Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

  Welcome back my Legion of devoted readers to another issue of
Blood Moon Rising. This is our 63rd issue and the first for the year
2016. The past year was our 15th Anniversary year and as we move
forward slowly heading into our 16th of publication, I wanted to let you
know that soon we will be revamping our web site and making it even
better. Web Master D.W. Jones has big plans for the web site in 2016
and we are very excited to see what he comes up with. So look for so
big changes in the coming year.

  On October 24th, Blood Moon Rising hosted its Halloween event, Blood Fest 12 that played once again
in the 200 seat theater of the Queens Flushing Library. The event was a hit and many attended to enjoy the
show. Highlights were 4th time Blood Fest magician Justin Illusion, rock band Shattered Serenade and
part two of our live on stage Freddy vs Jason: The Final Battle. You can read all about the event in this
issue of BMR.

  Blood Moon Rising’s old friend Soda has a new rock band that he is a part of. They are called NOX
CULT and they have a much different sound than his last two bands, His Mighty Robot and (E) Motion
Pictures. This time out, Soda brings a much harder driving rock beat that will have you turning up the
volume. We will be posting one of his new songs to the BMR web site for our readers to enjoy and get a
chance to hear this new rock band for themselves. We at BMR wish Soda all the best with his new music
and hope to have the new band play for Blood Fest one day as he did with his last two groups for Blood
Fest 1 and 10.  Good luck old friend.  

  I am looking into venues for a new horror film festival that I want to start in the Orlando/ Central Florida
area. When we have more to say on the matter, it will be posted on the BMR web site. For now though, the
event is just in the planning stages. Any filmmakers wishing to take part in the event, we will be taking
submissions soon. Looking for horror short films 30 minutes and under. Please contact us about your short
film submission.

  My new action thriller Kill Fest is now available in eBook form and can be ordered right from the BMR
web site on our order page. Kill Fest tells the story of a young female assassin named Aurora Constantine
who gets caught up in a competition to see who is the deadliest among the competitors. But all is not as it
seems and now she must battle other professional killers before she herself is taken out of the game. This
is the first in a series of assassin novels starring Miss Constantine and so I hope you all order a copy and
enjoy it to the fullest.