Creature Feature

Written By AL J. Vermette

  From where you stand you hear something just ahead of you in the dark of
the wooded pines.  There in the shadows, you see something coming into
view as it comes ever near.  Something, somewhat human it seems in shape
and yet nothing the like.  The thing dons long horns crowning from its skull
and its silhouette is misshapen by the large black leathery wings that flair
from its flanks.  It’s the thing man has feared since the dawn of time and it
has set its sights on you as it swoops in on you and with its claw like talons
lifts you up into the night sky never to be heard from again.

  They are said to be the fallen angels of Heavens war from which Lucifer
lead his army to over through the other worldly realm.  The Devils followers,
his fallen angels, now renamed Demons retreat with the dark one into the
depths of Hell from where the evil one sits and plots his plans of revenge.  
The classic depiction of a demon is that of a human like creature with bat
like wings, horns atop its head and tail with deadly spike resting at its end.  
They have been spoken of among our kind since the beginning of time itself
and have been part of books, films and TV it seems ever since.  They are

  The Holy Bible tells the story of how the Arch Angel Michael drew back the
forces of the fallen angel Lucifer and cast him out of the realm of Heaven.  He
with his hoards of followers came to rest in a place where only evil would
dwell, the pits of a place of Hell.  There, the newly renamed Satan and his
demons would sit and wait for a time to strike back at the forces of all things
good and bring a little hell to the Earth itself.  With nearly unlimited power,
Satan could and would walk the Earth and through it into chaos when ever it
suited him.  But the beast did not always walk alone.  He would bring his evil
minions with him to join in his quest to drive man-kind into darkness.  He
would set forth his Demons to do his bidding and turn man into his own little

  The look of these demonic beasts would be the subject of many 15th ,
16th, 17th 18th and 19th century artists who put their own little spin on the
dark figures.  A monster human like in form with horns, wings, fangs and
claws was just one image these creatures could take on.  Many people then
and now still to this day believe that these creatures can and will take over
the human body and use that vessel to do its own evil bidding.  The story of
human possession goes back as time itself and even today people claim
that they or someone that they know has been taken over by a Demon.

  In the 1940's, one such case of a young boy who was taken over by
something other then his own soul, drove his family to the point where they
had to have help brought in.  That help was in the form of the enemy of evil, a
man with the power to rid a demonic force out of the body and bring peace
to it once again.  That man who was a skilled priest in the art of the
Exorcism.  An art form still used today even within our very modern world of
the 21th century.  This very real case of possession was the back bone for
the novel The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty and the 1973 horror movie
classic of the same name switching out the young boy for a 12 year old girl of
whom the beast attacks and enters.  Even today in our MTV, MP3 and DVD
world, holy men are dispatched throughout the world to fight evil where it may
and rid the beast from its human hosts.

  There are many kinds of Demons that walk the Earth as well.  Vampires
are a sort of Demon who live after death who hunt the living for their blood.  
Other Demons hunt human prey for their life force such as in the case of two
life draining Demons, the Succubus and the Incubus.  Succubi are the female
Demons who hunt men and use their powers of sexuality to make the man
give almost willingly his life force, ( we are so dumb) and her counter part the
male Incubus who attack young women and rob them of their souls.  Both
creatures may or may not work together but sometimes when they take
human form they may hunt a young loving couple and use their powers to
suck the life right out of them.  These creatures are evil beasts who look like
nightmares but when they take the form of humans they become the most hot
looking lovers to their human prey until their true form is shown just before
their lovers die.

  Film and television have use these beasts from anything from Saturday
Morning kid shows to horror theme series.  From the very classic and iconic
Demons on a Scooby Doo episode in 1978 to the more newer and human
Demons of Charmed to the more creature like ones of that in the series Buffy
The Vampire Slayer and Angel.  In the TV show Supernatural, their Demons
are creature that look like black fog who attack and enter the human body
forcing out the soul and taking over the person of whom they what to be.  The
TV series Reaper used a more classic Demon look for their beasts sporting
the iconic wings, horns and claws for their creatures.  Films and comic
books too have used the Demon as its foe or hero in the comics and film
Spawn.  Horror of course has used the beast to its fullest in films like
Pumpkinhead and Hellraiser’s Pinhead.

  Today most people do not believe in these creatures and they are more
the subject of books and films and other sources of fiction.  However if you
find yourself alone in the dark and feel that you are not truly alone.........maybe
just maybe it’s a Demon watching you. ......And its waiting to suck the life
force from your very soul.