Welcome back readers!  It is a new year and it will be a strong one for books!  We have two
great books to start off the year with.  The first one is about a demon who continues to follow a
pair of hunters to see what chaos she can cause.  The second book is about the horrors of
winter and the fight a father would take on to rescue his daughter from the unknown terror that
waits in the snow.  So start the new year off right and take up a one of these books.

                                                                                                                                                     D.W. Jones

Notorious Nix by J.J. Reichenbach
       This is the follow up to Reichenbach’s first novel Nix, and it is just as good as
the first one.  Most of the time, a sequel doesn’t have the same umph and spirit of
the first book.  But like the exceptions in movies like Terminator 2, the sequel con-
tinues seamlessly on and develops more of the mythos that is Nix.
       The story picks up right after the events of Nix and you find Nix back in her
host Callie enjoying each other’s company when they are both transported into
an unknown place.  Little does she know that she was summoned by the hunters
she tormented earlier on and tried to kill them.  Now they have her trapped in her
host Callie, looking for a deal.  They want her to help them find out what the
demon conspiracy is and they’ll go their separate ways.
       Not wanting to make a deal with these humans, she looks for a way out, but
being trapped her host and her host is dying, she has no choice to play along until
a better option comes up.  Will she go along peacefully to get rid of these hunters for good or will she find
a way out and wreak havoc and revenge as payback?
       Reichenbach continues the story of Nix with the same amount of thrills and horror that she did with the
first book.  She keeps her character Nix with the same sharp wit while developing and fleshing out the
character to keep you interested in her story.  New characters are introduced that keeps the story moving
and turn up a few surprises along the way.  The story itself moves smoothly from the first novel and keeps
the same intensity with important revelations.
       I recommend this book highly with the condition of reading the first book before delving into this one.  
If not, you might not understand the references in this second book.  This series has become a great read
that makes you wonder where it goes next.  You can get this at the usual haunts.

Winter by Reece Ran    
       This book was sent to us through our website and it had an intriguing premise.  
I once saw a movie similar to the premise of Winter, so I started to have doubts.  
But then I started reading and it had me hooked.  Reece Ran told an exciting story
that had plenty of thrills and rarely slowed down to see what is coming next.
       The story is about Zimmery Mac, a marine coming back from another tour in
2049 just in time for winter.  He’s looking to connect with his family again and look-
ing to ride out the winter.  But unlike winter where you know with nice scenes of
snowfall, the snow is dangerous. Not dangerous like slick roads and heavy snow-
fall.  This snow is sentinent and with a taste of blood.  Without special gear, the
snow will kill anything it comes in contact with.  Now a blizzard is rolling in and
everyone is gathering at Zimmery’s house.
       Just when things settling down, one of his guest starts causing trouble and
then Zim find out that his daughter Lane disappears and is nowhere to be found in the house.  Zim’s worst
fear is that she is wandering around outside in the snow.  So he goes looking for her with his cousin Jim
and few other people along with their dog Ranger.  In his search for her, they find her teddy bear along with
things that belong to other kids. Now they suspect the serial killer, The Snowman, has his daughter and the
other children.  Now Zimmery has a new mission, to get his daughter back alive at any cost.  
       Ran tells a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout most of the book.  It is a
combination horror, action and thriller all rolled up into one.  The main character has real issues that pulls
you in and shows you he’s not the invulnerable hero from many action movies.  He is surrounded by an
interesting group of characters that play off him well.  
       I recommend this book for anyone looking for something different and if you love a novel with tons of
action.  It truly give you another reason to wish for the summer months to come a little quicker.  You can
pick up this books from any one of the bookstores online like Amazon.
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