What's inside BMR Issue #54 - Halloween Issue

Stories:  Demon by Dimitris P. Boskianos & Dimitris P. Boskianos, Oversight by
Allen W. Yoakum, A Fortunate Man by G.S. Austin, Frames by Michael Lizarraga,
Wedding Day by Paul Magnan,  The Monster by William Quincy Belle, Sepulcher by Jill
Marcotte, Black Knight by John Michael Osborne, Dominica by Helen Mihajlovic, The
Corporation by Rose Titus, The Love Malady by Paul Lee, Vampires on Canyon Street
by Rebecca Moore, Fingernails by Michael S. Walker
Dark Poetry: Sociopathically Stable / A Moment of Psychopathy by A.J. Huffman,
Methods of Madness / The Attic / The Childrens Room by Matthew Wilson, The roller
Coaster of Horror by Mathias Jansson, Broken Dreams / Walking With the Dead /
Back to the Asylum / Galaxy of Grief / Stay by Alexis Childs, In The Past / Your Soul is
Mine / Bring the Dip / Th Mrs. / Unrest by Christopher Hivner, The Darkness Burns /
But Slow / Zombie Weaponry (Patient Zero) / Ravenous by Jennifer Ruth Jackson,
Killer's Grave / Walking by the Old Place / Guillotine 2 by John Grey
Interview: Nicholas Vince - Actor who played Chatterer Cenobite in Hellraiser,
Melanie Denholme - Scream Queen, Stephen Cooney - Zombie Artist, Ryan Fleming -
Film maker of Welcome to Essex, Denise Gossett - Director of Shriekfest
BMR Specials: King Kong turns 80, Halloween Exteme Convention, Article on
Scare-A-Con Horror & Sci-Fi Convention, Halloween: 35 Years Later
The Rose Files: Forty Whacks - The Legend of Lizzie Borden
Creature Feature: Pinhead - Lord of the Cenobites
Terror Tube: Grimm . . . The Hit Series is No Fairytale

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What's inside BMR Issue #55 - First of Year Issue

Stories: Heaven by Benjamin Thierfelder, Dust to Dust by Mark Slade, The Hunger by
Arnaldo Lopez Jr., Return of the Black Knight by John Michael Osborne, The
Graveyard Estate by Steven Mamo, The Creature at the Wharf by Benjamin Lerario,
Dreamshadows by Rose Titus, The Suicide Note of Jeremiah Carter by David Catney,
Tuesdays at 9pm by Allen Yoakum, Geo Goes Home by Karoly Lences, The
Basement by C.V. Hack, What Waits in the Darkness by Keanu Ross-Cabrera
Dark Poetry: Dark of the Home / The New Witch / The Tyrant King by Matthew
Wilson, Night Nuptial / Untitled by Sharla Anderson, Disintergration by Gary Hewitt
Interview: Kim Sonderholm - Director of movie Sinister Visions
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams: Blood Fest 10 Halloween Event, 10 Years of
Blood Fest History, Scream for Halloween 2
The Rose Files: "Going Batty" or, the Creatures of the Night Move to the Suburbs
Creature Feature: The Golem
Terror Tube: The Munsters & The Addams Family

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What's inside BMR Issue #56 - Spring Issue

Stories: Acquired Angel by Eryk Pruitt, The Ripper's Shack by Dean Cook, The
Prisoner by Jeani Rector, The Hanging by William Quincy Belle, The Thing From The
Cemetary by John Michael Osborne, The Gateway by Steve Forman, Newborn by
Mark Slade, Fatal Heart by Rose Titus, Chris' Dad by Phillip Clark, Claire by Steve
Boseley, The Flying Iguana by Jason Campbell, Unnamed Valentine by Kerenza Ryan
Dark Poetry: Sleepy Head / Insects / Meadow / The Business Suit, The Last Line by
Matthew Wilson, If You Only Knew / Creature From The Pit / Zombies in the Rain by
Brian Barnett, My city (in my dreams) / My city, My dreams by Katrina Lebeau,
Disintegration by Gary Hewitt, Red Riding Eyes / The Bloody Looking Three / The
Sadic by Amanda Leonardi, The Day You Left Me / Shattered / I Am That Such Mother
Who Take Death In Her Arms by Stephanie Smith
Interview: Joe DeMuro director of Tales of Dracula
BMR Specials: Behind the Screams: MegaCon, Japanese Ghost Story by Charles
The Rose Files: The Curse of the Pharoah or Downtown Abbey Meets The Mummy
Creature Feature: The Wicked Witch of the West
Terror Tube: Forever Knight

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What's inside BMR Issue #57 - Anniversary Issue

Stories: Listen to the Walls by Victoria Hood, Transformed Love by Simon Parker, To
Ward Off Evil by James Danger Conright, Snowmen by Benjamin Thierfelder, Spiders
by Jeani Rector, Home by Jason Campbell, Still Have That Magic Touch by Rose
Titus, The Prince of Devils by Helen Mihajlovic, Snow Demons by John Michael
Osborne, Skull by Amanda Leonardi, Demonic Shake by Craig Wilson, Scarlet
Revenge by Tiffany Renee Harmon
Dark Poetry: Evergreen by Jeremiah Jaster, Vanity / The Silent Scream by Jade
Horne, Welcome to the Apocalypse by William Lau, Clown / Hideous Me / The Ego
Has Landed / The Scarecrow / Metal Boots / And a Lead-Filled Head / My Padded
Cell Playground by Paul Tristram, Ants / Cave Hermit / Creatures Escaping / Penance
/ Roc / The Witching Hour / Your Voice / Zombie Apocalypse On by Brian Barnett,
Faces of Death / Love Thy Neighbor / Night by Michael Pendragon
Interview: Ben Larned Author of Fool's Gold
BMR Specials: Behind The Screams: The Dinosaur Expo, For 30 Years of
Nightmares: The Rise of Freddy Krueger
The Rose Files: Key 13 or A Visit to the Morgue
Creature Feature: The Crow
Terror Tube: Friday the 13th The Series

And your favorite departments Blood Notes, Nightmare News, Graveyard Cinema,  
Nightmare Gallery and Bloody Book Reviews