Welcome my bloody fans.  July 4th has just past, the sun is bright and the
temps are warm.  What better time to curl up on the beach and read some
gore and mayhem.  We have several books that are quick reads.  The first is
a collection of ghost stories from the old west.  Next the real apocalypse
that happened years ago.  Last but not least is a love story to show how
much love hurts and drives you to do crazy things.  So sit down, relax and
                                                                                   D.W. Jones

Gunslingers & Ghost Stories by David B. Riley                               
   This is the third anthology by Riley this magazine has
reviewed.  While the other two anthologies were a mixture of
horror and dark fantasy, this one is made up of all types of
ghost stories.  And just like the others, it is made up of some
great stories.
   One of the stories that I enjoyed is Chin Song Ping and
the Hungry Ghosts.  This is about Ping who is on a job, that
he lied to get on, transporting dynamite with another driver.  
After being attacked by bandits, Ping survives only to be
brought to a cabin to be attacked by hungry ghosts.  Now
the bandits and Ping must find a way to survive but they
received help from the most unexpected source.  This is a
great story that is fun while turning the reader on it’s ear
with scenes of horror after lightheartedness.  
   Another story I liked was The Empty Holster.  It is about a new sheriff in town
looking to clean up the area.  But as soon as he gets there, he realizes that he might
be out of his league until he gets a little help.  This is a classic ghost story of a visit
from beyond to assist the living.  
I liked it because it is good story of good vs. evil.
   Most of the stories are enjoyable and easy reads.  It has many other different
ghost stories that keeps the reader guessing what is next.  I recommend this book as
the perfect summer book that you can pick up and read a little in between those
summer activities You can find this book at the usual stores like Amazon.com.

Pestilence: A Medieval Tale of Plague by Jeani Rector
   We have reviewed several things from Jeani Rector
and everything has been great and she sent her newest
book for us to review.  The cover was interesting but when I
read the blurb on the back, I was skeptical.  I don’t usually
like period work and didn’t know much about the plague.  
But as I started reading the book, I was pleasantly surprised
and hooked.
   The book begins with Elassie, naive daughter of the
Lord of Wynham castle, showing her privileged life.  She is
upset because she is due to be married to an older man
and plans to run away to London to spite her father.  So
Elassie with the help of the maid, runs away.
   Unknowing to her, the plague is starting and advancing
toward her, claiming many victims in a slow agonizing death.  Elaissie with the help of
Roger, makes it to London just as the plague makes it.  Will Elassie grow up enough
to survive the sweep of the plague or will she become another victim of the
unstoppable plague.
   Rector does a great job with combining historical true elements while weaving the
story around it.  She is able to make the plague come alive with almost a thinking evil
that grows and stalks it prey.  It is just as good as following any other serial killer
from creation to ending.  The description of the effects of the plague leaves you
shocked and is enough to give anyone nightmares.
   I do recommend this book for anyone who loves a mix of history and great story.  
The fact that this did happen and that pandemics like this can happen today, makes
it a real scary story.  You can get this book at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Starblood by Carmilla Voiez                                                
   I was contacted by Carmilla Voiez about her collection
of books and by her description of them, I was intrigued.  So
when I received it and started reading, it was hard to put it
down and a great summer read.
   The book starts of with Satori, a love struck magician
trying to get his girlfriend Sarah(Star) back.  He is willing to
go beyond his limits to do this and as a result, he summons
a powerful demon, Lilith, from another dimension who he can
not control.  Now she is free and wreaking havoc on the
world around her.  
   Sarah has a vision of Satori in trouble and meets with
him to try to help despite her better judgement.  He welcomes
it but needs the help of his mentor before they go further.  
While looking for help from his mentor, Satori gets trapped
there.  Lilith finds out that to get to Satori, she has to get Sarah.  She puts her under
her power and starts to destroy her life slow and surely.  Will Satori escape and
rescue his true love Sarah or will evil finally be too powerful and conquer all.
   Voiez tells an in depth story with a lot to down to earth characters reacting to the
strange events that occur around them.  The love story between Satori and Star
(Sarah) is offset by the graphic violence and sexuality that is prevalent throughout
the book.  It works because while it is graphic, it is in context with the storyline.  The
storyline moves along smoothly but diverts occasionally with side plots but it is done
to advance the story and flesh out details.  
   I recommend this book for those people who want a real horror love story with
interesting characters unlike the Twilight series.  This book has a lot of adult themes,
so it is not for the PG-13 crowd.  This is the first of the trilogy and look forward to
checking out the others.  You can pick up this book at vamptasy.com or bookstores
like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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