Welcome again my bloody book fans.  It is the start of another year and I
have some books to get you started with.  I have a couple of short story
collections (which seems to be the format of choice lately), and a book that
has a devilish time about a bored housewife.  These books will get reading
started off easy but give you a good time.  Enjoy!

                                                                                             D.W. Jones

Strange Corridors by Frank Chigas                                 
  This book is very much like the last book I reviewed by
Chigas, But First The Dark, in its pacing and delivery.  What
separates it from the last book is it raises the level of horror
and thrills.  This is a collection of ten short stories that differ
greatly from one another and gives you a good read.
  I will tell you about two of the stories I’ve enjoyed.  The
first is The Cloaking Glass.  It is about two men on a hunting
trip when one of them stumble upon an old shack that he
believes is abandoned but sees something.  As he looks into
the history of the house, he finds out more than he bargains
for but needs to go back.  What he finds will change his life forever.  This is a great
example of Chigas building the suspense and horror up until the final word.
  The second story is another house story named The Blayne House.  A diary of a
man just executed is found and tells the story of how he got where is.  He begins
seeing the house across the street seem to move closer to his house.  Not only
move but strange happenings that can not be explained.  Not getting no
satisfaction, he checks things out and lead to things beyond his imagination.  This
story builds but leads into some great horror elements and pure horror sotrytelling.  
  Chigas has the flavor of old time storytelling that lets you do the imaging takes
you places you’d never thought you go.  I recommend this book and you can get it
at www.medusapress.com.

Seances With the Living by Johnny S. Geddes                                
  Here is another collection of short stories that unlike
the one above, is written in a more modern style.  The
stories are something that you would tell around a campfire
to spook the campers.  There are over twenty stories that
give you a chill that you believe could really happen.
  One of the stores that I liked is And You Get Three
Wishes.  I know your thinking you know what it is about and
you are probably right but it takes a updated spin and it
involves junk mail.  Reading the story, Geddes lets you feel
the frustration and anger of the young man living through
this story.  Another story like this is Cards.  It also involves peoples obsession with
mail and getting money fast.  
  Another story that I enjoyed is The Mobius Estate.  A young man going to Cuba
researching his family history is arrested and tried for trespassing.  He tries to
prove that it is his families land through his diary.  Does he really want to be proven
innocent?  This story is nicely written and increases the thrill and scariness through
the telling of the diary.
  Geddes tells his stories straight up and is a great read.  I recommend this book
and you can order it from Amazon.

Switch by Scott Norton                                                        
  We got this gem from our website and was really
curious.  If I remember correctly, they even had a You Tube
video about the book.  And that is what really got me to read
the book.  Nothing like horror, rock music and the all
American family gone wrong and go nuts.
  The story begins with Barbara Ducharme, suburban
housewife, who is losing touch with her family.  Her only
outlet is to sneak onto the internet looking up the forbidden
and talking to a pen pal.  But now she is bequeathed a
house by a long lost relative and she believes this is the
perfect time for some family bonding.  
  But while visiting the house to clean it up for possibly selling, Barbara is sent on a
mystery and feels the house is something special.  Then three maniacs break into
the house and hold them hostage.  Now the only way for the Ducharme family is to
survive, they must bond together with Barbara leading the way and what she learn
from her time on the Internet.  God help the maniacs who picked on the wrong
  This is a book that is different from anything I have read before.  Though the
beginning is slow, once it picks up, it never stops.  It gets stranger and more full of
action with every turn of the page.  Norton has a delicious twisted sense of horror
that makes you want to continue reading to see what he comes up next.  I really
recommend this book and came be ordered through www.cul-de-suck.com.    
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