Welcome my bloody readers to a new round of books for the spring.  Both these books are
sequels to previous books we reviewed in the past.  The first is a young serial killer, now in
prison has a chance to get out early despite her killer instincts still deep within her.  Second is a
vampire princess arranged to get married makes several decisions that might jeopardize the very
existence of vampires, humans or both.  So enjoy these books during the warmup!
                                                                                                                                                               D.W. Jones

Wicked Fallout by Kelly Charon
       This is a follow up to Charon’s Pretty Wicked that we reviewed last
issue.  We here at BMR enjoyed her first book and looked forward to this
one to find out what happened.  We were not disappointed as Charon
continues the story of what happens to Ryan Wilkanson after the events
of the last book and while she takes a different tone, you still stay on edge
with each page.
       The story continues approximately twelve years after Ryann Wilkanson
being caught for killing six people and spending life in prison.  But due to
issues in her last trial, she has the chance to get our early.  But the only
catch is that she has to go through a psych evaluation.  Ryann is confident
that she can get this and when she gets out, she will punish all of those
responsible for putting her in here.
       But first she has to get through Dr. Nancy Clafin.  Ryann finds her smart
and formidable person who is the only one that is in her way to freedom and
revenge.  Dr. Clafin makes her relive her killings in an effort to find out if she
is a true psychopath or if there was something in her past that might have caused her to kill without
knowing the true consequences of her action. To complicate things, the doctor made a mistake in her past
that resulted in someone dying.  Will she make the same mistake or will she let out a serial killer to the
       Charon does a great job with the follow up as she takes a different tact and succeeds in keeping the
tension.  The first book was following a killer in the making with plenty of death and killing.  This book takes
you on more of a psychological terror as you never know which way the story goes until the end.  Each step
notches up the tension and cat and mouse game to the very end.  
       I definitely recommend this book for its thriller and mind games aspect.  While you don’t necessarily
have to read the first book, it definitely will give you a deeper appreciation to the whole storyline and keeps
you deeper involved.  You can pick this up at the usual places like Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

Sacrifice of the Hybrid Princess by Nancy Kilpatrick
       This is the sequel to her novel Revenge of the Vampire King and she
picks up pretty much where she left off.  Her unique take on the vampire
lore and the battle they have with humanity in the first novel continues and
she does a great job with extending the story to make for a great series.
       This story picks up about twenty years after the rescue of Valada from
the Sapiens King.  They have a daughter now approaching her eighteenth
birthday and Moarte and Valada have their hands full with Serene in addi-
tion to their constant battle with the humans.  Due to this battle, they are
looking to make drastic moves to ensure the survival of their community.
       Moarte and Valada are arranging the marriage of Serene according
to the vampire traditions.  Also they want to prepare her for taking the
throne while they need to go on a dangerous mission.  But when you have
a half human / half vampire, spoiled, teenage daughter who doesn’t want to
get married, things don’t go according to plan.  Serene fights against what
her parents want and her decisions will cause problems with the future of
the vampire/human battle if for her only survival.
       Kilpatrick picks up the evolution of this series with taking the story to the next level.  She continues to
develop the characters from the first novel to give them more depth in response to the experiences
between the two novels. Kilpatrick adds new characters that fits seamlessly in the established lore and
adds to narrative.  The sexual violence is toned down a little which helps the reader concentrate on the
story more than the rawness of the horror.  It all comes together tell a story keeping you on edge to the
every end.
       I recommend this book to any vampire fan who wants a new take on the lore with no clear right and
wrong.  As with most books, you can find this on Amazon and many other bookstores.   
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