Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

      Welcome back to Issue 72 of Blood Moon Rising Horror Magazine
my Legion as we march forward into our 18th year of publication. Over
the long history of BMR, we had never really been noticed nor con-
sidered for any awards given out by the horror community… ever
sadly. Well that all changed when we were given the honor of being
nominated for Best Horror Magazine by Deadhead Daddy’s first annual
Creepy Things Awards Show broadcasted on The Monster Channel
this past February. We were among some of the finest magazines currently out there like Gore Magazine,
Classic Monsters of The Movies and even older than Blood Moon Rising, Rue Morgue Magazine. Classic
Monsters of The Movies took home the prize that night but we here at BMR and our Facebook movie
series page Saturday Night Chillers gained a friend in Creepy Things host Deadhead Daddy. In this issue,
we talk with this new horror host about his show and how it all came to be, so look for it in Issue 72.

      Speaking of Saturday Night Chillers, BMR’s long time mascot and staff writer Dark Soul is doing one
hell of a bang up job over on our offshoot movie show Saturday Night Chillers. I like to think of him as our
Kermit The Frog because he started out here on Blood Moon Rising and now moved on to his own little
gig much like Kermit going into the Muppet Show. And like Kermit, he is surrounded with all new fun and
crazy characters like co-host Miss Carpathian Graves, Pumpkin the black cat, Hex the witch and skeletons
Bonner and Knock Knees. If you have yet to check out Saturday Night Chillers, you can find the show on its
Facebook Page of the same name where each weekend, Dark Soul posts all new movies horror host
style. He’s got classic horror movies, indie flicks and shorts along with animated horrors, documentaries
and even horror rock videos. So check it out this coming weekend.

      Our very own Rose Titus is hard at work on her The Vampire Next Door series and recently her book
“Night Home” came out as an e-book under the publishing house Hypothesis Press and with a beautiful all
new cover design. Rose’s other book “Key 13 And Other Stories also by Hypothesis Press is a collection
of her best short stories and has fiction about ghosts witches, werewolves and vampires with killer cover
artwork that you’ll just love. Look for all of Rose Titus books on and also read her work here
in Blood Moon Rising as she is truly the Stephen King of female horror writers.