Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Welcome my Legion back to Blood Moon Rising Issue 77, our
19th Anniversary Issue, as we head toward our 20th year in publish-
ing this 2020. It's been a long road and we are glad that you have
been with us all the way. Never did any of us think that we would be
still doing this 19 years later but here we are and we are happy to
have horror fans who love what we do. This magazine is truly a work
of passion and we are happy to have such devoted fans of what we
do and for that we thank you.

      This past May, I was on a road trip for my niece's college graduation, when on the way up somewhere
in the high New York state mountains, we passed through Lake George, a place I knew well. It was a place
where my family would visit each summer for vacation since I was 4 years old. Among the many shops,
hotels and other attractions, was and still is The House of Frankenstein Wax Museum. It was a place I
visited many times as a kid but only a few times as an adult since I get to this town once in only a great
while. But while in town for only a stopover for lunch with my family, I had to slip off and check out the House
that help turn a little boy into the horror fan, author and publisher I am today. So please see my write up of
this great location while reading out issue of Blood Moon Rising.

      Well Halloween is only a few months away and we are getting things ready for our yearly horror show
Blood Fest. This will be our 16th show and returning will be the rock band Decembers Fall. The last time
Decembers Fall played Blood Fest was for our 10th Anniversary show back in 2013 so it will be fun to
have them back again. Also planned for this year’s show will be a Frankenstein Resurrection scene where
the mad doctor will bring his creation to life live on stage. There will be a magical light show performed by
the sorcerer Warlock and as always our spook house and costume and scream contests. As always, this
show is free to all so if you are in New York City on October 26 come on down to the Queens Flushing
Library 41-17 Main Street Flushing NY 11355.