Welcome back my bloody readers!  Fall is among us and it’s coming to the season where
finding a good read that will put you in the right frame of mind.  So if you need a suggestion to
help you out with that, you came to the right place.  Our first book mixes religion and vampires
into the perfect mix of horror and end of the world story.  The second book tell the story of
survival of three teenages in the world of the ‘changed’  Our final book tells about the haunted
area of historic Virginia.  So during is favorite season, enjoy for spooky reading.        
                                                                                                                                                           D.W. Jones

Whisper Music by J. B. Toner
      I was fascinated by this book the very first time I laid eye on the synopsis.  
The combination of vampires and the Catholic religion were always connect-
ed but Toner puts a new spin on it that is unique and keeps the action going
until the final pages.
      The story begins with Danyaela, a demoness who wanted nothing more
that to corrupt anything pure.  She goes to a small town in Croatia to confront
the lady in blue.  There was a battle and Danyaela gets defeated soundly but
she comes out with something that give her some new abilities and lots of
      Meanwhile two detectives investigating a murder finds out the victim is
a religious fanatic on some type of mission.  Detective Harry recognizes
several clues from an old case and starts following the clues.  It eventually
bring him in contact with Danyaela and old friends from the past.  Not know-
ing what she is, he offers her an olive branch but quickly finds out he is in deeper
than he could imagine.  But Danyaela is reminded of her past life when meeting Harry.
When she finds her maker, she unwittingly become entwined in a battle between her kind and humans and
doesn’t know who to follow.  Will she side with her maker who has given her power new life and power or
will she pick to protect Detective Harry in the his fight for survival for humanity?
      Toner does a great job with hooking you in from the beginning and keepting you interested from page
to page throughout the book.  His mixture of religious beliefs and the mythology of vampires is a great
balancing act that keeps your wondering where he may go next.  The journey of Danyaela is great as you
see her suddenly questioning her new life and fighting to get back a little of what she had in her former life.
      I recommend this book for people who love a good vampire story with a religious overtone.  This is
Toner first novel and did a great job with it would like to see him continue this storyline.  You can pick this
book up at Sunbury Press or Amazon.com

After The Change by Michael J. Moore
      If you are looking for a novel to fill the time before The Walking Dead
comes back, this is the book for you.  I am not much for these types of books,
but this one was just enough of everything you would like and not too much of
the stuff you wouldn’t like.  This is actually for young adult but that doesn’t take
away from it being a great story.
      The story centers around Diego Conner along his friends and bandmates,
Wes and Sheena, as they try to survive an apocalyse that has changed almost
everyone into raving flesh eating monsters.  Everyone they know has been
changed’ and only have each other to depend on. They have been surviving
for several months staying invisible and learning about these creatures and
how to avoid them.
      One day Diego’s friend Wes decides that he doesn’t just want to survive
but he wants to live and thrive.  He wants to start looking for people to gather
together and start making communities.  Diego and Sheena have their doubts
and thinks it’s a bad idea since they don’t think they will find anyone good and they would be out for
themselves.  Will they decide to take a chance and go with Wes’ idea knowing it is dangerous or will they
continue the existence to just surviving never knowing an end?
      Moore does a great job mixing the teen angst and real life issues along with the horror of constantly
being attacked and trying to decide how to go on living.  His main characters are not perfect and have
normal reactions to abnormal situations which makes them not like typical leading characters that have the
answers to everything and everything works out for them.  The action is well distributed throughout the story
and you never know what is going to happen next.  Moore also does a great job showing you the inside
mind of the typical teenager shows all the doubt they have whether its fighting with their girlfriend or
deciding what to kill
      I recommend this book for fans of the Walking Dead series.  There is going to be a new off shoot of
the Walking Dead series dealing with the next generation to deal with the dead.  It will be interesting to see
if they do a good enough job with it as Moore did with After The Change.  You can get this book at the
usual haunts like Amazon.com and at MKM Bridge Press.

Virginia’s Haunted Historic Triangle: Williamsburg, Yorktown, Jamestown
and Other Haunted Locations 2nd Edition by Pamela K. Kinney
      I believe that this is the first book of this type that we are reviewing for the
magazine.  We were brought this book through our email conntection and
thought it would be great to check it out.  I will tell you one thing, I learned a lot
through Kinney’s descriptions of the places she visited and the history behind
many of the places.
      Kinney describes the three main areas that make up the Historic Triangle
in Virginia: Williamsburg which includes Colonial Williamsburg, Yorktown and
Jamestown.  She then takes you to some of the outlying areas like Charles City,
Gloucester and Newport News.  In these areas, Kinney visits such places such
as plantations, inns, and homes of individuals that took part in the history of the
area.  Also she takes to haunted roads, Civil War battlegrounds and farm areas.   
      Kinney does a great job in immersing you into the history of the area she
talks about, the people who lived there and the possible explanations of the hauntings and type of things
that she has experienced.  She gets the stories from people who worked there and people that she have
met along the way as she are on tours.  Kinney includes any experiences that she has had herself and
includes many photos of the places and proof of the phenomona that seen has seen.One of the best things
about this bood is she stays neutral in reporting what she has seen and even when she hasn’t felt
anything.  This makes her very believable and trust when she does experience something.
      I recommend this book to anyone who is into hauntings and is likely to visit the Virginia ares that has
sites for potential activity.  You are going to get everythng from learning history to the spooky goings on
that can rival the best horror novel.  You can pick this book up at Amazon.com and Schiffer Publishing at
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