Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

Blood Moon Rising’s 20th Year in Publication!

    Welcome my Legion to Blood Moon Rising Issue 79 and the first
issue of 2020.  And if you don’t know the significance of the year 2020
…..this year marks Blood Moon Rising’s 20th year in publication!  
That’s right horror fans this magazine…..this little indie publication is
20 years old this year.  That is something rarely ever done in indie publishing, let alone even in
mainstream magazine publishing.  Most magazines (of any genre) die within 5 to 15 years of their
inception due to many unforeseen forces most being money, lack of interest by readers or even their own
publishers.  Many magazines (especially indies) start out with good intentions but lack the funding, know-
how or true passion to keep a magazine running far past their 15-year mark if they even got that far.

    For Blood Moon Rising, we started this with only passion, little money and completely no idea what the
hell we were doing.  Although the seeds for Blood Moon Rising started 12 years before in 1988 when the
idea of doing a horror magazine of my own first came to mind.  I had no… publishing background what-
so-ever, in fact before starting this project, I didn’t even know a thing about using a computer.  Great start

    But I learned everything I could about publishing from reading books and mostly making up shit as I
want along.  Starting with my then partner, Shona Strier, we opened Sapphire Publications and when
talking with my cousin before he becomes D.W. Jones about my ideas about doing a magazine, he joined
in and become very influential in this publication seeing its 20th year Anniversary.

    Despite the lack of background for any of us, we headed into the publishing world head first with only a
passion and half-ass luck to put out into the world a new horror magazine that people could enjoy.  And to
my shock, people did like what we were doing.  In the early years, the magazine was a print publication,
something else we had no idea how to do, but released each and every issue as our own printers as well.

    When the economy tanked in 2007, many publications of all genres died a slow and painful death along
with many bookstores and publishing houses.  It was a very dark time for most businesses and publishing
was really hit hard across the board.  For Blood Moon Rising, it meant that all…..all our online and brick
and mortar bookstores were gone, closed due to the recession.  Many magazines were gone and for indie
publishing, it was really hard!  If publications with millions of dollars could not keep operations going, how
the hell do people running little magazines out of the house keep up?  This is where D.W. Jones stepped
up to the plate!  Thinking to keep the magazine alive, we should take it online and turn the print periodical
into and e-zine.

    Things were changing with us anyway, Shona Strier left New York, left the magazine and moved away.  
Like me learning how to use a computer, D.W. learned how to build a web site and we put the magazine
on there where it has remained ever since.  It was the best thing we could do to keep the passion of the
magazine alive and going for the past 13 years of its 20 in existence.  Being online as a free e-zine also
opened it up to be read by even more people around the world.

    Over the years we have had some wonderful writers join us on staff like Rose Titus who writes The
Rose Files, William Henry Pratt, Michael Corvin, Kraven: The She-Wolf and movie reviewer Dark Soul.  
Plus horror artist Sandy Reece as one of our cover artists and star of our Nightmare Gallery department.  It
has been a blast bringing horror fans this magazine and I hope we have 20 more in us to see this thing
reach 40.  I thank everyone who has helped me see my dreams come true in publishing my own horror
magazine and I am happy to have helped them get their work get the recognition they deserve.

    So now let’s start the year-long celebration as Blood Moon Rising turns 20 years old!