Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

     Welcome to our 20th Anniversary Issue!  I am so glad you could
be a part of this monumental moment when all the years that we put
into this publication have been worth it.  My partner D.W. Jones and I
have been looking forward to this issue for like five years now when
our biggest goal was to see this magazine reach its 20th year.  I still
can’t believe that we made it this far as it was a long road to get here.  
As I said in the last issue, the struggle to even create and keep a little
indie publication such as this going for so long it’s nothing less than amazing.  Most small press and indie
publications die within their first five years of operation and getting that far was a milestone for us.  The
first five was a battle to say the least, learning what we were doing, keeping fans coming back for more,
my first partner flipping out every chance she could and again figuring out what we were doing as none of
us had any background in magazine publishing at all.  Yet somehow we made it all work and here we are
twenty years later.

     Over the years we have met and worked with some amazing writers, artists, filmmakers, and horror
movie personalities.  Some of the standout movie celebrities, we interviewed and spent time with were
Pinhead himself Doug Bradley, Jason Voohees Kane Hodder, Freddy Robert Englund, The Creeper
Jonathan Breck from the Jeepers Creepers series and maybe my all-time favorite Elvira Mistress of The
Dark.  We also met and interviewed Ben Chapman who played the land Creature in the 50’s classic
Creature From The Black Lagoon, plus Ricou Browning the water creature, Denice Duff from the
Subspecies film series and Brian Steele who played the werewolf William in the Underworld series plus
many other monsters in film.

     Also along with all the Hollywood talent we met over the past 20 years, we met and hung out with many
indie filmmakers like Michael Russin, Neil Hagelgans, Charlie Schu, and Joe, Heffernan all from Cinema
Sky Productions.  I even got to see Cinema Sky in action when I was on the set of a Creepy Tales: Girls
Night Out while they were shooting my short story Creep as part of the film’s three part anthology series.  It
was a blast seeing my story literally come to life.

     Glen Baisley of Light & Dark Productions were one of the filmmakers who helped make BMR the
magazine it was in its early years.  Glen and his production company would screen their films at our yearly
Halloween event Blood Fest with their movies Fear of The Dark and Tenement.  His film’s masked villain
The Black Rose Killer would appear at Blood Fest and scare everyone in the audience.  Glen appeared in
Blood Moon Rising numerous times over the years with interviews and write-ups on his latest films.

     Lance Reha of Lake Films was another friend we had present this film to for Blood Fest plus we were
invited to take part in their pre-screening events of movies like Baby Doll, Dark Reflections, and Night
Watch.  Lance was interviewed in many issues of BMR starting with Issue 19 for our Halloween edition.  
The movies of Lake Films also drifted outside of the horror genre with so very well produced dramas but
even then they still always held a little hint of darkness in them always showing director Lance Reha’s
horror roots.

     Before The Walking Dead, this zombie indie production hit the TV airways of your local public access
stations with Zombie Hunters: City of The Dead.  Well produced and shot, this series followed a group of
self-made zombie hunters taking charge and fighting the living dead in the early days of a zombie
apocalypse.  Headed by writer/ director Patrick Devaney with his buddy Christopher J. Murphy and their
team, they set out to battle the dead all over New York City.  With make-up artist Michael Scardillo
providing the gruesome gore effects and zombie make-up, the production spans many episodes of the
series.  I had the great pleasure of playing a zombie in full make-up two times for the series and had a
great time.  As you can see, I don’t just cover the filming of a horror production, but I get involved deeply.

     In the twenty years since we started this magazine, we had a lot of ups and downs and lots of fun too.  
Blood Moon Rising gave me my personal outlet of horror passions and let me bring my little personal
terror to the world in a fun and entertaining way.  Over these twenty years, BMR has given me that special
outlet to give back to the genre I so love and entertain people who share that same passion.

     I would like to thank all the writers, artists, filmmakers who have been a part of this magazine all these
years.  But most of all, I would like to thank D.W. Jones and his son Danny, who when this publication was
first birthed was barely out of diapers, and is now a big part of the magazine and Blood Fest. And what
can I say about D.W.   …for he is the soul that keeps this thing going issue after issue and without him,
there would be no magazine.

     To my friend Rose Titus who joined us many years ago as a writer and later my biggest fans of my
books and the first to read them. To William who has been with us since day one, Michael Corvin and
Kraven The She-Wolf and Dark Soul who went on to host Blood Fest each year and now hosts our spinoff
Facebook project Saturday Night Chillers, I like to thank you all for being a part of Blood Moon Rising and
here’s to maybe another 20 years of Blood Moon Rising.
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