Welcome back my bloody readers for our anniversary issue of the book reviews.  Since this
is the 20th anniversary and there were no book reviews for the last issue, we have four book to
suggest to you for some great summer reading.  First we have a wanna be rock start becoming a
vampire hunter to earn a few bucks.  Next we have three friends experincing what seems like the
end of the world and getting a little godly help.  The we have a young boy being recruited to a
magical society protecting the kingdom from beast and demons.  Last but not least is a young
man seeing the world change around him and leads to the fight of his life.  So after reading, pick
up on of these books and have a good summer reading!

                                                                                                                                                       D.W. Jones

I Never Eat . . . Cheesesteak by Paul Lubaczewski
     When you look at the title and the cover, you couldn’t fathom what this book is about.  
I know that’s what I thought.  But when you start reading it, you find out it is like reading
a diary about one person’s adventure into the world of vampire hunting.  Lubaczewski
take a unique look into the vampire story that is a cross between horror, comedy and
breaking of the fourth wall.  
     The story is about Al Biancardi, a guy trying to find his way in the world and trying to
have success in his band.  Then he was offered an opportunity to make some money,
make a difference in the world and have a purpose.  That purpose was killing vampires
for the Peter Cushing Fan Club.  He couldn’t believe they were real but if it meant mak-
ing money, he was in.  So here he was, making money, then get a girlfriend and his
band was doing okay.  
Things were just going too good for this guy in Philly.  He wasn’t used to the good life and life proved that
to be the case.  The vampires became aware of him and started to fight back.  The tables were turned.  
Now Al must decide if this is the life for him before it hit too close too home and endangered his family,
girlfriend or his life.  
     Lubaczewski has a very different writing method that takes the view of his main character at times
interacting with the reader.  His main character is someone you can run across in your everyday life and
that makes you be able to relate to himbetter which connects you to the story more.  Lubaczewski
surrounds him with a group of eccentric characters that add to the story every step of the way.  
Speaking of the story, the beginning gets you hooked right away but it is a little slow in the middle.  Even
during that time it shows sparks throughout the story.  But it is definitely worth the wait for the end which is
full of action and typical vampire action.    If you are looking a different vampire story, check this book out.

Fates’ Fury by Liz Butcher
     First of all, the cover looked great but doesn’t give anything away.  Second, I don’t
want spoil anything but when I found out the subject, I wasn’t looking forward to it, never
a big fan of it.  But when I got to reading the book, it had me hooked right away.  Butcher
tells a great story that contains all the horror, drama and thrills to keep you hooked
through the end.
     The story starts with Jonah, Tristan and Ava all having strange events happened to
them in their separate days.  Little do they know that this is only the beginning as events
are happening all over the world.  A woman is seemingly involve in death all at the same
time around the country.  Whole prisons are attacked in a short span of time.  Ships are
turning up missing along with the people on them.
     As the trio share their experiences, they figure out they are somehow connected but don’t know how.  
Just when they reach a wall, they get help from a unbelievable source.  Now can these two sides work
together long enough to help save the world or will it just be too much to handle and watch humanity fall.
     Butcher has a knack for combining two genres together for an interesting fusion that is not afraid to
exploit both.  The characters are well written and bring an emotional side that I did not expect.  The action
and horror elements were well represented and spread pretty evenly through the story with agreat ending.  
While it is a little long, every word is needs to keep this a cohesive story.  This is definitely worth picking up.

Highway Twenty by Michael Moore
     When I was checking out this book, a number of things caught my interest.  The first was
the cover with the catch phrase ‘Sometimes you don’t want them to come back’. The next was
the description of the book.  So I was looking forward to reading this.  And Moore did not dis-
appoint.  He caught me attention right away from the first chapter and kept it through the whole
novel to the end.
     The story takes place in the town of Sedrow Woolley, a small town where people start miss
ing.  Conor Mitchell is comfortable with his life until one foggy night, he hits a young girl  that
came out of nowhere.  Then the town vagrant comes out of nowhere and shoots the girl and tell
him to leave.  So frighten of what happen, he leaves but calls the cop after he leaves the scene.  
When the cops comes, there is no sign of what happens.  Conor thinks he is going crazy.
     But then when the stray dog his girlfriend finds changes and attacks him, Conor knows thngs

are definitely different.  Now everything around him has changed and people around him are different and are a
danger to him.  The only person that is in the know is the vagrant Percly.  They are up against an unseen evil and
they can’t depend on no one else, not even the police and they have the fight of their life.  
     Moore tells a great story that surprises you the beginiing.  Just when you think you know where he is gong, he
takes a left turn and goes into a different direction.  The plot moves along and at a quick pace.  His main character
Conor isnt you typical novel leading man since he is unsure about everything and not making the best decisions.  
The surrounding characters are dramatic and scary at the same time while keeping you off center.  He give you just
enough thrills and gore to keep you thinking about it long after finishing it.  
     If you are looking for something besides the normal psycho killers or demonic possession, this is for you.  It
makes for a great summer read and you will be hard pressed to put it down.

The Ahava Order by Robert Przbylski
     Reading the blurb, I thought that it was concept that could work pretty well, fantasy
and horror.  I was not disappointed as it was like Harry Potter mixed with various horror
villans on steroitds.  It had plenty of action with a continuity of a saga.
     The story is about Zephyr who it picked to join a sacred order to help protect the land

and serve the queen.  His parents are proud since it meana that their son is taken care
of with title, immortality and be able to enhance the magic that he has already learned.  
     Zephyr is taken away to train with the order and he is given the new name Morner.  

Along with his new name and skills, he is given an Ajal, a majical assistant who helps
him gather information and guides him on his journey.  Once he completes his training,
he is given missions to kill beast terrorizing the people and gathering new artifacts and
information.  In his new life, he meets new people and travels to new lands in his quest to serve his order.  
       Przybylski has created a fantastical world with many levels and creatures to match.  His detailed
description gives the reader a full view of everything in his world that enhances the reader’s enjoyment.  As
the story goes on, he increases the level of the action scenes along with the creatures his main character
goes up against.  While this does have horror elements in it, it is deifinitely more of a fantasy story.  So if
you are looking for a story like that, this book is for you.
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