Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Well my Legion, in this issue of Blood Moon Rising, we celebrate
our 18th year of publication. I still can’t believe that we have been
around that long. Back in early 2000 when we were putting together
the very first issue, I never thought that in 2018 the magazine would be
still going. But it is and our long devoted fan base has been there each
and every year of the magazine’s lifespan. We thank you and as we
head into the future, our big target is hitting that 20th year Anniversary
that is now just two more New Year’s Eve’s away.

      Our little sister project Saturday Night Chillers Facebook horror movie page also hit a milestone last
month when it celebrated its one year Anniversary on June 3rd. That project came to me as a little idea
and since has grown a large fan base of its own. I and the staff of both projects are grateful to have such
wonderful horror fans who enjoy what we do and we thank you all for it.

      This October will be our 15th year producing our Halloween show Blood Fest. Over the years, we have
had some ups and downs doing the show and for the last five, I have driven up to New York from Florida
just to do the show. Even though I am (at the moment) back living up north and closer to the show location, I
have wrestled with myself on whether we should continue the show past this October’s engagement. Doing
the show over the past fifteen years did have its good points and some real pain in the ass moments that
make me wonder should we keep doing it or not.

      As of now, I have not made up my mind if indeed this will be the farewell show or not but it’s something
I am thinking about. If you ask D.W. Jones, I have been saying this for the past seven years and yet the
show always went on. But this year, the bad points in producing such an event is making doing it more of a
pain in the ass than the fun I once had doing it. If you have any thoughts about this, we would love to hear
from our readers on the subject of keeping Blood Fest going or not.