Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Well, welcome to Blood Moon Rising Issue 75, our first issue of
2019. Well my Legion, we are just one more New Year's Eve away
from our 20th year in publishing this magazine.  I never.....every
thought that in 2000, that we would be still doing this publication but
here we are with Issue 75 and 19 years behind us. I would like to
thank each and every one of our readers.....our Legion for not only
reading this magazine but also enjoying what we have done for so
long. As a true labor of love for not only me but for staff D. W. Jones, who is our editor and webmaster,
along with writers Rose Titus, Willam Pratt, Kraven: The She-Wolf and Dark Soul who all make this
publication what it is and for so long. Thank you, everyone, for helping me see my vision of having a
magazine happen and being there with me all the way.

      This year, we just celebrated Blood Fest 15 and man if you told me that we would be still doing this
show for 15 years, I would have said that you're crazy! Never did I ever think that my crazy idea of hosting a
Halloween show would be still going on all these years later. Back in the Summer of 2003, I dreamed up
the idea of producing a Halloween show with movies and music but in truth, I had no God damn idea what
the hell I was doing. But somehow it all came together with the help of D.W. Jones and now all these years
later, his son who was like only 4 years old for Blood Fest 1, have been my backbone and keeping this
event going for so long. And for that, I would like to thank D.W. Jones and his now 22-year-old son Danny
for being such a part of our yearly Blood Fest events.

      After 5 long years, I at least got to use a title I wanted for a film festival that called The Creepy, Freaky
Film Fest. The event played the Queens Flushing Library the home of Blood Fest on October 20th, 2018.
This has been something that like I said before was trying to get off the ground for a long time. I at the time
was living in Orlando, Florida and almost had a home for the show in a theater in Daytona Beach.
However, that didn't work out and after a few more false starts, I put the idea of hosting a film festival on
hold. Sure other events such as Blood Fest and our Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction, both
shown movies I wanted to do just a straight up horror movie festival without all the other stuff like bands
and author readings the other two events had. Well after a few misfires, after I returned to the cold North, I
booked the event in the same home as Blood Fest as played for the past 11 of its 25-year history.  The
Queens Flushing Library was the venue for the first Creepy, Freaky Film Fest and was held a week before
Blood Fest 15 on October 20th. We had an assortment of short films and a feature that you can read all
about in this issue of BMR.  I was happy that at last, I got to host a horror movie festival and look forward to
doing it again this coming October 19th, 2019.