Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Welcome my Legion to our 20th Halloween issue as we continue
our year-long celebration.  It’s still hard to believe that this little maga-
zine of ours has been around that long.  To put it in a different per-
spective, look at it this way.  BMR predates Facebook, MySpace,
Twitter, Instagram, Uber and YouTube and they seem like they have
been around forever.

      Since this is our last issue for the year, I would like to thank everyone who has been with us since the
beginning and those of you who have joined us along the way these past 20 years.  From a crazy idea I
had in my head grew this publication that has entertained a whole new generation of horror fans, plus all of
the writers and artists it has given the chance to see their work in publication.

      Now we have seen 20 Halloweens come and go over this magazine's life span and over that time we
have produced our own Halloween event Blood Fest.  This year would have been our 17th Blood Fest live
show but sadly we have canceled the 2020 event do to the Covid 19 pandemic.  With the rise of the illness
that has taken so many lives, we here at Blood Moon Rising do not wish to help add to that body count by
producing a live event that hosts over 200 people packed together in a theater.  Having recovered from
this illness myself, I know I do not want to help spread the virus through our audience and so to play it safe,
Blood Fest 2020 will be produced on our sister project Saturday Night Chillers Facebook group.

      To keep the show as live as possible, it will be presented as a watch party right on the Saturday Night
Chillers group page with movies, music and fun stuff just like our lives shows have been for the past 17
years.  This way although not a live event as in the past, but by producing it as a watch party, the event will
still be an interactive experience for all those involved.  Blood Fest 17 Halloween Watch Party will be
presented on October 24th at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time and featuring special guest hosts Eddie
Harlow and Lisa Stewart from the Facebook group Eddies Movies.  For more info on the event please join
the Saturday Night Chillers Facebook group.