Welcome back all you horror readers!  The fall is hear and Halloween is
just around the corner.  We have a lot of books for review and the best
thing about it is they are from upcoming horror writers.  There are a
couple of short story compilations that give the full range of all things
horror.  So enjoy and Happy Halloween in advance!
                                                                                                D.W. Jones

Wolf’s Gambit by J.D. Gagliani
  The first time I seen anything by Gagliani was a couple of
years ago and it was a book by him that I came across named
Wolf’s Trap.  I enjoyed it and gave it a great review.  Recently I
came across the sequel to it and figured I had to pick it up.  I
am glad I did and enjoyed it as much as the first book.
  Wolf’s Gambit picks up several months after the first book
ends.  Nick Lupo is getting back to business as usual and has
a new partner.  He is still trying to adjust to his werewolf side
and tries to use it to his advantage as a cop.  After his partner
gets injured, he decides to get away to see his girlfriend Jessie.

  When he arrives, Jessie asks him to help the local sheriff with a grisly murder that
she is afraid looks like an animal attack and Nick agrees.  Something doesn’t look
right and as time goes by, more bodies turn up in similar fashion.  Nick investigates
on his own and finds something more sinister going on.  But can he stop it by
himself without getting himself or anyone else killed?
  Gagliani tells a good story that has characters that are engaging and well
thought out.  The story moves fairly smoothly and he is very descriptive in the
horror and the sex he has in the story.  While I wouldn’t say the story is scary, it is
very entertaining and keeps you wanting to turn the pages.  I recommend this book
for an enjoyable read but light on horror.

Paradigms of Suffering: Bloody Seconds by Greg Dixon
  I happen to get this book through our website and just the
name made me think that this was going to be something full of
gore.  As soon as I read the first story of the collection, I knew I
was in for a ride.  Dixon delivered in this book and I enjoyed it.
  In this collection of short stories. Dixon give you a variety
of stories while keeping the level of gore high.  One of my
favorite stories is Eye for an Eye.  The title tells it all as it is
about the results of doing bad things will always come back to
haunt you.  Another story I enjoyed is If Only Shadows Could
Speak.  It could be a cautionary tale of drinking to all hours of
the night and the effects of it afterward.
  This book is a short one, only six stories total but packs a shocking punch with
each story.  What makes the book equally effective is the hand drawings
throughout the book that seem to add to the eerie affect of the overall book.  I
recommend this book as a quick read that can be gotten at amazon.com.

The Spaces Between Your Screams by Christopher
  The title of this book was the real enticing item that got me
to read this book.  Hivner gives us a collection of short stories,
mostly just a couple of pages that run the gambit of types of
  One of my favorite stories is The Battle Waged.  It is a
simple story of a man who was in an accident and lay dying.  
While dying, the man sees at first demons and then angels as
the fight for the right to his soul.  Who will win?  This is a good
story because it is written well and ends in an unexpected way.  
  Another story that I enjoyed is Given to the Earth.  The story is about Del, a son
so devoted to his father that he believes he has become reincarnated into an old
tree in the back of his farm.  His brother Daniel is determined to stop this at any
cost.  I like this story a lot just because of how the story ends.
  This book is great because the stories are short where you can read them
quickly and have a vast selection.  I recommend this book and you can get it at

But First The Dark: Ten Tale of the Uncanny by Frank
  BMR was contacted by Medusa Press about several books
they have coming out and we decided to start with this one.  
This is a collection of ten stories, as the title states, that are in
the vein of Lovecraft.  
  I won’t give too much away, but one of the stories that I
enjoyed was The Pageant of Desolate Days.  It’s about a farmer
who is working through difficult times of famine and disease.  
Suddenly there is word of a festival coming to the town.  No one
knows why or who exactly is sponsoring it but the farmer is suspicious.  When it
finally comes to town, it is far from celebrating anything.
  Another story I enjoyed is The Indian Pipes.  In this story, Mr. Andrews is
interested in purchasing some property and figures a friend can help.  The owner
of the property is a mysterious woman who doesn’t see anyone and refuses to sell.  
Mr Andrews won’t take no for an answer and does some digging.  He find much
more than he bargained for.
  This is a great book to read where stories read smoothly and slowly builds up to
the ending that delivers every time.  I recommend this book and you can get it at

P.S.  We at BMR was sent by a fan a handmade book by one
of our fans and we wanted to make mention of it.  The writer is
Rick Curtis and I would describe him as a self publisher of
short stories.  His stories were all a page long and is taken the
view of a person telling a story to the reader much like that of
a bartender telling stories to patrons of events at the bar.  
Along with the stories was artwork that was pretty good.  We
look forward to possibly seeing Curtis in the future doing his
own magazine.  Good Luck Rick Curtis!
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