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Past Issues of BMR
Welcome to a look at the past of all of the issues BMR, starting from
Issue #1.  You can see the changes we made and when some of our
favorite departments got started.

Well, enjoy the flashback.
What's inside BMR Issue #46 - Halloween Issue'

Stories: Death on the Newsfeed by C.D. Carter, Fragment of a Journal Salvaged
From a Charred House in German 1816 by David Massengill, Last Thoughts by
Thaddeus Bates, Children of Earth by Rose Titus, Predator by Jason Baker, Atypical
Apocalypse by Stacey Jewell, Samuel by Phil Esquibel, Alas The Wonderful Sound of
Nature by Christian Riley, The Ghost Gambler by Matthew Senkowski, The Parents by
Melanie Ryther, State Your Case by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, Iron Man by Chris
Dark Poetry: White Picket Crooked Bloody Teeth by Radek Ozog, Cursed of the
Damned by Stephanie Paserba, Executing Hunt / Into Ashes / Lover Dark / Ex Wife
Whispers by Jennifer Jackson, Fleet of Foot by Jerome Brooke, Too Powerful to
Speak to / The Cave / Future Fun Time / an Incvonveince & Treasured Place by Sunil
P. Narayan
Interviews: Actress Deceased Darling, Drac Tours & Intern Danny Jones
BMR Specials: Ghosts Werewolves & Reaper Oh My!: My Thirty Years of Haunting by
AL Vermette
The Rose Files: Curse of the Atocha: A True Story
Creature Feature: The Boogeyman

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Bloody Book Reviews, Nightmare Gallery,
Graveyard Cinema and Nightmare News
What's inside BMR Issue #47 - New Year Issue

Stories: A Girl's Gotta Eat by Pat Tyrer, The Prank by William Davis, This is Not a
Test by Pete Clark, Tabitha's Grave by Justin L. Williams, Retribution by Kristy Elliot,
Sins of the Fathers by Justin L. Williams, Just Some Old Books by Juan Tomas,
Weremorrow by Matthew Senkowski, A Bad Distaste by Gregory T. Guerra, The Bird
Man by Caitlynn Lowe, Hellborn by Jerome Brooke, Waiting for Him by Deb Eskie
Dark Poetry: Blade of Desecration, Eyes of the World, Beggars Curse, Cobwebs of
a Century, Devil in the Clock by Alexis Childs / Lovecraft's Inferno by Matt Rawson /
Chinese Cicada Slough, I, It's So Cruel, Mutilation, I'm So Sorry, An Orphan's
Biography by Amit / Exhibition, There Were The Things in the Dirt by Christopher
Hivner / A Song for the Undead by Lawrence Buentello / Fatal Game, Unwanted, The
End, R.I.P. by Emily Jones
Interviews: Writer, Director & Star of Movie Hack Job James Balsamo
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams of Bloodfest 8 by AL J. Vermette, Thirty Years of
Haunting Part 2 by AL J. Vermette, Terror Tube: The Horror Genre Cometh by Kraven:
The She-Wolf
The Rose Files: The (Possibly Haunted?) Benjamin Abbott House
Creature Feature: Angels

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews
What's inside BMR Issue #48 - Spring Issue

Stories: An Unkind of Undead by Matthew Senkowski, Saving the Best for Last by
The Tusk of the Old Black Boar by John Michael Osbourne, Concede - The First Circle
of Hell by Spyder Collins, The Yankee by Allen W. Yoakum, Deja Vu by Hal Kempka,
Ryan's Smile by Terrence Kuch
Dark Poetry: Death and the Maiden, Monsters, Black Death by Justin Ehrlich / Bond
Between Husband & Wife, Symphony of Pair, Veneer by Stephanie Smith / Darkness,
In Absentia by Theresa C. Newbill / Zombie Gums, Zombie Tongue by Brian Barnett /
Transformation Within, The Antagonist Plots His Reign by Sharla Anderson /
Intervention, In Patience, The Vampire Dog, The Mummy, 20 years Between Visits,
Missing Keystrokes by Holly Day / Death Hound by Allen W. Yoakum
Interview: Author Steven A. Roman of Blood Feud, Film maker & Artist David
Rodriguez, Special FX & Makeup Artist Jennifer Jaksic
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams of The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science
Fiction by AL J. Vermette, Buffy Turns 20 by William Pratt, Terror Tube 2011: Fairy
Tales by Kraven: The She-Wolf
The Rose Files: A Visit with Bigfoot
Creature Feature: Vampirella

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews
What's inside BMR Issue #49 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: Dripping by C.D. Carter, The Weight of Sin by Gerry Huntman, The Demon
Slayer by Emily Davidson, One Night by D.B. Tarley, The Tourist Trap by Ryan Strange
Meat by Jo Jo King, Patterns by Michael Lizarraga, Unexpected Visitor by Philip
Maguire, The Way Out by Michael B, Fletcher, Guest House of the Dead by John
Dark Poetry: Depression, Finally, Why God by John Weinkauf / Skullery, Krampusz,
The Heady Heights of Harietta Morgan by Nathan Rowark / Really Bad Movie, ZPA,
Eye of the Beholder by Mike Berger / Lovely Terror by Clara Knepper / Haiku 36, 43,
47, 53, 54 by Juan Manuel / Contents of My Wallet, Old Cornwall, Ventriloquist by John
Grey, All of Me, Shadows in the Candle Light, a Suite of Polished Steel by A.J.
Interview: Patrick Devaney of Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead, Singer & Song
Writer Soda, Tarot Card Reader Elizabeth Palladino
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams: On the Set of Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead
Episode 10 by AL Vermette, Peeking Between the Cracks: The Hidden World of
Japanese Monsters by Charles Dunbar
The Rose Files: A Boat Ride on Loch Ness & Other Strange Highland Adventures
Creature Feature: Dark Heroes
Terror Tube: Rise of the TV Series Supernatural

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews