Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

  Welcome to Blood Moon Rising's Issue #53
and our 13th Anniversary Issue.  Celebrating our
13th issue in the year of 2013 just seems right,
don't you think.  In fact, what ever year it is know
that that's how old BMR is as we were the first
horror magazine of the 21st Century, that is still in
publication.  Not bad for a little magazine started out of my home and now read all
over the world.  Coming up this year as well will be our Halloween horror show
"Blood Fest's" tenth Anniversary this Halloween season.  Hard to think that ten
years later we are still doing this event and it gets bigger each year.  This past
May we just did our other big event "The Institute of Horror, Fantasy & Science
Fiction" now in its 6th year of operation.  Within this issue you will be able to see
all the fun things we did for this event as we covered it all for BMR.

  Some of you may or may not be aware by now, that we have split into two
divisions of the company.  One the main part....the publishing part of us is still
remaining in New York City, BMRs home turf but myself and Dark Soul have gone
south to the Orlando area where we are developing all new events for "Blood
Moon Rising" and our newest endeavor Spooktacular Enterprises: Halloween/
Horror Entertainment.  With Spooktacular, we will be hosting all new events in and
around not only New York as we have over the years but now branching out to
take over the city of the mouse and bring a little darkness to his Magic Kingdom.  
We are starting all new film festivals, shows and other horror and Halloween
related events such as our planed Blood Moon Rising Halloween Haunted Woods
& Attraction .  That's right fans..... BMR will be the very first horror magazine in the
world to ever produce their own Halloween haunted house attraction.  I know hard
to believe that others even the bigger magazines (and I will not name them) never
thought this one up.  But we did and in fact this is something I dreamed of for over
ten years myself.  I will give you more info within the next issue of BMR.

  I would like to take this moment to tell movie fans the sad news.  On May 7th
Movie magic effects master Ray Harryhausen died at the age of 92.  If you are not
sure who this wizard of stop motion effects, is please check out my re-published
Creature Feature from Issue #41.  That issue was our 10th Anniversary Issue and
its kind of off and fitting at the same time to cover him and re-release that
Creature Feature in our 13th Anniversary Issue.  So this issue you get a Double
Feature Creature Feature with The Monsters of Ray Harryhausen from Issue #41
and Pumpkinhead from this issue #53...lucky you!

  Well enjoy Issue #53 and Good Nightmares To All!!!