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Welcome to a look at the past of all of the issues BMR, starting from
favorite departments got started.

Well, enjoy the flashback.
What's inside BMR Issue #68 - Spring Issue

Stories: The White Dream House by Morgan K. Tanner, Blank Face by Shannon
Metcalf, The Hungry House by Neal Privett, Premonition by Jason Bougger, Take Out
by Jessie Johnson, Vultures by Rose Titus, A Good Day For It by Martin Westlake, The
Voice by Oliver Lodge, The Ecosystem by Jim Mountfield, Time's On My Side by
Ernest Roberson Sr., Blood Sinners by Michelle Mendes, Dimitri by Cynthia
Dark Poetry: I Am The Hell Hound / I Wear The Wolf by Ramona Thompson, Seven
Haiku by Brian Burnett, Parasomia: The Nighttime Cryptozoologist by Ben Kingsley,
Lost Souls by Cindy O'Quinn, Fate My Sweet Dear by Allen Yoakum, The Keeper of
the Ashes / In For The Day / The Masked Ball by John Grey, Wet Dream / Every Night /
A Single Thorn / WE by Timothy Wilkie, Time Shift 34 / The Rider / The Scary Feeling /
Horror Bread by Denny E. Marshall
Interview: People behind the new web series Space Dad, Author Nancy Kilpatrick
BMR Specials: The Father of Dracula: Bram Stoker, Beware of the Black Eyed Kids
The Rose Files: Death on the Prarie
Creature Feature: Slender Man
Terror Tube: Charmed
Making Monsters: Jim Henson

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What's inside BMR Issue #69 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: The Factory Horror by Derek Brown, Blue Dancer by Timothy C. Hobbs, The
Sabbath by Cuong Phan, Take Me To Your Horror by Christa Carmen, The Unearthing
of Irene Archer by Brandon Jackson, The Things We Don't See by Aaron Padley,
Space Moss by Rick McQuiston, The Warden by Oliver Lodge, Black Screens by Niek
Vink, The Fog by Ernest Roberson Sr., Sins of One by Casey Chaplin
Dark Poetry: The Butterfly / Rainy / Hook / River of Hell by Robert Beveridge, Curse
of the Death Spirit by Alexis Child, Death by Isabella Marlene Serna, Temper - Reds &
the Diluted Watercolours if Fearful Knowing / When Aggressions Becomes Reciprocal
/ Saltash Celtic Cress / Big Fat Porky Pies / Silicon Tears / Subtle As An House Brick
by Paul Tristram
Interview: Lamia: Queen of the Dark and Host of Horror Hotel, Betty B. Deadly,
Creator of Orlando Horror Society
BMR Specials: The Men Who Played Count Dracula, The Monster Squad 30 Years
Later, A Day at the Spooky Empire Horror Convention
The Rose Files: The Mysterious Mad Gasser of Mattoon
Creature Feature: Swamp Thing
Terror Tube: I-Zombie
Making Monsters: Rob Bottin

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Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews  
What's inside BMR Issue #66 - Halloween Issue

Stories: Please somebody Make It Stop by Bill Adler Jr., The Bell in the Graveyard by
Carol S. Wolfe, Spells and Persuasion by S.J. Budd, Gruesome Jack by Gerald E.
Sheagren, Crossing The Bridge by Rose Titus, The Visit by Colt Leasure, The Broken
Man by Karen King, Silent Witness by Ernest Roberson Sr., The Keeper by C.H.
Brown, Time Drains Away by William Quincy Belle, Down in Seattle by R. Todd
Fredrickson, The First Time by William Clarke
Dark Poetry: Fine Print / Conquer by Sheikha A., My Evil Angels by Claudia
Riseborough, Eight Haiku by Denny E. Marshall, Myoclonus / My boogeyman chant
age 6 by Carrie Polega, The Prince of Shadow by Darrell Treece, A Guide to
Recognize Your Ghouls by Sudeep Adhikari, The Spook Tree by Cindy O'Quinn,
Nightmare Remembered by D.J. Valentine, Induced Fear / Darkness / Tears of the
Moon by Angelica Stevens
Interview: Film maker Anthony White, Monster Hunter Linda Godfrey
BMR Specials: Action, SciFi and Fantasy Writer's Panel, A Day at the Tampa Bay
Comic Con, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown 50th Anniversary, Scream: 20
Years of Ghostface, Excerpts of Boo Biz 2: Guide to Everything Halloween
The Rose Files: "Real Werewolves" Part 2 People Having a Very Bad Hair Day
Creature Feature: Krampus
Terror Tube: Lucifer
Making Monsters: Ve Neil

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What's inside BMR Issue #67 - First of Year Issue

Stories: Below by Joseph Rubias, The Body by Correy Niles, The Soiree by Nolan
Yard, Perfect Grade by Cindy O'Quinn, The Say She Was A Witch! by Rose Titus, The
Woman in the Water by Christine "DZA" Marie, The Brief Adventure of Bodo by Trevor
Kroger, Halloween Trainwreck by Shirley Napoleone, Orchis Mascula by Paul
Lubaczewski, the Water Found Him by Sarah McNallen, Bleeding For My Sins by
Oliver Lodge, Raged by Ernest Roberson Sr.
Dark Poetry: Lost Within A Trinity: The Damaged, The Obsession, The Psychotic by
Darrell Treece, Young Goodman Brown by Ron Larson, Scope One . . . Return To
Tread The Settled Dust / After The Fighting's Finished / Scrawled Over "Unwanted
Love Sonnet No. 362 / Gunshot Smile (To Die For!) / I'm A Quiet, Gentle, Thoughtful
Man When Left Alone (No, Seriously) But You Can't Fight Violence With Hugs, Kisses
& Forgiveness / Pretty, Pretty: Soul of a Demon by Paul Tristram, Ebu Gogo / Con Rit /
Sirius Mystery / Paluxy Tracks / A Selection of SciFaiku by Richaed Stevenson, The
Haunted Strand By The Sea, The Girl in the Hallway by Brandon Jackson, Satan's Red
Ass by Sarah Ito, Haiku & Tanka / Campfire Tale / Blood Bells by Denny Marshall
Interview: Author J.J. Reichenbach
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams: Blood Fest 13, Dracula: 120 Years of Terror,
Night of the Krampus: Celebrating the Christmas Demon, Examination of Stephen
King's It on it's 30th Anniversary, The Loss of Legendary Horror Host Zacherle: The
Cool Ghoul, The Creepy Clowns Are A Coming
The Rose Files: The Mysterious Demon of Dover!
Creature Feature: Mermaids
Terror Tube: Werewolf: The Series
Making Monsters: Patrick Tatopoulos

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews