Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

       Welcome back my Legion of readers to Issue 67 of Blood Moon
Rising. This issue marks not only a new year but our 17th year in
publication as BMR will turn 17 this coming June. I know I can’t believe
it myself! This past Halloween season also saw our 13th Blood Fest
Halloween show once again presented in the 200 seat theater of the
big Queens Flushing Library. Although my trip up from Florida this time
to New York City for the show was a little more taxing, I still managed to
make the drive with a car load of ghosts and skeletons for the show. Along the way people got a kick out
of one of my skeletons sitting in the cars passenger seat and I got a few raise eye brows when going
through toll booths.  Blood Fest 13 went well this year although our old friend Justin Illusion had to miss out
due to back pain. But we hope to have him next year for we missed him and wish him well.

       As BMR moves into 2017, we have a few things to note. First, if you have not seen BMR recently, it
has a new free online series call Hell Spawns that is written by myself and edited by our very own D.W.
Jones. It’s the story of two ancient demons named Dax and Dargo, who after waking from a long sleep
within a cocoon, find themselves in modern day New York City. This horror fantasy is unlike anything you
have ever seen as the two creatures fight to survive in a world unknown to them as they search for a way
home back to Hell. This story is free for all our fans and can be found right on the BMR web site.

       In 2017, Blood Moon Rising plans to take horror on the road with The Halloween House: Road Tour
Museum & Creep Show. This one of a kind haunted house will feature a traveling exhibit of monsters, set
designs, laser and special effect displays that will tour horror, comic and fantasy conventions. By not
locking into any one location, this travel event can play all year long in conventions such as Spooky
Empire, The Tampa Bay Comic Con and our own Blood Fest show. The Halloween House will be your
chance to celebrate Halloween all throughout the year as you attend the nation’s genre conventions. As we
book conventions where The Halloween House will be played, look for a listing on the Blood Moon Rising
website where we will be updating bookings as they are made.

       On October 27, just days before Halloween, the horror world lost one of its very first TV horror hosts.
At age 98 John “The Cool Ghoul” Zacherle died in New York before making his yearly appearance at the
2016 Halloween Chiller Theater Convention in New Jersey. Zacherle was one of the first actors to don
spooky attire and host horror movies on TV. Even in is golden years, he would become a staple guest
attending the Chiller Theater Con, a show named after one of the shows that he hosted in the late 60’s.

       I myself and other members of the BMR staff met Zacherle several times at the convention where he
was a delight to talk with. My Aunt Noreen who loved Zacherle would come with us to the show twice a
year to see her hero in person and have a chance to talk with him. 2016 had been a hard year for horror
fans with the loss of director Wes Craven, actor Christopher Lee and now The Cool Ghoul. But their work
remains in our hearts forever and let’s hope that they are in a better place with 24 hours of horror movies
playing year round. At least that’s my idea of an afterlife. Look for our write up on Zacherle in this issue of
Blood Moon Rising.