Welcome my bloody readers to a new year of reviewing some great books for you to read.  
Hopefully your New Year’s resolution is to read more and what better place to see what to read
is here.  We got a couple of books for you to check out.  The first book tells of a gift given to a
woman to protect in order to save humanity against a powerful demon.  The second shows a
young boy seeing something suspicious in a neighboring graveyard that turns his whole world
upside down.  So enjoy the new year with a great book!
                                                                                                                                                            D.W. Jones

Hell’s Embrace by Marc McGowan
       I wasn’t sure what to think about this book when I received this it.  It sounded okay,
but I still wanted to read it since “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”.  But then I
started to read it and it was great.  I was hooked right away and couldn’t put it down
once I got started.  McGowan tells a great story that mixes horror and action in a fan-
tastic way from the beginning to the very end.  
       Kim Makibi, a middle aged woman, is trying to get through her days working as a
social worker looking for a change in her life.  She wonders what the rest of her life
has in store for her relatively boring life.  Then a mysterious man named Jon shows up
and tells her that someone is coming to kill her.  Kim doesn’t trust this guy and kicks
him out of her office.  Later that night, she is attacked by a strange man who almost
succeeds in killing her.  Now that she believes Jon, he show up out of nowhere and
starts to fill her in on the details.
       Jon tells Kim that she has been selected to hold ‘the Essence’ and to keep it away from a powerful
demon who needs it to release her father to unleash hell on Earth.  At first, she still doesn’t want to believe
it but reluctantly receive it.  She starts training and is enjoying the perks of the abilities of ‘The Essence’
but is slow to learn due her stubbornness.  When she finally comes across the demon who wants ‘The
Essence”, she finds out that she is outmatched and has her doubts whether she wants this anymore.  Will
Kim do what it takes to save the world or will she give in to her doubts and go back to her ordinary life?
       McGowan tells an exciting story with an unusual viewpoint of not only a woman but an older hero who
is the first of any of the books that I have read.  McGowan writes a very relatable character and shows what
I believe is a true reaction to the circumstances he give his main character.  He gives her a stubborn
streak to changes in her life that many can relate to.  The story does have a religious storyline but doesn’t
go overboard that will make it cloying.  The side characters are quirky but very likable.  It also more action
oriented like the Underworld series as it has horror elements and does have gory moments..
       I recommend this book for anyone looking for a nonstop horror story that is full of action.  You can get
this book at the regular haunts like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and also at Outskirts Press.

A Graveyard Visible by Steve Conoboy
       This book came to us and instantly the title had me intrigued.  Graveyard automatic-
ally scream horror.  The cover was mysterious and the description continued the curiosity.  
Conoboy developed the perfect hook for his novel and he delivered on his young adult
horror novel.
       The story begins with Caleb, a young boy who is sort of a loner that takes an interest
in the graveyard that he sees from his house.  It is also where his mother is buried.  He
starts noticing there seem to be a lot of funerals there but hears of no one dying.  He
figures it will take up time during the summer and get him out of the house while staying
away from his father who barely notices him.
       As he is proving that the graveyard is increasing in size, he is intrigued by a young
girl who lives in the graveyard with her grandfather.  One day sneaking into the graveyard
to see one of the rituals, things go awry and his life forever changes as he sees things
that can’t be possible.  So now Caleb is linked to this young girl while he tries to find out what is happening
and how to stop things before they get any worse.  Whether he knows it or not, he caused a chain reaction
that threatens the world.  Can he fix things or will the world change forever?
       Conoboy tells a good story that is slow at first but you realize he is setting the stage for the coming
action that keeps you hooked to the final pages.  His main characters Caleb and Misha are written with
realistic issues that can affect young people and how real life reactions to the world around them.  The
beginning of the book has a sense of a haunting or ghost story but quickly amps up to action filled thrill ride
that has plenty of horror in it.  These horror comes in the form of fantasy and down to earth that keeps you
on edge.
       I recommend this book for those who love the slow burn of a ghost story and thrills of a supernatural
spin.  You can get this book at Lodestone Books and Amazon.com.
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