Dark Poetry

New Moon

By Angela Williams

They're all around you,

Fighting for more.

Red eyes glowing,

Body shaking

Moving closer,

Temptation too strong.

Mind a mess,

Unable to stop...

Under the light of the moon.

Mind whirling,

Tears dripping.

Rigid, unable to move.

Forehead sweating,

Body numb.

Fear lays restless,

Thunder booms....

Under the light of the moon.

Moving closer,

Losing control

Red eyes turn livid,

Ready to pounce.

Arms reaching,

Hands grasping,

Pulling closer, closer, closer.....

Under the light of the moon.

chest aching,

Lungs screaming.

Pain shooting,

Burning from inside out.

Legs kicking,

Stomach twisting,

Longing to be relieved...

Under the light of the moon.


Hungry for more.

Lost all control.

Taste satisfying,

Beginning to stop.

Frenzy over,

All can relax.

Under the light of the moon.

Tossed aside,

Writhing in pain.

Consciousness slipping away.

Calmness swept over me,

Pain all gone.

finally I could relax....

​Under the light of the new moon

About Angela Williams: I have been called a "serial hobbyist." I mean "wow" there is so much to be interested in, to learn about, and to pour one's creativity into. I'm a mom of a wonderful 14 year old son, wife of 16 years, a freelance writer, herbalist and too much to list... lol let's Keep this short n sweet.