher in a more adult theme hero that we older fans could
enjoy.  That show lead to new animated films like Batman: Mask of The Phantasm
and new series as Batman Beyond and The Batman.  The movie Batman vs Dracula
was good and dark but this Under The Red Hood makes over that movie look like a
Disney film.  If you are a Batman fan and I mean really a fan of all things Batman
then you are going to love this new movie.

The Lost Boys: The Tribe

5 Gravestones

 It may have been over 20 years since the cult classic The Lost Boys entered film
history but its legion fans never forgot the story of teenage vampires hunted a small
west cost town and tried to bring new blood into the fold.  Now years later the
undead teens are replaced by a new team of lost souls who prey on human blood
and seek others to join their ranks.  This time out we meet teen brother and sister
who just moved to a new town where the dead still walk at night.  She a young hot
little thing soon becomes the object of fancy of the lead vampire who wants to bring
her into his tribe.

 This new film although more then 20 years apart from the classic 1986 film has all
the soul and fun of the first and is truly a well done follow up movie to the original.  
In one scene we even see the sax playing guy from the beach from the first film now
20 years later and fat as all hell still playing his sax on the beach topless.  Funny!  
Returning to fight the undead is one member of the Frog brothers Eager play once
again by Corry Feldman.  Though his part in the movie is small and almost kills the
pace of the film it was good to see him once again hunting vampires and being
Eager Frog all ever again.  The main story though is more on the girl and her dead
lover who wants nothing more than to turn the pretty thing into a vampire.  Although
Feldman’s role is small he returns to the hunt in the following film The Lost Boys:
The Thirst where he carries the film and really brings the Frog brother to new
heights and is a better role for the actor who played him.  But more on that movie
after this film review.

 Yes this new movie does recapture the soul of the 80's film and even uses the
Lost Boys theme song Cry Little Sister when the lead vampire makes love to the girl
in his attempt to make her one of his kind.  I liked this movie and thought it was a
good new movie to add to the Lost Boys legacy.  Look it up on DVD and On-

The Lost Boys: The Thirst

5 Gravestones

 Unlike the last Lost Boys Movie where the story wields around new siblings of
whom young looking vampires seduce and try to bring them into the gang, this
newer Lost Boys story stays on vampire hunter Eager Frog, one half of the Frog
brothers from the ‘86 classic.  Now unlike the last movie I just reviewed for you, here
actor Cory Feldman is the star of the film…..I think but may be wrong but I think this
may be his very first time carrying a movie all himself and I have to say…he pulled it
off well.  With his brother now a vampire spoken of shortly in the film The Lost Boys:
The Tribe the last remaining member of the Frog brothers Eager Frog returns to
doing what he knows best….well tries to do kill blood suckers.  The only sad thing
here is that we don’t get to see the brothers together much as you may like but we
do see Allen Frog from time to time and he does help his brother in the end when it
matters most.

 Story wise it’s good with Frog being ask to find a young woman’s brother who has
been taken by the undead.  Thing is there is more to this than it seems and I’m not
going to give it away for you but you will not see it coming when things are reveled
in the end….and it’s a shocker that even I didn’t see coming.  Once again the Lost
Boys theme song Cry Little Sister plays as this time we see the vampire group jump
from a airplane and fly to Earth (yes we see them fly!) as the song plays on.  This
was a fun movie and if you are a fan of the first movie then I think you will like this
one too.  Both new Lost Boys films are good follow up movies and this one ends
with the opening of more to come.


4 Gravestones

 Once again the space age big game hunters are back and this time, the first in 20
years they are all alone and carry the film themselves without their other alien foes
to battle and take up screen time.  The film opens with a group of people being
dropped and I mean it literally into a jungle unfamiliar to them.  They are an a
asortment of hunters, soldiers, gun runners and all around bad asses.  At first they
don't know where the hell they are or why they are there, its a little like the opening
of the movie Cube or Saw where people wake up someplace other then where they
were and something really bad is about to happen to them one by one.  They walk
about looking for cues until they see twin moons in the evening sky and figure out
that they are more lost then they thought.

 Soon they figure out too that they are not alone as creatures of unknown origin
hunt them down like the prey they are and as members of their little group start to
die they find thenselves in a battle for life and death.  The creatures themselves are
as always thrilling as they do what they do best....track, hunt and kill.  The only bad
thing is that you see far less of them then I would have liked although they do use in
thier hunt a new beast for their use.  Big hell hound like monsters that flush out the
human prey like little bunnies in the bush.  I liked this movie and it was good to see
these icanic alien hunters again in a movie of their very own since 1990.  I do hope
it will not take another 20 years before we see them in a movie of their own or even
with the other Aliens that they fight so well.
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