Welcome my bloody readers!  It is the start of another year and we are looking to get a fast start
to giving you a good selection to books to check out.  The first is a collection of short horror
vignettes that’ll be sure to make you want to keep the lights on. Next is a vampire story told in the
world where humans and vampires are surviving in a world apocalypse where they need each
other to live. Last but not least is an agoraphobic girl looks to regain her life while her nightmare
is coming for her. So enjoy the first books of the year.
                                                                                                                                                         D.W. Jones

Discarded Treasures: 25 Shades of DEAD by Harold Kempka        
 We here at BMR are very familiar with Kempka’s work.  We published some
of his work and reviewed his book Blue Plate Special in our issue #55. So when
he asked us to review his newest work, we were glad to do it.  I knew it was going
to be good just by looking at the cover. Who knew you could make a baby look
 The book is a collection of 25 short stories and I mean short.  That is not to
say that is a bad thing. Kempka does an amazing job jamming a lot of horror into
those few pages. One of my favorite stories is Discarded Treasures, which the
book is named.  It is about people’s suspicion of a bag lady when they hear sounds
of a baby coming from her cart
that is filled with other people’s refuse.  This story is particularly good because just
when you know where the story goes, it takes you to a different place.
 A couple of other stories that I enjoyed were Atonement (where degenerate
looking for a place to hole up for the night, hides out in a burnt out church and gets more than he bargains
for), Housewarming (a man purchase a house that has some history and soon that comes back to haunt
him), Trick or Treat (a married couple fighting on Halloween sees one more visitor that is looking for more
than a treat) and Revenge (where the past deeds of a man’s pet comes with a little payback)
 Kempka does a great job with all of these stories that feel like stories you would tell as kids around the
campfire or on a spooky night like Halloween always trying to one up your friends for the scariest story.  He
gets right into the action and always gives you something right at the end that you may not expect.  
 I do recommend this books for the fast stories and great horror in a short amount of time.  It is a quick
read and you’ll be done with it before you know it and be asking for more. You can pick this up at amazon.

Blood Will Freeze by Tony-Paul de Vissage                                
 It has been a while since I read a vampire story and this came along at just the
right time.  I was curious by the blurb because it was a storyline that involved vam-
pires that I have never seen before.  But Vissage did a great job with this original
story and kept me wanting to read more.
 The story is about an apocalypse that hits the planet and destroys most of
human-kind and send the planet into an unending winter.  It also wakes the sleep-
ing vampire population and all hell breaks out until three powerful vampires divide
up the planet to rule how they like. They also realize that they have to control their
thirst otherwise the food supply will run out and they will die also.
 It focuses on Michael, a Freelie, which is one that can’t be control by the vam-
pires.  They are rare since almost the whole human race are controlled by the vam-
pires like sheep. He is taken under the wing of Alixandra, the ruler of the North
American area. He constantly rebels against her though she really want him to be by her side. Now one of
the other rulers is looking to overtake Alixandra and she may need the help of the
humans that she ruled over.  Will they help her or will Michael take this opportunity to truly be free?
 Vissage does a great job creating a whole world where vampires aren’t just mindless killing machines or
irresistible objects people fall in love with.  His characters act as you would expect in these new roles and
keeps you reading as to see where they are going.  It is light on action but when it happens it is fast paced
and it works more of a psychological horror due to oppressive nature of the story.
 I recommend this book for the original story involving vampires and you can get it at classactbook.com
and amazon.com.

Blood Bay by Toni V. Sweeney
 Here is one of those books where the cover doesn’t convey what the book is
really about.  And when I really think about it, the title doesn’t do it the book justice
either.  The story is somewhere in the middle and it is a good story that has its
share of thriller and blood.
 The story start ten years after Connell Ambers was brutally raped and almost
killed by her brother’s best friend Ben Reed.  Since then, she has put herself in se-
clusion and has barely been able to deal with any contact from the outside world
while he was put into a mental institution for the criminally insane.
 Then things changed when her brother asked a friend, Tucker McKenzie, to
check in on her when he hadn’t heard from her. When he did, something changed in
Connell and made her want to change and start living.  But then Ben Reed escaped
from his prison and went after the one thing that stayed with him for all these years,
Connell.  And he will do anything to get to the love of his life.  Will Connell find the will to live even as the
worst nightmare of her life is coming back to her?
 Sweeney does a great job with telling complete story full of likable characters like Connell and Tucker.  
She makes them real showing the emotional toll of each of these characters while making it at times light.  
On the other side, she showed the disturb side of a psychopath in the single mindness of the object of his
desire.  The story flows well through most of the book with one or two hiccups.
 I recommend this book for anyone looking for a good thriller that is in the vein of the movie Enough.  You
can get this book at Smashwords and Amazon.
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