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our more recent issues of BMR.  
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What's new inside BMR #32 - 7th Anniversary

Stories: Reapers at the Door by Eric S. Brown, Jigsaw by Brandelyn
Michele, Nobody's Gnome by R. K. Gemienhardt, The Missinary by
Brick Marlin, Working Stiffs by Pete Vonder Haar, Miss Squaretree's
Ghosts by Jason Earls, Humans vs. Alien by R.K. Geminhardt,
Grandma's Fangs by Charles A. Muir
Interviews: Mitch Hyman -Creator of comic book Bubba the Redneck
BMR Specials: Werewolf: The Series on its 20th Anniversary
Creature Feature: Invisible Man

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Written in Blood, Bloody
Book Reviews, Nightmarish Gallery, Graveyard Cinema, Digital
Shrieks and Nightmare News

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What inside BMR Issue #31

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What's inside BMR Issue 30

Meet actor Brian Steele, famous for playing some of the most
memorable  monsters including the werewolves in Underworld and its
An interview with Linda S. Godfrey real life monster hunter and author
of two book; Hunting the American Werewolf and The Beast of Bray
Learn how to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween
Check out our Haunted House review.

Don't forget our regular departments; Bloody Book Reviews, Creature
Feature, Nightmarish Gallery and all the rest

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What's inside BMR Issue 29 - 6th Anniversary Issue

See the interview with actor Lee Perkins who plays a serial killer dad
in the hit movie Katie Bird  *Certifiable Crazy Person.  Read how he
goes from ESPN reporter to acting with some of the top actors in
Interview with the creators of Werewolf Cafe and how they came up
with the idea to celebrate one of the best horror monsters ever.
See Robert Freese's DVD guide to Old School 80's Stabfest.

And don't forget a new collection of short stories, book reviews and
our regular departments of Creature Feature, Nightmarish Gallery and
all the rest.

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What's inside BMR Issue 28

Peek inside of BMR Bloodfest and 5th Anniversary party.
Take a trip to Chiller Theatre that BMR visited at Halloween in New
Interview with Mike Lane of the movie The Tenement from Light and
Dark Productions
Interview with Robert Freese, author of A Place of Dreams and
Nightmares Vol. 1

And of course a new crop of original stories, our regular departments
of Creature Feature, Nightmarish Gallery, Bloody Book Reviews and
the rest of your favorites.

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