Welcome my bloody readers!  Summer is here and while most people are out enjoying the
sun, there are a few who still like to read a good book while on their vacation.  We have some
light reading for you to enjoy a few thrills but not the heavy blood and gore that we reserve for
the Halloween season.  There are three books for you; the first a compilation of short stories,
the second is the third book in a series and the third is where a pretend psychic gets into hot
water when a scheme goes bad.  So enjoy and have a great summer!
                                                                                                                                                              D.W. Jones

Key 13 and Other Stories by Rose Titus
      This book was supposed to be in our last issue but due to unforseen circum-
stances, it didn’t happen.  So here it is and it is worth the wait.  Rose Titus has con-
tributed many stories to our magazine and a good many are in this collection along
with some new ones.  This collection has a total of thirty one stories, one for each
day of the month.  
      One of my favorite is Not In My Backyard.  This story is about some residents in
a small community are protesting a new mall coming there.  They are considering
drastic measure to keep their area untouched.  Will they succeed to will their way of
life change forever.  What I like about this story is it applies to recent news and gives
you an overview of how people would react that is very realistic.  
      Another favorite is End of the Line!  This story is about an obnoxious man who just died can’t give up
his human ways. He demands to be put first and taken immediately.  Will his words fall on deaf ears or will
he gets what he deserves.  I like this story for it’s straight forward storytelling with a satisfying ending.
      Like with most of the stories in this collection, Titus does a great job with telling a variety of stories
from seeming very realistic to fantastic and entertaining.  This gives you a change in pace with each story
that you come across.  I recommend this book for anyone who loves reading many different areas of horror
in one place.

All The Way To The Moon by Rose Titus
      Unlike the above short story collection, this is a full novel and is the third in The
Vampire Next Door series.  This book combines the first and second books to bring
these two worlds together.  Spoiler warning: You should read the first two books to
really enjoy this book and the review may give away certain things from the first two
books.  Titus does a great job taking the two separate and different stories to tell a
fantastic story.
      Laura, once suicidal, has finally got her life together thanks to a kind vampire
Rick.  But things get dangerous again when she is being hunted by her father who
wants her dead to protect his own interests.  Rick wants to protect her and knows
that he needs to hide her until they can figure out this situation.
      At the same time, Rick’s friend contact the vampires on the east coast and find out they are not alone
and opens communication with them.  Figuring a way to kill two birds with one stone, they send Laura to
the east coast as their representative and get her away from the threat until they work things out.  Will
Laura stay safe and make it to their new friends or will she end up dead before she can complete the
connection between the two groups of vampires?
      Titus does a wonderful job bringing these separate worlds, the idealistic east coast and the down and
gritty west coast, together in a seamless story that comes together with the help of the character Laura.  
She expands on some established characters and introduces a new character that adds to the story as far
as drama and action.  Overall it ends up being a thrilling story that is a great read.  I recommend this book
for a light horror novel that mixes many elements of horror.

The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook
      This title of this book already gave me thoughts of what this could be and had
big hopes for what was coming.  Though it was different from my ideas, it was still a
great story that is more of a drama/thriller than a true horror novel.
      The novel tells the story of Skye Thorn, a girl who does tarot card reading to
make a little extra cash to get by while going to school.  She is very observant which
makes her good despite having no real gift despite her mother claiming that she’s
psychic and it runs in the family. She justs wants to get by to get out of the little town
she lives in with her friend Drew.
      Soon the popular girl in school disappears and sends the town in an uproar.  
Skye has ‘visions’ and reports them to the police.  She is hoping that she can help
and this will lead to the money she needs to finally leave with Drew.  But then things go sideway and Skye’
s world slowly come apart.  Will the police think she is responsible or can she find out what happen to clear
her name?
      Cook takes you on a journey with these characters that make you relive high school over again.  She
does a great job with the character Skye showing her get into a situation too big for her and like most
teenagers, wanting to disavow her life to start fresh.  The story moves along with a decent pace all the way
through.  As I said before, it isn’t truly a horror story as much as a murder mystery.  
      Even though this isn’t a horror novel, I recommend this book for anyone looking for the light read for the
summer.  You can get this novel at the usual haunts like Amazon.com.
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