Blood Notes

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

I am hoping that as I write this editorial on Nov-
ember 28th that this will be read in this new issue of
BMR #51 and we all didn't go out with Dooms Day on
December 21st 2012.  Well assuming that we all made
it to the New Year, I hope your enjoy this, our 51st edition of "Blood Moon Rising."
After all, if you think about it.... without Dick Clark ringing in the New Year and the
2012 Dooms Day date now can see why I'm a little bit on the dark side in
my thinking.  But let’s hope for the best. .....  And if the world ends on December
21st then I hope you enjoy all the past 50 issues of BMR and went out with a grin on
your face.

With the end coming, I really wanted to have an End of The World party presented
by "Blood Moon Rising" but with just doing our two..yeah two Halloween events,
"Blood Fest 9" and our newest venture "Scream For Halloween", there was no time
left to plan an Apocalypse party too.  So let’s hope that we get this issue out and
the world keeps turning for at least a few more years anyway.

For all of us in New York and the nearby eastern states, we were hit by something
that made us all feel like the end had come when the monster storm Hurricane
Sandy beat the hell out of the east cost.  For us, this story just two days before
Halloween made our holiday seem like any other day as I saw no Trick or treaters',
no kids at all and for the first time in my life....was not dressed in a costume on
October 31st.  You can read about the Halloween that didn't happen" in this issue of
BMR called "How The Grinch SANDY Stole Halloween."  We here at the BMR office
made it throw the storm but it knocked out our power for weeks and had us in the
dark (Real Darkness) in fact.  

One month later and we are still just getting back to full operations.  Thanks to BMR’
s Fiction Editor and Web Master D.W. Jones who kept the magazine and web site
up and running through it all form a remote location.  With his keeping the magazine
online our readers (The Legion) didn't miss anything that our big Halloween issue
#50 had to offer.  The thing I find a little massed up is that this is the first storm or in
this case hurricane that has ever impacted me personally. .....and its name was
Sandy.....the name of my ex-wife.  I mean what were the odds of that. ....And the last
hurricane to hit New York was last years Irene.....the name of my Mother-in- Law.  I
kid you not.

For all our readers who went through this beast of a storm, I hope that you are all
slowly putting your lives back together.  The BMR office is now located in Oceanside
Long Island but where we first created the magazine 12 years ago in Long Beach
was torn apart.

In- fact, as I heard it, the little island of Long Beach New York was completely
washed over by the in coming ocean as Sandy took her wraith upon our shores.  I
myself took a look at what happened to BMR’s birth place on Long Beach and its a
wreck.  In fact, the place where I and my then partner Shoshana Strier first talked
about doing BMR the very beach and boardwalk of Long Beach was just gone.  I
mean gone as if the ocean itself came in like a monster to took out the entire
boardwalk.  It looked like "War of The Worlds" happened right there.  It looked like
the end ot the world right there, all it needed was zombies walking the streets to add
to the mess.  I even saw a swimming pool filled completely up with sand from the

Hell sand was all over the place.  A child’s playground was just covered over with
the stuff and the swings pulled over from the force of the in coming water.  The
streets, cars... everything was covered with sand.  Every household lost all they had
and that would of been me too had I not moved the BMR office and my home away
from there and to higher ground a few years before Sandy.  We were left in the dark
for weeks thanks to the people at LIPA our power company who failed to help us in
Oceanside and most of Long Island in-fact until the ABC News people got involved
and embarrassed them into doing something.  (Yeah I just had to say it)

We at BMR wish you all the best in re-building and our hearts go out to you all.