Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

    Well here we are again with another Halloween issue of Blood
Moon Rising. When I started this thing in 2000, I never ever dreamed
in a million years that we would still be doing this magazine 17 years
later……and yet here we are.

    In case you have not seen, heard or been living in a cave for the
past five months, have you checked out our new Facebook show Satur-
day Night Chillers? This all new Facebook adventure I dreamed up back in April when I was looking up
something for BMR. I took a look over on You Tube to see if the thing I was researching had any videos on
the subject and when I found something, I copy and pasted it into the file I work from when making this

    After some playing around, I found other things to watch and copied and pasted them too. It was in this
copy and paste mission that an idea came to me. At first I thought about posting some things to the BMR
web site directly like movies and videos. But that idea didn’t become an active idea, but the idea stayed
with me. Then in early May I thought, “Hey Facebook”, and came up with the idea of using the social
network as my broadcasting means. Tapping the tried and true format of a TV horror movie host, I
recruited Dark Soul as the show’s front man. Here like so many TV and now today internet horror host he
would into a horror movie.

    However with this being Facebook and not a TV network or You Tube show, I don’t have to just choose
one movie a week and showcase not one movie, but with this format I could showcase lots of movies. Lots
and lots of movies from short and feature indie films, to classic horror movies to spooky and entertaining
documentaries, animated horrors and even horror rock. The sky is truly the limit here and each week as I
think up new stuff and get to know my way around Facebook itself……of which I’m still trying to learn and
figure out, I think I’m creating something people like.

    To my shock, this thing I call Saturday Night Chillers, seems to have become somewhat of a hit and I
am so thrilled to be entertaining all new horror fans with my little show. With Dark Soul as the horror host
and my own black cat Pumpkin serving as the mascot, the show has gained new viewers each weekend.
Posting the show on Friday mornings, the fans…our Legion have all weekend to enjoy the new movie
postings for that week’s show. In between weekends, Dark Soul pops up with funny things to say and gives
trivia questions as well as show’s music videos and other little treats to keep the Legion entertained
between shows.

    Since starting the show on June 3 2017, Dark Soul and Pumpkin were joined by Miss Carpathian
Graves and Hex the Witch. The show has been a blast to do and just knowing that we have fans out there
in the world…..and I do mean the entire world, that enjoy this little project I started only a few  months ago
make me happy. Oh and don’t worry if you missed any episodes because they still all remain on
Facebook or just scroll down to view all shows that have been posted.