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Past Issues of BMR
Welcome to a look at the past of all of the issues BMR, starting from
Issue #1.  You can see the changes we made and when some of our
favorite departments got started.

Well, enjoy the flashback.
What's inside BMR Issue #51 - New Year Issue

Stories: Something You're Not Using by Antoinette McCormack, Partners by by
Jonathan Nicols, St. Andrews Day by Carol Wolfe, Stray Dog by Philip Roberts, Siren
by Chris Mawbey, The Sanctuary by Sarah Lipton, Wrath & Bloodlush by Emily Jones,
You Can Really Misjudge People by Rose Titus, Devil By Possession by Mark Slade,
May 7, 2030 by Scott Stambach
Dark Poetry: I Will Not Stop, Sweet Life by Ed Pessalano / A Vision of Sight, A
Stage Below the Moon by A.J. Huffman / Vampire Romance by Sierra Grice / Psychic
Abilities, Graveyard Dance by Katherine Givens / Light Fades From Her Dark
Embrace, They Shall Remain Forever, Under The Chrysanthenums by Ashley Dioses /
The Persistence of Flesh, The Other Brother, She by Stephanie Smith
Interview: Author Rusty Nugent of Moonwarriors Saga, Michael Baliff-Director of 2
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams Bloodfest 9 Halloween Show & Rock Party by
Dark Soul , BMR's Scream for Halloween Club Party by AL J. Vermette , Behind the
Screams Lake Film's Premiere Night by AL J. Vermette , How Grinch Sandy Stole
Halloween by  AL J. Vermette
The Rose Files: Warning Signs
Creature Feature: Gorgo
Terror Tube: The Best in Horror TV 2012

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews
What's inside BMR Issue #52 - Spring Issue

Farm by William Davis, The Amnesia Immunity by Aram Wool, What It You Met The
Real Thing by Rose Titus, Femme Fatale by Sarah Lipton, The Little Girl With The
Thorns by Autumn Skye, Why Can't I Remember Me by Cecelia Cress, Pieces by
Dark Poetry: Caught, Dark Haze, My Fair Lady, Shadows in the Forest, Twisted
Land by Ed Pessalano / Close My Eyes, A Rose for Alexis, The Dreaming Skull by
Alexis Child / The Beginning, Apocalypse Now, Virgin of Carpathia by Mathias
Jansson / Two Views of Death, Standard Alterations, The Grace of Animals, A Light
Burning Poison by A.J. Huffman
Interview: Linda Godfrey - Author and Werewolf Researcher, Anthony Stoppiello -
Film maker & Director of Hunter Vampire Killer
BMR Specials: Making Monsters: Make up Artist John Chambers
The Rose Files: Small Town Ghost
Creature Feature: Clowns
Terror Tube: Rise of The Walking Dead TV Series

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #50 - Halloween Issue

Stories: The Seashell by Michael Lizarraga, The Hitchhiker by David Tyson, Painful
Tragedy by Alyssa Arthur, The Priest by Matthew Acheson, White Blood Stained
Beard Waggling by Jack Sorenson, What Lies Beneath by Jojo King, Gethesmane
Cemetary by David Froom, Night Comes to the City by Rose Titus, Old Dikky and The
Sea things by Morgan Duchesny, The #6 by Rob Bliss, Naked byChelsea Fallon, The
Dollhouse by Jennifer Gifford
Dark Poetry: Unheard Cries, Slither, Little Ol' Witch by Ed Pessalano / Zombie by
Susan Schultz / The Santa Cruz Vampire by T.C. Powell / Perfect Suicide, Acts of
Rage, Too Late, Principle of Evil by Emily Jones / Sleep Murmur, In Colder Blood,
Discarding by Benjamin Blake / Her Body, Just Like Humans, The Place Where You
Fell by Stephanie Smith / Fulcum by Justin Powell / Debris by K.C. Fleming
Interview: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, Michael Scardillo - Makeup Artist for Zombie
Hunters: City of the Dead, Matt Farnsworth - Director of the Orphan Killer
BMR Specials: 90 Years of Nosferatu: The First Dracula Movie by William Pratt,
Ambiguity in Japanese Folklore by Charles Dunbar, Saving $$$ This Halloween
Season by William Pratt
The Rose Files: Part 2-The (Possibly Haunted) Benjamin Abbott House: The
(Paranormal) Investigators Arrive
Creature Feature: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Terror Tube: Kolchak: The Night Stalker

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews
What's inside BMR Issue #53 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: The Box House by Greg Cole, My Friend Sam by Kendric Martin, Weep &
Moan by Mark Slade, Pest Friends by Michael Lizarraga, The Bet by Allen W.
Yoakum, I Didn't Mean to Kill Them All by Rose Titus, Eventually by Rick McQuiston,
The Solution by Alison Wencek, It's Only Preety When It's Fresh by Katja Steinbrunner,
And Now,We May Rot by C.V. Hack, Labyrinth by Cynthia Pelayo, Hellholes by Jacob
Dark Poetry: The Shipwreck by Mathias Jansson, Zombie Eyes by Brian Barnett,
Faust by Phil Slattery, Happily Ever After by C.V. Hack, Chingy-Chingy-Chugga-Chug
Vroom Vroom Pow by Justin Tate, Old Justice in a Mew Land / For William Hope
Hodgson / The Portrait by Matthew Wilson, The Vampire's Lament / We're Going To
Roast A Pig by Ray Prew
* Poems that were previously published in our online magazine in the name of Ed Pessalano
will not be published in the pdf form.  It has been found out that an individual not only
plagarized poetry, by stole an identity by using the name Ed Pessalano.  The real Ed
Pessalano is an author of a novel and does not publish poetry.

Interview: Publisher of Dark Dreams Podcast Mark Slade, , Photo Artist Elisabeth
BMR Specials: Behind the Scream - The Sixth Annual Institute of Horror, Fantasy &
Science Fiction, The Exorcist: 40 Years of Terror
The Rose Files: The Monster Hiding In Your Neighborhood
Creature Feature: Pumpkinhead
Terror Tube: Teen Wolf
Making Monsters: Dick Smith

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews