Blood Notes

50 Issues of BMR

By Publisher AL J. Vermette

  Welcome my Legion of readers to this, the landmark issue of Blood Moon Rising.  
Why you say is this a land mark issue?  This is our big 50th issue of BMR!  In the
publishing business very few and I mean few magazines ever make it past their 10th
issue let a lone make it to 50.  Why is this?  Well for one thing its damn hard to
publish a magazine. try it and you'll see what I mean.  It takes an amazing amount of
time to do one.  Lots and lots hours reading mail, submissions and such.  Getting
the staff to get work in on time, getting guest writers to get anything at all in on
time.  Most magazines close long before they hit Issue #10 or 15, hell I know
publications that never made it past #5 let alone #50.  Some close due in part to
money issues...the adversary of any business.  Some shut down because the
publishers are bored doing a magazine.  Some fail just because they are dumb
asses and don't know what the hell their doing.  Hell, there were times I have to
admit that I too thought of stopping this thing and moving on.  Hell, I once didn't
think we would make it past Issue #8.  And now look at us!

  I think its always sad when I see a magazine die before its time.  I may run this
publication but I am a fan of many horror publications and have a full library room
full of publications like Fangoria, Horror Biz, Chiller Theater, 13-13 Magazine, Rue
Morgue, Famours Monsters, The Monster Times, The Hacker's Source, Horror
Hound, Dead of Night, and Cemetery Dance.  Some of whom are still in publication
as others have sadly faded away.  You get the idea. So yes I am thrilled that this
horror magazine has beaten the odds of a small press publication and for 12 years
and 50 issues we added a little something to the genre that I so love.

  Now to make this all happen, I can't do everything by myself.  Yeah sure my name
is among many of the article bylines but I'm not the only writer who makes this
magazine happen.  Always at my right hand is D.W. Jones who has been with BMR
since the very start.  Ok aside from him being my first cousin, he has been as a
devoted member of BMR from the start and the frist writer to join the magazine six
months before when I was just talking about starting a new horror publication.  
When years later we made the jump from print to going all online,  it was D.W. Jones
to step up and take over and make the magazine work in the new online world.  His
skill in making the BMR web site and magazine is truly amazing.  D.W. Jones has
also been our book review department writer since Issue #2 and is also the new
Submissions Editor.

  Also by my side is William Pratt, who from the start, was one of our writes and later
one of the editors.  William's love of horror is matched only by my own and his work
has been seen in BMR since the very first issue.  William's work can be seen from
our Behind The Screams department to our Written in Blood early in our issues.  
William writes much of our events info for our Halloween shows and other genre
events as well as works with writers over the Internet and is one of our editors.  Next
is, I still don't know his real name...but this writer has become something of the
magazines mascot.  The masked writer known only as Dark Soul has been with BMR
since Issue #1 back in June of 2000.  He not only writes our movie reviews
department but other writings as well as his Nightmare News features.   He has
become our horror convention guide, go to guy and has also become the on stage
host of our Halloween Blood Fest shows.

  With us many years is Rose Titus working under pen names as well as her own.  
Rose started sending us short stories and soon other horror related work that our
readers have loved over the years.  Although she has been with BMR for about 10
years or so, she as of last year join our staff and now writes The Rose Files
department.  Her articles in The Rose Files tell of really cool and spooky places
she's been to making the readers want to join her as she sails through The
Bermuda Triangle, takes photos with Bigfoot and spends the night in haunted
houses.  Rose has become a true asset to BMR over the years and a good friend.

  Staff artist Sandy Reece (see BMR issue #49 cover) is an amazing artist who
knows horror inside and out.  Her work is spooky, wild and always stands out
whether on the cover of the mag or on the inside pages of our Nightmare Gallery
Department.  Sandy like so many BMR members started by just sending work and
soon she was just one of us.  I can't think of an issue without her work and hers
always stands out among all other artwork that has been featured in Blood Moon

  Rounding out our female staff is Kraven: The She-Wolf.  This writer started with
us in 2004 with BMRs sister publication and spin off Werewolf Magazine.  As wrier
for Werewolf, Kraven wrote about all things lycanthrope and now writes for our new
department Terror Tube in Blood Moon Rising.  Kraven who claims to be a true
shape shifter comes from a long line of family Skinwalkers.  Her articles have added
a new touch to BMR and its werewolf spin off.

  Over the years, we had many other staff artists and writers graced our pages.  
Some of the  writers that graced our page were Robert Freese, Eric S. Brown, Craig
J. Pitre and John Condenzio.  And our artists were Benny G. Leal, Craig J. Pitre and
Sam Wallace.  In 12 long years we had an endless amount of writers and artists who
came to us through submissions.  Where some of these people came from I'll never
know...but I'm glad they found our little magazine and sent us fiction or art.  I would
like to thank my old partner and the one who help make BMR a true reality.  
Shoshana (The Devil) Strier who believed in me and this idea of a new horror
magazine who at the time help back roll the project and taught me how to use a
computer (yeah I was that green) in the beginning.  She was by my side from the
start and worked with me when we opened the first Sapphire Publications office
space in 2002.  Since those old days of printing 1,000's of copies in house with her
we came a long way.  Thanks my little Devil for all your help.  

  I would also like to thank the young son of D.W. Jones, Danny, who when this
magazine started was just 3 years old and now has become a huge help with the
magazine, the web site and our live Halloween shows.  By the time you read this,
Little Danny will have turned 16 year old.  He truly grew up with this publication.  I
would also like to thank my own nephew Louie who wrote one of the first stories for
BMR #1 and has helped me with the Blood Fest shows, short films and other things I
drag him around to do.  Also a shout out goes to my niece Samantha who too has
helped me with Blood Fest and film projections as well as her sister Diana who too
starred in one of my short films.  Even my two sisters, Diane and Dawn, helped with
the Halloween shows and other projects as well as my niece Nicolette DeSanto who
was one of my featured authors for this years event The Institute of Horror, Fantasy
& Science Fiction 2012.  Yeah as you can see this is very much a family thing.  

  I would like to personally thank all the people who have made this magazine...this
crazy ass idea of mine what it has become. Did I every think that in the spring of
2000 that this publication...this little magazine would ever reach 50 issues? Hell NO!
Like I said before I didn't think we would make it past #8. But we did and we made it
past many, many horror publications that started around the same time as we did
and are all gone. Do we have it to make it another 50 issues? That I don't know, it
would take another 12 years at 4 times a year to reach that goal. Do I have enough
life in me to make that...or will I have gone insane long before. I don't know but if
you're luckily and the powers that be see us through the hard times, the good times
and all the shit in-between. I will be writing about our big..BIG 100th issue in about
2024. But until then keep reading Blood Moon Rising and thank you to all our
readers for without you...this magazine would have never have been.